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2/19 c32 sbbell8
love this chapter i really cant wait for the next one. this is by far the best story ive read on fanfic.
2/19 c31 WoodenDraconis
I never thought of this before, but is the Drakken clan based off of the Targeryons from GoT?
2/17 c32 6GlaringEyes
About time for Neji to finally join the 2nd Squad and learn the truth about Itachi. And with this, all those past pleas from Itachi or Yoruichi about 'how the Byakugan would come in handy' in this or that situation finally get answered.

It makes me wonder though how much of a game changer can the Byakugan be, for the plot's sake. If Neji can see through absolutely anything within three kilometers, he could easily become an overpowerful (almost omnipresent) character, and that means even Madara and Aizen's respective plots could potentially be found out early, which means Bleach's main plot may not even happen. So some sort of restriction would have to be put on his Byakugan. For example, since Shinobi in the afterlife must rely on their Reiryoku instead of Chakra, the Byakugan may not be able to see through certain materials, like Sekkiseki. Or it could be jammed if its target happens to be near a sufficiently powerful spiritual presence (like a Squad Captain).

And speaking of Neji, am I right to guess that the Gaelnaeros clan's blindness punishment is an analogy to the Hyuuga cadet branches' Caged Bird Seal? And that analogy will have a role to play in the future war? I mean, the Blind Dragons are immune to the Sharingan, so a certain Byakugan user will have to be the one to fight them, but their shared grievances with their own families might end up causing empathy to form between enemies. Or maybe I'm just overthinking all of this...

Tension is reaching the boiling point. And now there's even the risk of Fugaku being involved, since Itachi and Shisui aren't sure about how many Uchihas are hiding in the Drakken estate. I'm particularly leaning towards Fugaku being in the radicals' side, mostly because if he wasn't, he would have already reached out to Itachi and Mikoto by now. That and also because plot-wise Fugaku's presence would disrupt the developing relationship between Mikoto and Soi-Fon.

Chibi Gin and Rangiku are so adorable. Especially Rangiku, with her natural friendliness towards practically everyone she meets. On a side note, I can't help but feel a bit bad for Jiraiya regarding Gin and Rangiku's preference for Itachi over him. I mean, Jiraiya is the one who's spending the most time with them, but the famed Uchiha charm gives Itachi an almost unfair advantage on winning others' affection (especially girls). He's taking even Yoruichi's position as Byakuya's favorite teacher... Hope you update it soon!
2/16 c32 keybladelight
You know the two name Visaelya and Aegagor could be fit very well in the Game of thrones world with house Targaryen.
2/13 c32 Guest
2/14 c32 SunPhoenix90
Nice use on movie Saruman's quote
2/13 c32 2PokeKing Charizard
Just finished the chap, and holy crapola this is gonna be bad. We’ve seen what the second Quincy war looks like, and I imagine this is gonna be even worse.
2/13 c32 Imperial Hydra
I've got to say, the conversations between Yoruichi and Ginrei & Jiraiya, Itachi and Neji was some of your best writing yet in my opinion. Can't wait for the shit to hit the fan at lightspeed over the next few chapters.
2/13 c32 PokeKing Charizard
I might post more comments as I reach the bottom, but you wrote Jiraiya instead of Itachi for the persimmon snack scene.
2/13 c32 codywhite162
Excellent chapter as usual! Looking forward to what will happen next.
2/13 c32 Sage of Wind Dragons
I really do enjoy Jirayia innovating with his Summons doing tests and making world work better, hell something as simple as a minefield to mess up Hollows is so much more thought then we generally see.
It really helps on that Jirayia is INVESTED in the Shinigami and the mission mandate.

The nobles fighting things is dumb on the power dynamics but them being led by the nose is bad.

But the artificial constraints on power which is good is the whole issue. The pure dominance is the baad thing really no rivals to keep them honest.

But the fact that framing is not the thing cause I get Aizen motivation TOTALLY is a whole other thing.

But wow are they making a Mt Everest out of a molehill just ONE singular action for ONE object that is only good for spying…. Like hell. But this is Soul Society, happy genocidal maniacs.

Still Despise Itachi justifying genocides, the fact that your Father DIDDNT FIGHT you shows how apathetic the clans actual motivation was, and considering the Danzo murdering people for eyes thing…. Like honestly after Orochimaru experimentation that Sarutobi approved of a civil war would have been justified.

But even so Itachi the heir at absolute worst kill your dad and take over dang it.

Anyway enough harping on that.

