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for The Inevitability of Oversight

5/25/2022 c39 Lamelinam
I love this chapter!
I love the discussion Anakin had with the Father. That is such an intelligent, thought-provoking and mind-blowing reinterpretation of the Sith code! I am in awe of what you have come up with, and I cannot wait! To see how Anakin will learn to wield both sides of the Force!... and the reactions at the Jedi Temple lol.
Crossing my fingers in hopes we may see Padmé at the gala (I request no potential spoiler whether in the negative or positive XD).
A grand bravo for your hard work! And i can't wait for more!
5/25/2022 c39 1RUbookworm
Fantastic chapter that made my head spin with the possibilities. Can’t wait for the stories climax!
5/25/2022 c39 53Death Fury
Excellent chapter
5/25/2022 c39 11stars90
Excellent work. That was a great way to describe the Force and the Father was a wonderful conduit to it. I really hope Anakin doesn’t try to do this on his own
5/25/2022 c39 3This Little Hiccup
It seems to me that, if rather over-simplified, the moral of this story is the title of another fanfic I once read: "Hating Palpatine is not a one way ticket to the Dark Side".

I've been following this story for a few years now - it's come to mean quite a bit to me. Anakin's therapy feels like a balm to the soul. The writing is simply excellent and well thought-out. I'm very excited for how things come to a head.

I've always had issues with stories that talk about balance in the sense where it's "necessary" to have agents of evil running around committing atrocities for the sake of balance, because it completely undermines the concept of morality and good/evil. *Your* interpretation is completely new and ingenious (especially since it doesn't alter the lore), and something I can get behind. It puts me at ease, actually. 'Makes me think of Ephesians 4:26 "Be ye angry, and sin not."

Maybe Anakin should just telepathically play this little conversation to the whole Council, lol.
5/25/2022 c39 badkidoh
Good chapter.

I wonder how they will deal with the massive power vacuum after Sidious?
5/25/2022 c39 KSkywalker1
Terrific Chapter! I was very impressed with it! Great Visit with the Mortis Father! Eagerly awaiting your next Chapter!
5/24/2022 c39 Scarease
One most balance how much give into dark and how much one takes like balancing a chemical to much and you poison your self to little has no effect or effect to short for what need .But Light is similar it passive nature lends self to stagnation ,passive action when violent action and passion is needed .Into abyss and one falls in ,to close to sun and one burn up .To Jedi of Light ,most do best now become blind by light and Sith most do best not devoured by dark .
Spectrums of orders one followed balance those studied the Light ,those studied the dark and those that Balance keeping the peace between the two .
In way Light dictates nurturing of others ,Unity ,Compassion ,Mercy .
Well the The Darkside is self-improvement ,it pushes those use to greatest heights to test ones control ,break free of limitation ,See who far one will go into dark and be able come out or not .Like Light how far you fly but if get to close to sun you burn up .In way both order kept other in check ad growth .When jeid become to stagnate ,ridged ,prideful ,and such Sith/Darksider Rise up and learn the Board .Same to Sith when they threaten the Balance to much a Lightsider/Jedi return to put them down when their ego ,passion and drive goes to far .jedi become over focus on Unity that loss their individuality and Sith problem is they take Individuality to extreme .

In Way Darkside Like a Extremely Dominate Alpha Dog with Masicist and Sadistic tendency to want use to use it ,but right level of control ,disipline ,but will to push past one limit ,to be free to express one emotions ,self ,to revel .If you feed it to much it grows and then Start demand more and more given until it take all of you .So have have just right control to take back what give just as much as take .For will constantly test your control ,limits ,and such .

