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5h c29 djvshaw22
love the chapter. looking forward to how you bring it next.
3/23 c29 xNightShroudx
I hate to say this but we're just waiting for the day that Naruto and Sasuke die in Boruto so they can join the Soul Society. It may take a few years depending on the direction where they pull that off but it's going to happen eventually.
3/22 c29 death390
I don't mind long form storytelling, I read thethirdfang after all. Would like to see a fitting end to thus eventually though. I also worry about how you will tie in to bleach itself eventually. Considering how fast time moves in soul society you don't have that much time before series start.

Glad to see confirmation of who I thought the purple eyes man is to.
3/22 c29 DEEZ CAT DED
I've yet to play Sekiro. Mainly been playing Elden Ring. I've think I have fallen in love with the Souls games.
3/21 c29 TheHiddenLettuce
ok i think this confirms that the cloaked guy is madara, i just cant see it being anyone else
3/21 c29 worhello
Another great chapter!
3/21 c29 worhello
So, are we supposed to know who the two cloaked figures at the end are? I feel like I can guess, but don’t want to put any potential spoilers in public review
3/20 c29 obliviousss
3/20 c29 91Bloody Simpson Chibi
Well not much to say as it seemed to be a bunch of Slice-of-Life bits. Given what you're going for with the politics leading to war thing, this makes sense. Take as long as you need man, I'll read every chapter that comes out.

I will say that I really enjoyed the scene with Jiraiya and Retsu, hinting at the latter's past as the first Kenpachi and Soifon and Mikoto's trip wanderings at the festival. I really wish I could draw so I could draw Soifon wearing those ribbons.

Another great chapter!
3/20 c29 Bucio
It's nice to see a new chapter.

I just read it, from the last part, while in addition to seeing Shisui and Visaelya, having a moment in the Dragon Pen, with the dragon of Shisui's girlfriend's father, and it seems like her investigation of possible alliances between Uchihas and the clan Visaelya hasn't moved on, that and that she seems to be happy to make peace with her family, and while Shisui is happy for her, he also fears the worst, if they find out something (the shock being stronger, if she's the one who discovers it, because the problem is not her parents, nor her cousin, but her uncle and grandfather, influenced by Aizen)

While Saenenya accidentally overhears a conversation between her friend, the hooded man, and Aizen, being intrigued by what they are talking about, and the differences between them, and with her, in turn, telling him about her problems and with him advising her, having advanced their relationship , with him being one of the most important people for her, as Saenenya shows when she notices that he is sick, suffering from what Itachi once suffered, Soul Fracture, with her swearing to give her all to help him, which moves him a bit , while they summarize their readings and she mentally reviews what she remembers of the conversation between her friend and Aizen.

Hence, I has many doubts about whether the hooded man is Madara or some other Uchiha, on the one hand, he was brought back by the Edo Tensei, and absorbed / assimilated by Kaguya, which would explain his condition.

But on the other, it would be an unexpected turn if our hooded man was another Uchiha, like Obito

As for the chapter, we see a bit of Byakuya's birthday, where Itachi and Yoruichi begin to demonstrate their relationship more in public

To then move on to see a bit of Jiraiya, where we see him help Nanao practice her healing abilities, and after that chat with Unohana, who asks to see her later, and everything was going well, with her showing him little by little, more on that side that she hides from everyone, until Jiraiya's curiosity makes him screw up, by insisting more when he shouldn't, on a subject that is uncomfortable for her.

We also see a bit of Neji, first talking to Shikaku Nara, and thinking a bit about two of his friends/ckassmates/fangirls, and then having a curious and awkward chat with Itachi about the Hyuuga and their behavior after the Uchiha massacre.

Also during another festival (heh, it was pure celebrations and festivals between time skips) we see Soi-Fon and Mikoto spending time together, with Itachi's mother unable to help but treat Soi-Fon like the daughter she never had, who appreciates the gesture (and has what may be a vague memory of her own mother, hmm, Mikoto vs. Soi-Fon's mother), and with Mikoto's presence, helping assuage Soi-Fon's jealousy, by seeing Yoruichi and Itachi's relationship, and having a good time together

Of the following chapters being pure politics, well, it is a necessary evil, and from somewhere it has to be explained what is going to lead the Drakken and Starmont to their revolt

Good luck and keep it up
3/20 c29 Gheee
Let's try this again. remote play to a phone or something and see if you can get audio through the connected device
3/20 c29 Gheee
good chapter. If you really want audio you could try "remote
3/20 c29 1SuperKaiokenGoku
Awesome chapter. It’s nice to see so many perspectives in this one. I’m also happy to say I caught all references this chapter. No one can resist spamming One Mind and it seems Itachi couldn’t help but show off a little :)
Can’t wait for the next one Author-Sama!
3/20 c29 Guest
This is a really good story. Pretty sure I saw a wild madara though.
3/20 c29 Captain Wiggles
Yes. This was great :D
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