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for The Inevitability of Oversight

4/22 c1 loopiness
oh man i love this story. Pls do not abandone it.
3/26 c44 2SandsOfTimeAndDropsOfBlood
Looking forward to reading the rest whenever you get back to this!
I've been reading the whole series over about the last half a week, and really enjoying it. Came here from the TVtropes fanfic recs page, and definitely think this story's position there was well-deserved. You've managed to get to some really unexpected places without ever taking anyone (at least anyone I know, I've watched OT, the Prequels, Clone Wars and up to e5s2 of Rebels, so all I know about Siri, Adi, Ferus, Darra and such is what you've said in this) really out of character. I've been talking about it with my mum on our walks the last few nights, and she knows a good deal of the plot at this point from all my rambling.
I've especially enjoyed the psychological aspect of all this stuff, since that angle isn't one I've seen explored in this much detail in a Star Wars fanfic before. It's also making me consider going back to therapy lol.
I like how you've centred the perspective of Anakin and a few people really close to him, but sprinkled other people's perspectives in there. It helps Anakin be the focus and the main character, while cutting to other people frequently enough for the audience to see outside of his knowledge and biases and watch things progress.
I'm also really enjoying Anakin forming (and often, on his side (or, with Siri, both sides) reforming) relationships with the people around him. I'm a sucker for a good support group and chosen family, and seeing all the complexities of Anakin's relationship with Obi-Wan in particular matched up against making the choice to trust and put work into a relationship they both can't help but care about... it's just- *hugs* *cries* *screams*.
The various theories about Anakin, Vader and Luke that people come up with are extremely entertaining, because you can see the logic but you also know the truth. Very fun, and I've been kinda imagining some scenarios of what would be going on if a few of those theories were true.
And yes, this is very blatant and unrepentant bait to draw you back to this story. It's also all true, and I'd have written *something* nice when I got to the most recently posted chapter even if you'd put this up yesterday.
3/25 c28 SandsOfTimeAndDropsOfBlood
I looked through your profile and couldn't find the story. Is it not up?
3/18 c44 Guest
Omg Yay! Another chapter! This one was so good, I can’t wait for the next one! The plot is absolutely amazing and keeps me on the edge of seat! I love it, keep it up :)
3/11 c44 Camidala
Hello! Thanks for keep writing this.
3/8 c44 Yellow-Ocean
Dear god do not abandon this fic
2/1 c44 Do'Sz
For when the next chapter? It's been a few months since the last update, and I'm eager for more.
1/27 c44 IgrisBlue98
i like this chapter but, one question. how much is left for the time skip of 19 years old
1/17 c44 Guest
shit is getting tense...unlike in hero of naboo, darth plagueis is dead and gone.
also in this scenario, sidious has the full power advantage, when shit goes down, he'll be fresh from the start unlike in the other fanfic when he was tired from fighting plagueis.
the amount of traps and tricks this sidious will use alongside his UNLIMITED POWAH will be scary, no matter how prepared the jedi are, I can see a high death toll.
12/29/2022 c44 5lDragonElf
I love reading this story and look forward to each update!
I hope everything is going well for you.
12/27/2022 c44 1Darth Psyke
Another awesome chapter! I love this story.
11/8/2022 c44 11Haku's Lover18
Awesome chapter! I’m really glad that Ani wasn’t outed as Vader. That will make things much easier for him while playing Palps. I’m also glad that Jango is thinking of going back to become the Mand’alore for his people and finding homes for his clones. I do hope though that he keeps Boba and Omega for himself though. Or at minimum those two stay together with another family at least. Can’t wait for the next segment!
11/7/2022 c44 3AMusicianlyMan
Just a tiny plot holeAnakin was worried about Viceroy Gunray giving his identity away to Sidious, but when he gave his own identity away to the assassin, they had already passed out when he threatened them, so they wouldn’t have heard him say his Sith name.

Your works are by far some of the greatest Star Wars Fanfictions I’ve ever read. It’s so good that I want to see LucasFilm do something like their alternate universe comics with your storylines. You nail these characters and all of their personality quirks, their manners of speaking, their thoughts, and just about everything else. When I visualize the characters as you write them, they fit seemlessly with what we know of them from the films, shows and comics we all love.

Well done. I can’t wait for the next chapter. This was probably one of, if not the best chapter you’ve written in this whole series aside from Anakin’s interaction with the Father.
11/6/2022 c44 Coloured Raine
So much amazingness. :D
11/5/2022 c44 7Te Ne'tra Mand'alor
Well that was an interesting turn of events.
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