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1/8/2021 c15 Silbernudelbohne
Umh, hi
I've read your story, and it's really great. I'm not sure if and when you'll keep writing, but I'd be really happy!
I hope it goes on, maybe soon!
7/20/2020 c5 Excelsior
7/20/2020 c4 Excelsior
I like how you gave mineta a chance, cause HE'S REALLY SMART
7/20/2020 c1 Excelsior
6/10/2020 c15 APigInRollerSkates
I really hope you update this story, it’s really good! I love the ship, the concept, and the sports festival was so exciting! This is really good and I hope you didn’t actually abandon the story.
5/3/2020 c15 sousie
poor kimi
4/1/2020 c14 the.Jewel-huntress
This is so great! I can’t wait for there to be more!
3/14/2020 c14 2Seiiruu
This was awesome! I really love how you wrote their fight!
3/10/2020 c1 OriginalUsername
You see, I would LOVE a quirk that can give me a pistol. Even if it was draining.

You also did a great good this chapter!
3/10/2020 c14 silentstrixe
This chapter felt like poetry. A grand presentation of Todoroki and Midoriya baring all of themselves to the world. With the ending I can't even really tell who the ultimate victor of the match was since they both fell.

It all was very beautiful in it's presentation. It actually brought a tear to my eye. Excellent job.
3/10/2020 c14 UnkownSoul
HOT DAMM! That was awesome! Fast paced, but I could still image it all!

I think you have outdone yourself with this fight. Really great! No need for many words, just the fight!

The wait was worth it, most definitly. Looking forward to the next one.
3/10/2020 c14 Bear Of Wars
This chapter was poetry at its finest.
3/10/2020 c14 Stormhound12
I. Love. This. The whole gun, knife, guts ob the floor really boosts the story. Just the simple phrase elevates this story so High. I love the dynamics. Honestly I'm really excited for a reveal of what happened to her to some of her friends or maybe the class as a whole, but that isn't necessarily gonna happen. The symbolism of throwing the gun away was not lost on me. Or I'm creating symbols where I want to see them. Oh well. I can't wait to see what comes next. Here's to hoping you update regularly (though, I totally get if you can't. Life's a beeyatch, 'specially to fanfiction writers). Kudos and keep on writing!
3/10/2020 c14 zombiekins5948
3/7/2020 c13 Stormhound12
I hope you update soon. Out of all the boku no hero fics, this is by far the best that I've seen. The nitty gritty, aspect of it makes it more real and it just grabs you by the heart and throws you around. In a good way, of 't wait to see how this story pans out. Kudos and keep on writing!
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