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for Animorphs: Redemption

7/10 c18 LuciferRedeemed
Interesting! The plot thickens! Great chapter!
7/8 c18 silverhawk88
I am glad that Tellion is adapting to her situations and she was able to have a semblance of normalcy

Also she is trying to make a airborne Kandrona solution to her problem. That is a great idea!

And Erik the Chee is going to enter the scene. They don’t do anything without reason. So I guess they suspect something is going on and where going to investigate her.

Keep up the good work and thank you for posting this chapter!
7/4 c1 Guest
well, technically Tobias is half andalite
6/28 c17 52Animorphgirl
I have to admit that I'm very disappointed to learn that Susan is dead. If that's truly the case, it's a build up to a very disappointing conclusion-the kind that I hate most. Additionally, if Tellion is going to continue to pretend to be Susan in front of Mark, that's deceitful behavior, and not much better than an empire Yeerk. The right thing for Tellion to do, if Susan is truly dead, would be to take the Kandrona and Yeerk Pool, and leave Mark to grieve in peace.
6/27 c17 33BrokenChosenofEva
This is amazing, I'm enthralled by the story you're telling. If this is the final chapter, it's a perfect point; but if you continue it, I'll definitely be continuing to follow along.

On that line, I'd love to see Tellion have a chance to talk to Aftran again, and maybe interact with the Animorphs.
6/25 c17 LuciferRedeemed
Great chapter!
6/24 c17 4761394
I knew Susan was brain dead
Also I mean I remember the Yeerks fixed a person and she became a willing host whose Yeerk than tried make a deal to infest Tobias who she thought was a mutant Andalite who could stay in morph longer than two hours

This has been the ramblings of 61394 a guy who read Animorphs because it was in his local library and it looked cool
6/24 c17 silverhawk88
It was Crayak?! Oh I hate him more now. So Susan is truly dead then? Ah man I am heartbroken. I guess what The Elimist told her about hardships was true. I am glad that whatever remains of Susan still loves Mark. Now that first saga Is over. What lies ahead for Tellion now?

As Gandalf famously said ‘one stage of your journey is over, the other is about to begin’

Thank you for posting this chapter! Keep up the good work!
5/17 c16 LuciferRedeemed
Great story!
5/14 c16 silverhawk88
And boom! Now that the uncertainty story phase is done, now the true meat of the story begins! This chapter really pumped me up for the rest of your amazing story!
5/14 c16 52Animorphgirl
I can't help but wonder how this information will influence Tellion when her host finally reawakens. Since she wanted a symbiotic relationship beforehand (and, in all likelihood, the limitations of her host's mind WILL require her to take control, at least at first), how will this influence her when she finally has what she wants?

Also, nice to see some "insertions" of formerly minor characters from the Animorphs books. Especially the mysterious Garoff.
4/21 c15 Animorphgirl
So, prime Yeerk has nothing to do with the "prime" status that one Yeerk twin has over another? Interesting. As for this new way...personally, I think that you can have symbiosis, especially if the Yeerk respects the host and the host wants the Yeerk there. The Iskroot species are one option, but far from the only one. Interesting that Tellion is related to Akdor-did NOT see that coming! Looking forward to how this all plays out.
4/21 c15 15Dragonheart Of Ireland
This is one the best revelations in all of literary history!
4/21 c15 silverhawk88
And now she knows the full truth of who she is and the darkness that she carries, but she is akdor’s heir not he herself she can choose her own path and that path can save her people and everyone else! I am more exited now for this story and where you are going to take it!
4/11 c14 52Animorphgirl
I imagine that "prime Yeerk" refers to Visser Three being the "prime" status? Unless you're going to go in another direction? Personally, I would have asked the Ellimist how to awaken Susan, but I guess that's the next question? Tellion has a very strong moral code, given the empire she was raised in. And she's very committed to it. I know it's a fandom idea that Aftran started the Peace Movement, but it would be kind of cool if Tellion manages to make her way back to the Yeerk Pool and plant its roots there.
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