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for The Six Fingered Pirate

11/1/2020 c19 4Gamelover41592
awesome work on this chapter can't wait to see Ford's reaction to skypeia
11/1/2020 c18 13foxchick1
I am excited to see what happens next, love how Ford reacts to stuff
11/1/2020 c18 2gwencarson126
please ignore the last comment, glitch on my end, chapter was cut off
11/1/2020 c19 gwencarson126
There is a glitch and error, chapter 19 keeps disappearing and chapter 18 was alabasta, you skipped the arcs
10/31/2020 c2 1OriChar
my opinion on her is neutral, but a fun character to write is a character that you should write
9/11/2020 c18 1SirCalamarus956
While reading, I thought about the possibility of Ford eating, accidentally or even on purpose, a Devil Fruit.
What would Ford think about this? And if there is a chance that this would happen, what fruit would he end up eating?
I just thought that possibility would be interesting and wanted to share.
9/18/2019 c18 10Plumalchemyst
Love it
9/17/2019 c18 4Gamelover41592
Awesome work this chapter and good bye alabasta and Vivi :(
7/2/2019 c17 1plantkingman1
I wonder how the Straw Hat crew will react to Bill and I wonder the fight between Luffy and Bill will go.
7/1/2019 c17 6aquagirl555
i hope ford and chopper have a heart to heart about relating to eachother for being born a bit different and being mocked or outright hated for it
7/1/2019 c17 4Gamelover41592
that was excellent and very funny :)
7/1/2019 c17 2gwencarson126
Ace is coming
I love ACE
will Stanford have flashbacks of his brother? will the straw hats find out about it
this chapter is so full of humor
I could not stop laughing
HAHAHAHA a chapter of adventure and all Stanford wanted was a rock HAHAHAHA
5/5/2019 c16 Joe Curran
I like the character of Stanford, I can't deny that. But I have a question.
What is the relevance of him on the story?
Because... He doesn't do anything on the story that deserves the quote "His incorporation had a reason.". This is like those Spiderman x MHA fanfics: He isn't a real character, he is a character reacting to the story.
His influence is close to Zero. Okay, thanks to it the development of the Arlong Arc is a different. But for now... I haven't seen any difference.
I could change Stanford for Joe Curran of 'Joe (1970)', and I couldn't see differences.
An example could be 'Rubber King and Mirror Master'. There the OC has a real relevance on the story. His existence makes a nice number of changes.
Not hate it, but Stanford could make a lot of differences.
5/4/2019 c16 5Fox Boss
Poor Chopper, while Luffy and Sanji want to eat him, Stanford will want to dissect him.
5/4/2019 c16 4Gamelover41592
excellent work on this chapter and yeah I can actually Stanford doing this
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