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for Naruto: A Red Eye Hidden by Shadow

11/29 c16 Guest
Finally a change.
So far my only beef with this is Amari is stealing team 7s development.
I like her character personality. And powers.
It's also nice that finally after years. Of YouTube and reading fics. Someone finally understands that byakugan sees better than sharingan. And can predict moves better than sharingan. As it sees faster. It's about time. What many don't get is it has all the same powers that sharingan uses to copy(in a more powerful maner.)
Just not the hypnotic eye for control.

In theory byakugan should be able to copy a jutsu. In truth any sensor would have a learning advantage in Naruto.

But finally a solid change.
Leaving the demon and Haku alive. About time.

Just wish that Amari was taking less development from team 7.

I really hope u detail other characters better. That's a flaw in canon shippuden. A lack of world and character building.

Any ways I really like Amari.
I like these kind of characters
11/28 c141 dragon44pride
Maybe Lady Mito could jump start the Adamantine Chains in Naruto.
11/28 c4 Luthanora
I’m confused, the MC does not have enough chakra to use the shadow possession for long, but she can make 62 shadow clones at age 11/12?

Am I missing something here? Also saying she needs chakra to maintain the clone technique as well, this is a fairly newish fan fic so there is no way you don’t know how the shadow clone jutsu works, or even if you get one or 2 things mixed upthe basic function and use of it should not be it.

I’ll keep reading because the MC is super cute and lovely, just hope you fix all the mistakes with her chakra capacity and jutsu usage
11/27 c142 Akasha Bloodriver
Seems like Kyubi mostly hates Tobirama since it's his fault he gets sealed.
11/27 c142 NarutoFan
Looks like Mito is hanging around for a bit! Hopefully she finds a way to pass on what information she can about the Uzumaki Clan to Naruto! I feel like we don’t really know anything about them from the anime!

I love the idea that Mito stored Kuruma’s chakra! If the gold and silver brothers can get the kyuubi’s chakra by eating his flesh after being swallowed, I don’t see why she can’t store it as well, especially being a seal master!

It’s interesting that Amari’s mother had a student! I wonder why she wasn’t informed that Haya survived, Yugao could have taught her so much while she was growing up! At least she can start now. It was interesting to see Sasuke acknowledging how powerful she is, in the anime you didn’t really see ANBU in action. Can’t wait to find out her part going forward!

I can see this being a step for Naruto and Kuruma slowly developing partnership as well, only slightly earlier than Canon!

I like the story isn’t completely focused on Amari. I love her character & development but it’s good to see other characters getting spotlight and development as well! Like Naruto, Kurenai, Sakura, Sasuke etc!

Thanks again!
11/26 c142 gryphan.master900
You had an error at one point but I forgot where. You used detonate instead of decimate I think. I didn't want to scroll down and report it and lose my spot.
11/26 c142 111ZabuzasGirl
Where is amari? What happened to her?
11/24 c1 Cyan-Snake
tch. what a shit setup. legitimate trash. how can you actually write past this point?
11/17 c141 jjjdunk1
In really liked this chapter. The fight between Mito and and the dynamic duo felt realistic. I like that Mito was able to resist Mizuki's control, just like how Orichimaru feared Hashirama could beat his control over him.
11/13 c141 1mikan26
I actually hope itachi and ami join this battle Coa it wud be epic especially if they learn more about madara also I appreciate the effort u put in this amazing story
11/12 c141 NarutoFan
Thank you for another amazing chapter!

You really showed the emotion of Mito here, she’s an amazing character who could have been so much more in the show. Once again proving how powerful the Uzumaki clan was, the strained relationship between Mito & the second hokage was fascinating & the difficulties she had as the first Jinchuuriki.

I do wonder if Naruto will learn the chakra chains, is it something someone from the Uzumaki clan can learn, like the shadow possession jutsu for the Nara clan, or a bloodline like the Sharingan for the Uchiha.
Also another shoutout to how dangerous seals are! The fact she warned them not to engage in close combat because she can instantly place deadly seals on them is terrifying and incredible all at once!

I’m amazed Amari actually lasted as long as she did considering she should still really be in the Hospital.

Thank you again & can’t wait for the next chapter!
11/12 c141 111ZabuzasGirl
This keeps getting better and better.
11/2 c140 NaRuKo-InuTaiSHo-XD
A really exciting chapter.
Looking forward to the next chapter.
11/1 c81 GrammarComplaint
I need you to remove the letters ed from thrusted and casted and the ted from gritted. They are all incorrect, just don't ever use them. Ever.
10/30 c140 ZabuzasGirl
OMG! This is unbelievable. Please have the Masked Man/Obito show up and interfere with this! Please! He said he wouldn't allow Amari to die! Please have him show up!
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