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4/13/2022 c13 2singing ferret
Well you redeem Dooku? In Clone Wars he cared for his apprentice, so he wasn't totally dark.
4/13/2022 c37 singing ferret
Well written characters. Better pacing now that the counselling sessions have their own story line.
Will you be rescuing Dooku?
4/12/2022 c22 shadyxlr
Just guessing here but I'm thinking puberty is Anakin's problem?
4/11/2022 c37 Guest
So, I know I don’t review a lot and always say the same but… omg, this story keeps getting better and better! The plot twists are on point and I absolutely love how you explore anakins mental state. It gives it a nice touch. I can’t wait for the next chapter!
4/11/2022 c35 VoldiesBedroomSlippers
I've loved every bit of this story so far, but this chapter I think is my favorite. Thank you.
4/3/2022 c37 1sylviajohns
Just how many Council Members will offer their mastership xD? just kidding, great chapter as usualhungry for more :D
4/3/2022 c36 sylviajohns
wow, I did not see that comingclever kids :D
3/31/2022 c37 Mernom
This was a great read.
3/31/2022 c30 Mernom
Dooko O7
3/31/2022 c27 Mernom
I wonder what did happened to that girl Anakin freed from S slavery?
3/31/2022 c24 Mernom
I like Coira, too bad she doesn't have much screen time.
3/30/2022 c15 Mernom
I noticed that you often have characters talk about 'the universe'.
The thing is, I think that in Canon, whenever characters talked about things in this context, they always referred to the GALAXY. It makes more sense that way IMO, since even the most far reaching events (like the Galactic Empire) do not really impact anything outside of the Galaxy.
And considering that a single galaxy is just a spec of a spec of a spec of the universe, talking about stuff like 'saving the universe' is a bit too high up there.
3/30/2022 c13 Mernom
Yeah, that last scene was amazing.
3/30/2022 c12 Mernom
What color is Siri's 'Saber? Her article at Wookiepedia shows a purple blade.
3/30/2022 c5 Mernom
I find it amusing how Anakin scared the bounty hunter so hard so seemed to have completely forget who he is to the point that even THE Sidious couldn't get it out of her.
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