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7/23/2022 c41 Jtoom
"Don't change that rule." Legends Luke jumps back in time with his own wife and son and slaps Anakin upside the head.
7/23/2022 c41 Scarease
Better explanation on why attachments are dangerous ,sessions to notice dangerous types of attachments ,how to manage one emotions ,benefit of attachment and the draw backs ,More Mind-healer Sessions for those that have suffered loss .Management plans for darker emotions .

Properly following the will of the force rather then the will of Senate or government .
7/23/2022 c41 shukkets
7/23/2022 c41 1dextron11
It’s about time Windu got read in on what’s going on. Not telling him was rapidly going from understandable to foolish. His reaction was more emotive than I would have expected, as was his character in general. I’m not one to rag of Mace Windu, but I think of him as being more reserved and formal than he was here. It still worked, though.

The way you wrote Anakin’s panic attack, and how he talked himself out of it, was great. It had me stressing out just reading it.
7/23/2022 c41 5Dragon lord Syed 101
Mace finally knows this is going to be good
7/23/2022 c41 12Silverleone
Honestly, Windu took that better than I thought. XD
7/23/2022 c41 5ShadowLDrago
This is a great Windu chapter.
7/23/2022 c41 Tony McNucklz
Mace being on board is a boon with the shatterpoints, being able to help navigate things I can't think of a more useful asset to decision making in the field. Windu is practically a ready made RPG choice hax, where he has a much better chance of making moves that achieve a desired outcome, or avoid an undesirable one. Him being in the inner circle should be quite helpful.
7/23/2022 c41 Tigerof2000
Yay more updates thanks for the cheer up hope you have a good day.
7/23/2022 c41 11Haku's Lover18
I’m glad his panic attack was thwarted. Would have liked a longer chapter with explaining everything to Windu but this is fine. I can’t wait for him to go back to Obi-Wan and that Obi came running for Ani. He needed to know that his brother still cares for him, even with all the other crap. Good work, can’t wait for more!
7/23/2022 c41 4Tertius711
This was a great chapter. I really liked Mace here.
7/23/2022 c41 Ashmole
Its funny that the no attachments is what anakin took from his experiences considering the polar opposite is what saved him and brought him back. There is an interesting narration about that both by a psychologist and George Lucas own narration httpsyoutu . be/a9liF jwDHbY
. It was attachment to Luke that brought him back. To suddenly reject love while in character is still very unhealthy (and wrong). Although knowing you I think you are going to address this. Check out the video, since you are taking such a strong mental health side of things it might interest you.
7/23/2022 c41 95TMI Fairy
The "micromanagment trap" - what's wrong with giving senators whatever they need by courier?
As to "he convinced me that you wouldn't help save my wife" - for once Palpatine was not lying. And considering Yoda's and the bald dude's track record - "no woman no cry", "emotions bad for you", "babies are icky and keep you up at night", "everybody dies, get over it" etc. Anakin did not need much convincing.
7/22/2022 c41 shadyxlr
Well damn I can't wait for Yoda to get in on this conversation with Mace.
7/22/2022 c13 1NaniteSystems
That last scene in the hallway is hilarious. A pleasure to read:)
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