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5/24/2022 c39 Tony McNucklz
I may be wrong, but didn't they all forget everything about Mortis after it was over? If so, why would Anakin remember now?
the philosophical dismantling and examination of the Sith code was an excessively interesting interpretation.
If I had a gripe, it would be that it's hard to picture a 12 year old child being victorious over Sidious, even as an adult chosen one in a child body. Frankly after the start of the chapter I was expecting Palpatine to be ousted, then for him to somehow flee to the Outer Rim and go about his plan for dominance the old Sith way, by turning the future Seperatists into a genuine movement to win that war, leading to a different war and eventually for adult anakin to face down Sidious for the big finish eventually. After that AN, it seems like you plan for Sidious to be dealt with permanently before Anakin's balls drop, presumably through some big wizardy showdown with a big helping of emotional stuff and a determination-to-protect-precious-people power up to clinch the win.
Which doesn't resolve the fact that the Rim is going to rebel with or without the Sith. In fact, Sidious being outed would just prove to the entire Rim just how corrupt and useless the Senate is if such a man could be made it's Leader. Centuries of resentment didn't appear just because Sidious invented it, he just used it for his own plans. Without him making sure the Republic didn't lose, the war will almost certainly be much worse. And this time no Clone army, no army at all for the republic. Palpatine being ousted and/or dying doesn't actually make the galaxy any less likely to go to war in a decade. In fact, it could even accelerate it without Palpatine to make sure things didn't start before the Clone Army was ready.
Sorta worried about how this is going to play out after palps is out, but most certainly interested in seeing the process happen.
5/24/2022 c39 5Dragon lord Syed 101
Well Anakin got some guidance form the Farther I wonder what will happen when he goes over it with Yoda or someone else also the idea the Darkside needs self control to master while the Light is often better when channeling emotions is funny.
5/24/2022 c39 The Defenestrated Typewriter
Great chapter but I'm not a fan of redeeming the dark side.

I think the story has been great so far poking at Anakin's issues from slavery and the dark side only now your doing a 180 on us. The dark side isn't evil it's just misunderstood, come play with the thing that utterly destroyed you and that you have been spending years recovering from.

It feels like telling a recovering drug addict that he now needs to start taking a bunch of addictive muscle building pills but it's okay because this time the doctor has given you a prescription. The fact that it's the father coming and telling him this rather than any kind of personal revelation on Anakin's part also weakens it a lot.

Idon't know what you have planned for the end but it feels like you could have left the mortis stuff and the dark side out of it and just had anakin slowly come to some kind of revelation about using his emotions with the force or something. Take his sith taught habits about fuelling the force with emotion the filter it through his therapy to come up with new light side philosophy without needing to backflip on the dark side bring evil.
5/24/2022 c39 5TharAmira
My head is spinning and I no longer have any idea what's going on
5/24/2022 c39 11Haku's Lover18
Sweet! I like that Mortis got to weigh in on Anakin’s changes. Can’t wait for the Gala!
5/24/2022 c39 Kaliedo
ngl, I certainly wasn't expecting Mortis to make a reappearance, most fics of this vein tend to skip over it. I also loved the interpretation of the Force code, was that a creation of your own or something you read about in the source material?
5/24/2022 c39 VoldiesBedroomSlippers
Balance defined. Interesting.
5/24/2022 c39 shadyxlr
Honestly this made sense to me how the force had to be balanced between light and dark.
5/24/2022 c39 Dead Over Red
Light Good, Dark Bad as said by George himself. The Dark Side is a corruption of the Force, it is unnatural, and the Mortis Arc was always godawful because of that. Forbidden magics are not a new concept and they are always used by the BAD GUYS! Any time anyone ever tries to argue about the Dark Side maybe being used for good, it feels like someone arguing bloodbending could be used for good.
Could police stop criminals from hurting others if they were bloodbenders? Sure! Is it more likely to be abused and used for evil? Yes! Imagine signing an enforceable contract with ruinous terms... but it was in your own hand because there was a bloodbender in the room making you sign it.