My Sith See themselves as Darkside Agents of Force .Serving Whole of Force .Even if they use and listen mainly to Darkside .
One that very much agent of Change and chaos .he all about freedom self ,freedom to travel ,freedom to speak his mind ,freedom to be himself .He want to enjoy life but also seek to challenge statis qua ,to test ,conflict to promote growth and expansion of though and mind .Peace is the Delay of Conflict and Conflict promote Evolution and that which does not evolve died .
Other much more servant to Whole of Force although he is Sith and Darksider .He follows Will of Force above all belts for it is master that grant him power ,freedom ,victory and will break his chains mortality .
5/24/2022 c39 Jtoom
As usual another amazing chapter
5/24/2022 c39 4Tertius711
Looking forward to that end. We’ve come so far
5/24/2022 c39 TheRightPrice
I like that The Father was brought in and showcased that the dark side can be used, used in a very big way even, without corrupting or harming the body or mind of the person using it. I also appreciate him pointing out that it's not an ability unique to him, that it's something that possibly any force wilder could do, and also hinting at The Bendu perhaps.

Dude makes a good point. Anakin is basically a dude who got addicted to drugs, eventually got clean, and is now so terrified of drugs that he'd refuse even anti-cancer medications because in his mind drugs=bad.

So the lesson was to use the light side using emotions to keep yourself from becoming a heartless robot and use the dark side with strict emotional control to keep yourself from becoming a sadistic lunatic? Makes perfect sense to me.
5/24/2022 c39 274Courtesy Trefflin
I’m so glad that Anakin has mostly finished compiling all of the incriminating evidence against Palpatine. I’m really curious about how it will play out, but I’m expecting it won’t be like anything I’m expecting. Lol. Mothma and Mina getting that information will be perfect. They’ll know what to do with it, definitely. I’m not surprised that Anakin is both excited and terrified, because he’s been working towards this for so long, and he’s almost there. I’m so proud of him. Anakin staying up too late at night and being tired the next day which prompted Yoda to shoo him off to rest some more… Lol. I really liked Anakin deciding to meditate. I didn’t expect the Father to show up, but I’m glad! I think Anakin really did need to talk to him. The Son throwing a tantrum when he realized what Anakin and the Jedi were planning… Lol. At least he can’t tell Palpatine, or anything like that. I’m glad that the Father clarified exactly what the Ones are/do. I’m not surprised that Anakin doesn’t even want to think about going to Mortis and staying there for the rest of his life. I liked the Father drawing on the Light and Dark at once to show to Anakin that it’s possible, and to demonstrate that Anakin will need to be able to do the same. It makes sense. The Force must be balanced, and he’s one of the few who are strong and disciplined enough to do so. The Father is right that Anakin could easily lose control and Fall due to Palpatine if he doesn’t learn how to manage the Dark. I loved the Father trying to show Anakin another way to touch the Dark Side without doing it in the dangerous way the Sith do. I enjoyed all of Anakin’s revelations about the Dark and how to tame it. “I have a couple of weeks – months at most – to master a completely new technique and self discipline and stop Sidious from destroying the galaxy as we know it… or potentially join him once again.” Well, when Anakin lays it out like that, it’s terrifying. Lol. I loved this chapter so much! :D
5/24/2022 c39 shukkets
5/24/2022 c39 Storyman09
I really, really liked this chapter. The Ones of Mortis where always an addition that while interesting I wasn’t sure how to feel about or fit into what we know about the Force. But I really like what you did here, and how you tied it into the nature of the Force and the philosophy of the Dark and Light, Jedi and Sith. It really made their addition, in canon, click for me, as well as highlighting some of the flaws and contradictions in both Orders.

The Dark Side always seemed like raw adrenaline, cortisol, mystery, and primal fight-or-flight (tuned often toward fight in their case) to me. Pure survival and raw energy, conflict and adventure, which we need but can rapidly, and easily, go out of control. Makes sense, then, that the Dark would best be approached with self-control, discipline, inner balance, and perspective.
The Light is calmer and more inherently self-balanced, compassion and rest, exploration and wonder, but can be complacent, stagnant, and dogmatic, often (in canon) bringing about or producing the conditions that lead to its own downfall. It’s fitting that a more proactive, energetic approach to the Light would work so well.

I like what you’re doing here, and I enjoyed the chapter.
5/24/2022 c39 mentalkid
I like where you're starting to take Anakin, the discussion with the Father was very interestin
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