Oh more bombs and slave vassals nonsene.
Eneuchs are a thing in court culture that is insane, as far as I am aware so ritualized maiming is a big thing in more eastern cultures so hey. Don’t know much if the Romans and others did such thing.

But well how much actual support among your own vassals should be a big thing I suppose.
Like the blind guy just WITING for their masters to fall should be a huge thing.

All this happening right before the World Wars is its own fun.

I mean Orochimaru and Maddara have you beat as known traitors even if Danzo did more crimes.

Let u remember that Sarutobi the weak fuck also sacrificed Neji father cause of weakness, right before or after the Uchia clan massacre. So you know, not on Sarutobi side.

I mean massacring a full clan is fundamentally destroys the entire reason folks came together to make the village in the first place, so.
like acknowledge that ? Pretty Please?

ah well.
2/13 c32 Bucio
Ouch, although there was no significant action, it is figuratively the calm before the storm, which is what you see throughout the entire chapter, to the point of being able to summarize the situation and not the usual "big" wall of text in my Reviews

With the tension and danger building to a crescendo, which I assume will peak in the next chapter, seeing how that situation has affected everyone involved in trying to prevent it (Yoruichi, Itachi, Shisui, Jiraiya), but here, the one who has the worst burden is Visaelya (for having to investigate her family and realizing that the suspicions are true, hence the physical and emotional exhaustion that she has shown), for the role of her family (later it would be some consolation knowing that the Drakken and Starmont Clans were manipulated, one of Aizen's many crimes)

Well, as I read things, war is inevitable, and regardless of the results, her family may resent her role as a double agent (that is, assuming there is anything left of her family - besides her and Saenenya - or the Starmonts, it sounds cruel, but given the type of society it is, it would not be strange to see Central 46 order the extermination of all traitors - everything related to both clans -, and the only thing what saves Visaelya's life, is her role as an agent of Squad 2) , to the point of her ending up being an outcast (I hope that none of that happens, or fear, going to extremes, that Visaelya will not survive this conflict - which would be something cruel for her and Shisui -, since her fate after the revolt, it would be something that will weigh heavily on the conscience of everyone - the group of our protagonists - due to her losses)

I suppose, more than anything as humor, that what led Visaelya to read Jiraiya's works was to distract herself from the stress of the situation she found herself in, by imagining her with Shisui, in the "interesting parts" of the books, XD

Also seeing Itachi, taking action to prevent what is coming and help Visaelya, recruit Neji, to use the Byakugan to help search for the Nalatarin, with Itachi telling him the truth (as well as introducing him to Gin and Rangiku - btw, hoping that the Chibis and perhaps others are safe in the safe house) and the reason for Itachi role in the massacre of his clan, which makes Neji finally understand things, apart from the fact that it is important for him to know, because given the similarities with the current situation in Soul Society, Neji would understand what they are asking of him (that and it is important that Afterlife Konoha is prepared to protect itself if any of the rebels' actions put them in danger; and not only them, Byakuya's father he is preemptively preparing his troops to defend himself)

Apart from another important factor is Itachi's talk with Mikoto, regarding what is coming and the possibility of finding Fugaku, with them wishing that the last patriarch of the Uchihas is not involved with the coming conflict (of which there are 50/50 chances, but possibly leaning towards an unfavorable one); and laugh a little when imagining Mikoto, let's say also adopting and taking care of Rangiku, as she already does with Soi-Fon, that and seeing Chibi Rangiku trying to get on good terms with Mikoto, upon learning that she is Itachi's mother

Only left to see the beginning of one of the first conflicts, before reaching the beginning of the Shinigami anime canon, and the repercussions that this will have for your version of Bleach

Good luck and keep it up

By the way, about the version of the Drakken, let's say the Hyuuga second branch, was there any inspiration to create the Blind Dragons? outside of having a credible counter for the Uchiha (Itachi and Shisui), speaking of our protagonist and his friend, would their Bankai let them use Susanoo? I mention Shisui and the possibility of him having this technique, because he uses it in a special anime of one of the video games : that and more than one is going to make comparisons between Susanoo and the 1st phase of Komamura's Bankai
2/13 c32 ocomolinaehain
Enjoyed the chapter!
Typo here btw: Part of you is somewhere is, and that somewhere else
2/13 c32 100Bloody Simpson Chibi
Wasn't expecting you to upload so soon! Things certainly are heating up, especially with Neji joining the fray. I also enjoyed the beginning of the chapter with Manda and I wonder if Aizen will make an appearance soon, given the chessmaster that he is.

In any case, I can't wait for the next chapter! Keep up the good work!
2/13 c32 1tf330129
Keep it up :)
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