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12/5/2023 c1 danietwumasi51
Don't use the Lord's name in vain ya got that
1/28/2023 c14 Azkipi
no puedo creer que quedara en la mejor parte, cuando todo comenzaba a fluir. a pesar de que no se actualiza hace años debo decir que me gustó como llevaste el proceso de la relación entre ambos, quedo bastante bien el como se conocieron hasta como se enamoraron o acercaron más. Pensé que la parte donde Sasuke se iba de la aldea costaría más para vincularlos pero quedó bien, de hecho nada parece apresurado o muy forzado. me gustaría haber leído la reacción de Sasuke al saber que Hinata se tiene que casar.
de todas formas, gracias por la historia y espero que te encuentres bien.
8/8/2022 c13 Brother V
Don't use the lords name in vain
8/8/2022 c13 Brother V
Arms? Nigga it's arm Sasuke only got 1 arm what is you saying
8/8/2022 c10 Brother V
Don't use the lords name in vain
8/8/2022 c10 Brother V
Wtf is the gokage
8/8/2022 c9 Brother V
And it's reviving the 4 kages not interrogating
8/8/2022 c9 Brother V
Nigga it's the 4th Shinobi war not 3rd
8/8/2022 c5 Brother V
Dummy it can be thrown
8/8/2022 c7 Brother V
Don't use the lords name in vain
8/7/2022 c14 1marfralle
Im cursed with SasuHina stories with no end. Still, good job on this work, i enjoyed reading it a lot. Sad it ended on the nest part? Yes, but i hope i can read the end one day.
5/12/2022 c14 Lan Chi Tran
Nah, need more please. I am so curious. Whatever you are busy or not, just complete this story. It is so good
5/11/2022 c14 gianggiang4581
I don't know when you'll be back, but I hope it comes soon, the story is so good
3/14/2022 c1 missshiem
hope you update
2/27/2022 c14 Nerine
Story contained canon plot with the addition not hinata, I liked the perspective it brought with sasuhina in it.
When he goes hyuga compound and sleeps, parts like those are my favourite.
I am just sucker for cute things like these, fortunately this story is captivating and things I like.
Am glad you have not wasted words on background plot or storyline of other characters much.
Thank you for this one.
You are good.
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