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5/19 c45 36Jacen200015
Looking forward to more
5/18 c1 LilLulu1997
Obi wan not being anakins master crushes me
5/3 c45 Guest
Omg I’ve read each book in this series so far and wow! I am constantly in anticipation of what will come next. Love the story line! Can’t wait to see the next chapter!
5/3 c1 Pantera Azul
Me va gustando mucho la historia, ojalá la retomes pronto.
Sabés a quién me gustaría ver cómo maestro de Anakin, a Douku, piensalo dos antiguos jedi caídos, ex-sith trabajando juntos para dejar atrás la oscuridad.
4/20 c45 2Oracle of Hylia
This is great! I’d love to see how Anakin works through this
4/16 c45 greenseener
Hey! Is there any news if this story will continue? I was loving your take on a time traveling Anakin and how it changed the order.
4/9 c45 Guest
This is an amazing story that I'm have thoroughly enjoyed. Every bit of it was interesting and pleasant. I can't wait for more.
4/6 c45 73GrandNinjaMasterRen
I want to print out this story and eat it (compliment)
4/1 c45 Do'Sz
It's been quite a while, aren't you going to continue this story?
3/9 c45 Natosi Pranja
This is such a BRILLIANT STORY! I hope you come back soon and are doing well. Thank you for writing this. It has helped me immensely with my mental health as I work toward grounding myself through PTSD episodes and a 2 year streak of not being fully present.

One note I’d like to share/request, if possible, is that Ani learns to have a healthy romantic relationship with Padme. I know he tells the jedi to keep the rule but really it’s the way someone attaches themselves and loves that makes all of the difference. As GL wrote a youngling fan who’d written him explaining he wanted to he a jedi but also wanted to get married one day: jedi can love and get married as long as they know how to love and not possess or be selfish-which is something you’ve unpacked rather nicely within this fic.

Moreover, I would love to explore Padmé’s dangerous attractions you’d mentioned in a previous chapter and see her work through that. It’s a selfish request, maybe but I’d really love to see your take on it. She just reminds me of myself so much and I think a lot of women could use that perspective.
3/8 c15 Natosi Pranja
Anakin cried several times in E3 and in E2. That’s one thing (of many others) that I love about him
2/9 c45 Kinjo2k01
great story.. love it
1/11 c11 4bardaku original
Primero quiero aclarar que no domino el inglés y leo tu historia gracias a la traducción automática.

Segundo realmente amo esta historia porque la mayoría de los fanfics de viaje en el tiempo no tienen en cuenta las consecuencias psicológicas.

Tercero y espero que no te lo tomes a mal, pero creo que te odio un poquito por revivir uno de los traumas que no he sido capaz de superar, no sé como se traduce esto, pero lo pondré como paso en la versión latina:

Ahsoka: No te abandonare, no esta vez.

Vader: Entonces morirás.

Lloré viendo eso y volví a llorar leyendo este capitulo.
12/24/2023 c45 7TheButterflyComposer
excellent as ever. good luck wirh eveything going on right now
12/19/2023 c22 TheButterflyComposer
nearly up to where I caught up to last time. believe i commented something about how easy it would be to kill someone once sufficently trained in the force, such that the darkside need only mildly twist or push your mind and youd have a giant body count. vader in particualr just killed people who annyoed him. the emperor certainly did the same, and probably encouraged vader to kill more.

it is not suprisng that anakin hates that part of himself. he killed an awful lot of people for no reason, as well as several terrible and misjudged reasons. the former are peobably even harder to forgive and get over than the latter two.
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