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for The Four Faces of Nymphadora Tonks

2/27 c1 40Concolor44
Cool. It's sometimes startling how completely things can change from one simple decision.
2/15 c1 4fundaore
7/30/2020 c1 Cwhit930
And that’s the last of your finished works. Thanks for the share.
7/10/2020 c1 Spider of Dreams
this was adorable
5/10/2020 c1 10stevem1
This is pretty good.
8/24/2019 c1 bkerrmom1
Excellent story !
4/21/2019 c1 39Fires of Eden Red Rose Aurora
I haven't read much Tonks!/Harry before, but this was good and very enjoyable along with a few lols.
Great work
3/31/2019 c1 133rebecca-in-blue
I think the way you bring Harry and Tonks together here feels kinda clunky. In their first meeting, for example, he immediately tells her about watching Cedric die and his parents' deaths, and she immediately tells him about Sirius's arrest and imprisonment. It feels a little unrealistic on his side to open up to a complete stranger like this, even if he does need someone to talk to. This story also carries a lot of scorn for other characters (especially Ron and Dumbledore, who, yeah, made stupid decisions, but who I don't think deserve to be as written off as they are here), which makes it feel like it's building up Harry/Tonks by cutting down others. The mention of Tonks's four different aliases at the end also feels odd, since she wore them so briefly. P.S. Discovered this via The Reviews Corner forum.
2/16/2019 c1 18IceFire9
While I enjoyed this story- the Ginny love potion angle just got in the way. I was sort of expecting a more noticeable impact of the potion on Harry in terms of attraction to Tonks, but it barely comes up. So Ginny's ploy is just a distraction that doesn't go anywhere.

Otherwise I enjoyed this a lot- not enough Harry/Tonks stuff out there imo.
10/5/2018 c1 1viningc
I have never felt that Ginny Weasley was right for Harry. My preference has always been Hermione, but your story has given me a wider world view and now, for the first time, someone new seems right to be with Harry.

Thank you for your story.
8/8/2018 c1 LifeIsAGreatAdventure
By far the strongest of your writing. It avoids the male wish fulfillment dominant in your other fics and really builds out Tonks' character. Thanks for your hard work on this.
8/4/2018 c1 22spitfyre1
Nice I liked it
7/29/2018 c1 jamesmsn885
I liked it. Were all the names supposed to be related to her own in some way? Because I'm pretty sure Toni Mask can be changed into I aM Tonks
7/18/2018 c1 5BeeeTeee
I need more Harry/Tonks pairings in my life. So wonderfully fluffy.
7/18/2018 c1 thesunanditsangel
I've never actually thought about shipping it, but this is awesome!
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