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for His Servant: Smaragdos

8/9 c19 DemonWolf25
I really hate where this leaves off.

I really hope that this will be updated one day.
8/9 c16 DemonWolf25
I really hope you aren't going to have Beast and Black together.
8/9 c11 DemonWolf25
You are definitely setting this up good for Ciel to become a demon. Much better than the anime. I like that you threw in the plot point of Lucifer and the aunt.

I do hope you are still writing this story. It's very good.
7/14 c19 3LetTheWorldHonorTheFallen
It's the third or is it fourth ? Time i'm reading this and it's still great !
Snake is an adorable little bean, Death is overprotective, Ciel a little brat I wanna hug, Sebastian makes me want to slap him at times, Soma needs to sit down and talk with Harry and Harry deserves happiness so I really hope you're gonna keep his aunt alive !
7/13 c9 ChaoticMinds
Man, if that omake really happened, I imagine the story would take an even darker turn than what it already is like. I can't even imagine what would happen, except the ridiculous amount of angst all around. With the exception of Lucy. He'd be on cloud nine, I bet, lol...
7/13 c8 ChaoticMinds
I find it hilarious how King Lucy got bested by a root tossed in his face. xD Go Harry!
7/13 c7 ChaoticMinds
Oof, well that angst train just ran over me. And so suddenly, too. Poor Harry, having his weak spot stabbed by an emotionally thick Sebastian.
7/13 c6 ChaoticMinds
Ho ho ho~! Sebastian's getting fresh with our lil Hadrian this chapter~! Bet Harry's gonna get even more heart attacks next chapter, lol.

Also, I love the hair dye prank. Sebby's reaction was GLORIOUS. I've never seen him bellow in rage before. xD
5/18 c19 1AutumnBee124
Holy cow, this is amazing! I am so loving your plot. Truly a remarkable story
3/23 c19 1InkCatWarrior
Nice fic, I wait to see more of this.
1/27 c19 breezygirl541
this has been so much fun to read! Reading the dynamics between demons and Harry being the little ball of chaos he is- it’s great! I hope you continue this story hun!
11/3/2019 c19 Nagilover4ever
Love it. Update soon.
10/30/2019 c19 Silvermane1
Fantastic update hope Harry adopts snake
10/30/2019 c19 1KilluaKagura
i remember this scene!
10/29/2019 c19 2ListenCloselyWhileILie
I adore your stories! eagerly awaiting the next chapter!
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