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4/13 c32 lided
love the story and characters man but i will probably take years to finish
4/6 c1 Terracotta Tortilla
Oh, it's a full crossover, not just Itachi. Eww. When Nagato crosses over he'll probably crush everyone with his power.

4/4 c2 kevinthegoat0304
Im almost positive jiraiya had some knowledge of the uchiha massarce
3/11 c3 15Trace Reading
words to use instead of 'meal hall': cafeteria, canteen, mess hall, dining room, lunch room, commissary, canteen
3/9 c7 Killerpickle
Dropping this, its to 'wish fufilling' I guess is a way to describe it, I don't mean in the normal sense even though there are parts where it is like that what I mean is that Itachi is The Center of the World when he really shouldn't be a cause for that much ruckus. everyone praising him every minute of every day.
- Then there is the disregard for Jiraiya who in actuality would be the more talented one or at least the more skilled fighter.
- Characterization is Just off: jiraiya for instance the reason he is so pervy isn't just to indulge in those desires but it is a coping mechanism, its the same reason why Guy is all about training and being positive.
- Romance just forced and feelings developed way to fast when no intimate moments occurred i.e on the brink of death being saved (not the hollow one as that was more just 'ah hey thanks for the save back there)
3/9 c5 Killerpickle
This chapter was pretty awkward
3/4 c32 Guest
Really enjoyed this chapter. Can’t wait for more.
2/25 c32 Cloves
Awesome. Love this chapter. Stay safe man.
2/24 c2 Bashleyz
2/24 c1 Bashleyz
2/19 c32 sbbell8
love this chapter i really cant wait for the next one. this is by far the best story ive read on fanfic.
2/19 c31 WoodenDraconis
I never thought of this before, but is the Drakken clan based off of the Targeryons from GoT?
2/17 c32 6GlaringEyes
About time for Neji to finally join the 2nd Squad and learn the truth about Itachi. And with this, all those past pleas from Itachi or Yoruichi about 'how the Byakugan would come in handy' in this or that situation finally get answered.

It makes me wonder though how much of a game changer can the Byakugan be, for the plot's sake. If Neji can see through absolutely anything within three kilometers, he could easily become an overpowerful (almost omnipresent) character, and that means even Madara and Aizen's respective plots could potentially be found out early, which means Bleach's main plot may not even happen. So some sort of restriction would have to be put on his Byakugan. For example, since Shinobi in the afterlife must rely on their Reiryoku instead of Chakra, the Byakugan may not be able to see through certain materials, like Sekkiseki. Or it could be jammed if its target happens to be near a sufficiently powerful spiritual presence (like a Squad Captain).

And speaking of Neji, am I right to guess that the Gaelnaeros clan's blindness punishment is an analogy to the Hyuuga cadet branches' Caged Bird Seal? And that analogy will have a role to play in the future war? I mean, the Blind Dragons are immune to the Sharingan, so a certain Byakugan user will have to be the one to fight them, but their shared grievances with their own families might end up causing empathy to form between enemies. Or maybe I'm just overthinking all of this...

Tension is reaching the boiling point. And now there's even the risk of Fugaku being involved, since Itachi and Shisui aren't sure about how many Uchihas are hiding in the Drakken estate. I'm particularly leaning towards Fugaku being in the radicals' side, mostly because if he wasn't, he would have already reached out to Itachi and Mikoto by now. That and also because plot-wise Fugaku's presence would disrupt the developing relationship between Mikoto and Soi-Fon.

Chibi Gin and Rangiku are so adorable. Especially Rangiku, with her natural friendliness towards practically everyone she meets. On a side note, I can't help but feel a bit bad for Jiraiya regarding Gin and Rangiku's preference for Itachi over him. I mean, Jiraiya is the one who's spending the most time with them, but the famed Uchiha charm gives Itachi an almost unfair advantage on winning others' affection (especially girls). He's taking even Yoruichi's position as Byakuya's favorite teacher... Hope you update it soon!
2/16 c32 keybladelight
You know the two name Visaelya and Aegagor could be fit very well in the Game of thrones world with house Targaryen.
2/13 c32 Guest
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