Alternately, it sounds like somebody arguing that this time, the 2935702345283576th time Communism has been tried, this time won't end in a terrible repressive government that immediately removes the rights of its people and slaughters all dissidents.*

And Jedi don't let themselves feel? Maybe love, sure, because they're afraid of attachments, but when Anakin gets passionate, they mildly remonstrate him, they don't, like, actively punish him in any harsher fashion like a proper cult they forbade emotions would.

And releasing emotions into the Force never felt like "ignoring" emotions to me. Or "refusing to let yourself feel." It always just felt like somebody taking a deep breath after a frustrating day, and letting that deep breath calm themselves and let it drain from their bodies. But, you know, with space magic.

*Karl Marx was an idiot. His whole theory is based on the idea that the middle class overthrows the ruling class and then becomes the new ruling class. His solution to this is for the working class to overthrow the ruling class and... become the new ruling class. This will, somehow, break the cycle of having one group taking advantage of another to become the new ruling class by having a group do exactly that. Instead of ending the cycle, it just perpetuates it.*
5/24/2022 c39 random reader768
Oh man, I cannot wait! I am so hyped for the final confrontation!
5/24/2022 c39 95TMI Fairy
The Father making an appearance made me skip this chapter. I'm not interested.
5/24/2022 c39 5ShadowLDrago
The older being nodded. "Much like a virus in a population that has no immunity to it." That, is actually a brilliant line and a great way of explaining why it's so "easy" to fall to the Dark Side. They're taught to suppress their emotions, so when they inevitably burst out, they have no way of handling them in a healthy manner. Very curious to see how this plays out.
5/24/2022 c39 jjmuldeary
holy crap, that was amazing. I figured mastering light and dark would play into it, but the it was delivered was phenomenal. Can't wait to see the conclusion to this story and what comes after.

5/17/2022 c38 1sylviajohns
Things are going to happen! can't wait
5/13/2022 c36 1Antonio61384
For the past week I have been bingeing this series and as of this comment I am all the way up to date up to chapter 38 and having read all of the previous stories including the sister fic. Here is what I have to say

First of all: my dear author you need give yourself enough credit, it’s not to often but in a still noticeable number of chapters you say you are unhappy with how the section was not to your liking, I am here to tell you that you need to recognize that if those chapters are what you consider rough then you are at a level far about the average writer. You have great style and I hope you take pride in these stories

Second: as for the stories themselves, they are quite enjoyable! This is me of the only stories I have ever read that goes beyond “staying true to character” but actually goes on to delve into the psychology of a character. It does a lot to humanize them and it’s quite interesting to read.

Third: as for criticism, as many have pointed out these stories can be slow at times, yet I don’t quite know how you could speed them up, the length and depth of each chapter is paramount to the suspense of the awaiting climax of this series. And Ashoka’s character, while cute, has not grown up like how anakin’s has and it makes her feel like an object made purely to comfort anakin rather than being a character on her own.

Fourth: some story ideas I present for this fic are as follows, if anakin does have a master it should either be mace or yoda as imo they are some of the only masters who have the potential to actually teach anakin things he has not learned, otherwise the agricore or becoming a healer I think would serve give the character your making him out to be with the most fulfilling conclusion. Another idea I have involves dooku, I think it would be interesting if the reason he was able to stay in control for so long is because when anakin helped him fall and then proceeded to beat him into submission, that the older man recognized Vader as his master, not palpatine, as such since his “master” wanted him to spy on palaptine and destroy the sith he was still able to hold off the corruption for as long as he did. These of course are just ideas, take them or leave them as you wish.

I wish you luck in finishing this story, and look forward to how you choose to end it (just don’t burn yourself out or obsess over making the ending “perfect”, we your readers may be hungry for the payoff of the story but I believe many would agree when I say we don’t want you to overtax yourself or bring yourself down through overstressing yourself)

With all that said, I hope you have a good day, remember that you are loved, and may the force be with you
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