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for The Inevitability of Oversight

7/5 c45 cameron1812
The discussion with Mace is genius!
7/5 c45 Roger509
A great read as always.
Sometimes I forget how refreshing your writing style can be compared to some other authors I read. It just feels like the thoughts and emotions of characters are the main determining factor in how they're written to act, rather than like they're an afterthought used by the author to justify their actions. Sort of like a “form follows function” situation.
Not sure if that’s actually the case or not, but regardless it reads very nicely
7/4 c45 Slothiest
I’m new here but welcome back and TFTC
7/4 c45 shukkets
7/3 c44 Guest
I love this. Keep up the phenomenal work!
6/15 c44 2pichu missionary
This story and all those connected to it are awesome. I know you don't like being asked to update a specific story but are there any plans to do so in the future?
6/12 c44 jetjedi
5/26 c44 FelixStormwolf99
This series is brilliant. The way you have brought forth the characters is excellent. I hope there is more to come because this has been a fantastic ride! Thank you.
5/18 c44 48reppad98
Yay for an extra long chapter! And man, I could feel the tension in my body rise and rise as Anakin got into that talk with Palpatine, and now I feel the relief that everyone has dropped off their data sticks and that they are safely back at the temple. This is so exciting! I had not expected a big fight or anything, in fact, this confrontation was more than I had expected, but I understand that it's not over yet. I can't wait until the next chapter! Thank you for updating and I hope you update soon!
5/18 c43 reppad98
Haha, poor Mace, he doesn't know what kind of effect he has on people, especially not on children haha. But at least they seem to be ready. This chapter was mostly set-up, in my opinion, to the big gala and I suppose climax of this story. It's nice to see that Siri is handling Jango well enough, and that they seem to agree on some things. Hopefully, they can make this work, bring Ferus home, and give the clones a good home.
And I'm almost caught up, just one more chapter! :D
5/18 c42 reppad98
Oh, what a plan Yoda came up with. I have to say, I was already expecting something like that, because who else would not be watched by Palpatine except for the childeren? It is something for Palpatine to underestimate them. And Anakin is taking Obi-wan with him! That's great! I know that Anakin doesn't want to be his Padawan again, but I'm still very happy to see that they are getting a closer bond right now. And I'm very much looking forward to that gala! I have a feeling we're drawing closer and closer to an ending...
Onto the next chapter!
5/16 c41 reppad98
At first I thought 'oh no, oh no, oh no', I was right there along with Anakin's panic. And then he did his calming down exercise and I felt myself become calmer too. So, short conclusion, you're writing this wonderfully. I also really liked Obi-wan coming for Anakin, and I had to smile at the thought of Obi-wan in his healer wing's clothes like that, and Mace's reaction to that. And then of course with Anakin telling Mace everything... That's definitely a step forward. And Mace seems to be dealing with all this rather well. I'm very curious to read the next chapter! How are they going to fix things at the gala...
5/16 c40 reppad98
Again a very interesting chapter! Sidious is obviously playing with Anakin, and it's a good thing he got away like that. For a moment, I was really afraid that he wouldn't, and that he was going to have a confrontation with Palpatine right then and there. But fortunately he got away. Now there's the gala left... And then the bit with Lan Supa. I don't know if we met the character before but this definitely creates some interesting opportunities. Excited for the next chapter!
5/16 c39 reppad98
Wow, what a chapter. I definitely did not see that coming. I was just expecting it to go like Anakin thought in the beginning of the chapter: they out Palpatine and that's the end of it. But of course we can't forget about the prophecy. I haven't watched the Clone Wars so I don't know what happened exactly on Mortis, only the bits I've gathered from reading fanfiction haha. But I think I followed it well enough here. Accepting and feeling your good emotions and gaining power through them sounds like a very healthy way of living your life, I'd think. But pushing your emotions away as to always stay in control is understandable at times, as well, and with the way things were explained in this chapter, I can understand why the Jedi choose that way. This was a very interesting chapter and it makes me think about the philosophy of going through life in general. The Jedi way seems unhealthy, the Sith way as well, but gaining energy from your positive emotions... That sounds good. I'm curious to see how Anakin is going to put this into practice!
5/16 c38 reppad98
Oh, I've got some more chapters to catch up on! I admit that I don't remember everything what happened before in the story, but I think I'm good enough to continue on. Reading about Palpatine and his thinking is really quite interesting, and you captured his creepiness very well. He just sees this as one big tactical game, and one that he is set on winning. At least we now know what he expects of Anakin, and we know he's not going to leave him alone, but we also know that his suspicions are not close to the truth yet (although, in a way, they are).
As for who Anakin's Master is going to be... Well, I suppose I should wait until after Anakin has told the Council. I'm very interested to see their reactions.
Onto the next chapter!
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