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for The Inevitability of Oversight

11/6/2022 c44 Coloured Raine
So much amazingness. :D
11/5/2022 c44 7Te Ne'tra Mand'alor
Well that was an interesting turn of events.
11/5/2022 c44 61Nimbus Llewelyn
Well, well, well... I stumbled across this fic series today, and about ten hours of solid reading later, I have come to its end. Thus far.

And I am mightily impressed.

Your handling of character, and mental illness, is masterful. The plotting is intricate and careful, downright methodical, without ever reaching the plodding stage (mind, I've always been one for slow burn fics). I'd quibble at a couple of spellings here and there, but that's mostly nitpicking. I've never seen a Peggy Sue Anakin/Vader thrown back this far, and your handling of it has been nothing short of extraordinary. I am most definitely looking forward to more.
11/5/2022 c44 1ssj3gohan007
Another brilliant installment! Great job! Well done! I love it! I am dying to know what happens next! :D
11/4/2022 c44 49Brievel
I LOVED the extra-long chapter. It took me two days to get through it. The scene with Palpatine confronting Anakin... the suspense! Absolutely gripping!
11/3/2022 c37 48reppad98
Master Adi-Gallia! I have to admit, I absolutely did not see that one coming. But perhaps this would be a good choice for Anakin, I think she could balance him very well. I'm very curious to see what Anakin is going to choose here. What a twist :D As for the kids, I had forgotten that some of them already knew what was going on, but I believe that all of them now know a part about Anakin's background. I'm curious to see what kind of role they're going to play further into the story. Thank you for writing!
11/3/2022 c36 reppad98
Palpatine is creepy as always, you write him really well. Despite that I know that he doesn't know what's really going on with Anakin, I can't help but feel that he's a step ahead and Anakin is only barely keeping up. Anakin's stress is also getting to me haha. So that means you're writing it well ;) And his kid friends! I admit that I had kind of forgotten about them, it's been quite some time since we've seen them. But I remember that they wanted to figure out what was going on with him - had any of them figured it out yet? I don't remember that - and the question if he has been a Sith is a good one. But how is he going to answer, hm... Onto the next chapter! Thank you!
11/3/2022 c35 reppad98
Ooooh, such an awesome chapter! Just... all those emotions! I understand why you chose to write this chapter and the previous one mostly in Obi-wan's point of view. The kind of emotions Anakin is going through right now, how can those be ever put in words... Anakin's outburst of emotions at the end, putting his conflicting emotions for his Obi-wan in words, that was wonderfully done. And this Obi-wan's reaction... so pure, and indeed he is a very different person from the Obi-wan Anakin knew. But I do hope that they can grow close again. I'm looking forward to it! Now, it's time for them to go back to their reality, and to see what kind of consequences this revelation will cause. Thank you for this great chapter, and I'm quickly going to read the next chapter!
11/3/2022 c34 reppad98
Yes! Anakin is telling Obi-wan everything! And in a vision, too, that adds a great touch to that. I'm sure just telling him would have worked as well, but this way, it's easier for Anakin because he does not have to actually /tell/ everything, he can just show what happened. Although, it might also be more painful, because he won't be able to hold anything back. Still, I'm really enjoying this and I can't wait to see more of this :D Quickly going on to the next chapter!
11/3/2022 c44 4ComputerGraffics
I don't usually comment, but I was very excited to see how this played out! I think you did a really good job keeping people true to their characters while still exploring this fun scenario you've got going. I really enjoy your style of writing and I was so excited to see that there was an update!
11/2/2022 c44 badkidoh
Good chapter.
11/2/2022 c44 1RUbookworm
I’ve been waiting so long for this chapter. WELL DONE!
11/2/2022 c44 Dracomancer1
Yeeeeeah, boyeeeeee, Anakin is pulling the wool over Palpy’s eyes for once, go get ‘em!
11/2/2022 c44 49Death Fury
Excellent chapter
11/2/2022 c44 11stars90
Wow. That was one way to have Anakin have his first confrontation with Sidious. I love how Sidious’ mistake played into Anakin’s thoughts about his own insecurities
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