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for Naruto: A Red Eye Hidden by Shadow

5/13 c134 Isobel Bauch
Does the daughter of Madara have a name?
5/11 c81 Isobel Bauch
I can totally see Amari being a big sister to Mirai. Same with Yakumo, Karin and Fū.
5/10 c190 Isobel Bauch
Eagerly waiting for Part 2.
5/7 c160 Isobel Bauch
Boruto does lack a lot of elements you see in Naruto, and in Shippuden as well.
5/7 c160 Isobel Bauch
To think Sasuke loathed Haya in a different timeline. Pretty heartbreaking. I’d choose this version of Team 7 over the original anytime.
4/27 c165 Isobel Bauch
If Yugao has a cat mask, then whose the kunoichi with the bear mask?
4/14 c169 Isobel Bauch
Miyako is laughing at Danzo for his failure to eradicate her legacy. Kyoshi too.
4/4 c190 benpg10
Wow I gotta admit I didn't realise this story was complete last time I read up to chapter 139 before stopping because it wasn't done then and i loved it, just as I'm gonna love reading this from the start to finish this time and then to carry on to shippuden whenever that starts coming out, love this pls keep going
3/25 c19 blazingwolffang
so if Neji was the sensory ninja the Byakugan is out of the bag
3/24 c11 blazingwolffang
Wow he beat a all but defeated Zabuza I'm pretty sure I could have killed a Zabuza with a kunai in that scenario big woop Amarillo really has selective analysis skills huh
2/28 c190 Bladesunder
GL and looking forward to part2, this was an amazing story; thanks for sharing!
2/19 c112 1ChaosBreaker13
Why do I get the feeling All for One might one day obtain some sort of dimensional warping Quirk and cause chaos in the Shinobi World?
2/12 c6 7UjnIaS
Ngl these emotional points were rushed. She feels like a Mary Sue, though maybe that is what you intended her to be. Her relationship with those two boys barely lasted a chapter. Her relationships with Naruto, Shikamaru, Kurenai, or anyone is told to have happened rather than shown. Like the fact that Naruto is her best friend, when the fuck did that happen? Kurenai and her have a mother daughter relationship, when the fuck did that happen exactly?

All of this cumulates to big emotional moments having no impact at all and usually being too contrived.

When it comes to writing good stories, the journey is just as important as the end.
2/11 c4 UjnIaS
You know shadow clone jutsu is a forbidden jutsu right? And that Naruto was able to use it because his chakra tank far outstrips even kakashi as a genin. How is the OC able to learn it as an academy student let alone make 10 clones with her preteen chakra tank.
2/10 c190 spiceflower1
Woah, that part in the beginning with Orochimaru and the kage had so much detail it gave me chills. Great job!
Ooh! We got to see a glimpse of how Temujin was doing! That's cool and a really interesting injection in the chapter:D
Wow! I can't even address each group separately because there are so many but I can say that I really loved reading about how each group of people(Land of snow, Fuma clan, etc...) were preparing and to see how they are doing. This story is so long that sometimes you just don't think about them so it's nice to see that they aren't forgotten.:)
Yay! It's good to see that Garra and Hikari are doing good and making friends
There are so many people that were mentioned in this chapter that I was glad to read about and I enjoyed reading about the Mist and Sand villages along with everyone. There's so many characters I was glad to see so I can't even name them all.
I think you get the point though lol, I really really enjoyed reading about everyone and it was a great chapter.
There were definitely parts that were dark or/and gave me the chills a little bit though. Regardless though, I enjoyed reading the whole chapter, even the dark parts:D Really, this chapter and this story are so well written and I love all the details it's hard to put into words.
Also, Kasai is really kinda creepy sometimes lol. That's not a bad thing as it is part of his character, I was just kinda surprised because I had not been thinking of him at all and then he was thrown into the chapter and he was being himself and therefore kinda creepy and crazy.
Awwww, Fu and Naruto were so sad yet determined and it made me sad that they had to leave the others to go train
Ooh, nice touch with Sasuke, Mimi, and Amari's anbu mask designs!
Anyway, as you can probably see by my rambling review I typed out as I read this chapter I loved it and I am definitely looking forward to whenever the next part/Shippuden comes out!:D I hope you have a good day
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