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for Eyes of the Soul

6/24/2023 c25 1OffsetEvergreen
This has been and I believe will be my favorite chapter so far. It's been on my mind since I first read months ago. My only complaint with this story is that I wish I came across this story later in life. The F-ING LONG chapters are amazing and the story, chef's kiss. Keep writing, you are amazing.
6/24/2023 c29 Guest
Found this fic a while ago, and I absolutely love it, literally the only thing I read for the few weeks I was reading, such a good fic. I'm a sucker for long chapters and fics and when I found this I was overjoyed with a long fic and impressed by the sheer quality of it. I cannot wait for the next chapter, I will always look forward for the next one.
6/15/2023 c29 StriderLC
Well that's certainly a twist on the Finnegan users identiy. Holy shit well done
6/5/2023 c1 visserX7
Not a review of this chapter, but the story as a whole, I'm on my third read through so far, (currently Blade Dancer Festival.) only stopping at the last 2 chapters until you come out with new ones. (Found this story when you had 24/25 chapters). To date it is my favorite fan fic, and usually I'm not into them, but I was on a Naruto kick and was seeking out something different, and your tale was what I found. Ty for taking the time to write this and hopefully you continue to do so, I still have a chapter or two to go. Glad you brought Neji into the mix, and hopefully he gets his time to shine, maybe a training session 2v1 Both Uchiha and Neji with their Kekkei Genkai. I like how you follow cannon, and hopefully you'll stray a bit, or a lot (lol) can't wait to see what you have in store for future installments.

Thank You.
6/2/2023 c23 acowles02
I definitely did expect it. Getting kind of old now, unlocking shikai like this
5/31/2023 c29 Guesthouse
I need more of these, itachi and yoruichi hanging out with Byakuya, I wonder how there lessons will impact his future. I need nagato and pervy sage to meet. It seems the renningan has future sight or is it something he read in the ancient library, about our bleach Jesus.
5/31/2023 c13 acowles02
Ain’t even done and I’m already guessing he gets shikai
5/30/2023 c3 acowles02
You’d think that the soul reapers would be able to recognize that they have combat training
5/26/2023 c29 newboy
Quick question about Jiraiya, when he encounters Gin, will he be able to take him under his wing? Considering Jiraiya's past work in counter intelligence, and what Gin was actually trying to do with regards to Aizen, Jiraiya might be able to guide Gin on a better path (or at least make it so that if Gin does continue with what he is trying to do he might consider sending information over to Jiraiya on occasion)
5/4/2023 c29 Nubex
Hello again if you remember me since I wrote few reviews before.

Nice chapter as always but there seemed to be Q&A thing so here is few questions for that if it is going to happen.
-How did you get into writing fanfictions?
-How much do you write weekly?

Have a nice day and good luck with writing and your life etc.
5/3/2023 c24 devinokboy
Despite that I still do enjoy this fic, its hard to find quality bleach fics these days that aren't a decade old. Keep it up
5/3/2023 c23 devinokboy
These wraith battles always seem to follow a formula, fight starts captains fight the wraith, then itachis squad hold off the small fry but oh no we're being pushed back what ever will we do ? don't worry a character shall unlock their shikai to save the day.
5/2/2023 c16 devinokboy
man these lore dumps are tiring to read, it feels like there's one every other chapter
5/2/2023 c15 devinokboy
So you're just putting lotr lore into the bleach verse ? thats kinda boring
5/2/2023 c13 devinokboy
I thought those were itachis unique abilities, like how sasukes is the ability to control the flames into ninjustsu
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