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for Eyes of the Soul

2/13 c32 8Jebest4781
Fun entry with how this was done. Keep up the good work as usual.
2/13 c32 8Clearwing Yuta
finally! great chapter! glad to see Neji being brought into the fold!
2/13 c32 Kamizuma24
yeahh i gonna skip this story it already 30 plus chapter it still prolonged of the anime
2/13 c32 12mastercheif1229
Pretty good chapter! Looking forward to the next one!
1/22 c31 Sage of Wind Dragons
You made a very interesting mystery for them to solve, its fun, I appreciate you allowing Aizen to put in the effort but also them putting in the work to STUDY and do the job very well.

Going down the proper list, shows they are competent AND Aizen did good work. That is hard, so well done.

Kisuke and his relationship with the maggots nest and wanting reform is so very interesting a concept. course maby its more Maryui was just so dang usefull insteaad.

You know for politics the fact that no one died should calm things, but them being the law is the law is the law is fun depressing concept.
Cant accept challenges to authority.

Also like should be pretty obvious what she is doing so that is fun.

You know for all the talk of the council 46 being proxies not a lot of focus is put on Shihouen clan member vassals, so it feels odd the its so corrupt and part of it is corrupt to my families interest.

I sorta want Kisuke X Kukakku as a relationship now. Huh.

You know for spies games I do got to ask, have Jirayia and Itachi figured out henge again? Cause that is such a huge advantage for spy nonsense.

Frankly while it’s a huge information weapon its not really direct I could kill Yamamoto weapon so everyone being jumpy that a single advantage….. hmmm.

Like all this fuss over a single person getting almost murked is odd usually actual murder gets brought up or….. hmm. Low threshold for war stuff.

Course they have been isolated political players for a long time here. No outside nations to temper themselves with, and considering Old Man Genocide…..

Huh your doing Maddara then, how fun.

anyway! thaank CHRISt im finally caught up!

this story has been LOADS of fun and Im very thankfull for you for writing it, its a great concept.
1/21 c30 Sage of Wind Dragons
lovely stuff, your dynamic with a young Aizen clearly still growing and still planning is a lovely dynamic really that I do Enjoy.

our mystery man be it Nagato or Maddara would be fun.

fun set up though.
1/21 c28 Sage of Wind Dragons
lovely fight and ending, Im liking the resolve.

i like the final one merited Bankai and extra so threat on scale works? and it makes me really curious about where going to take em as single threat folks.

anyway hey the im formally committed now is great!
1/21 c27 Sage of Wind Dragons
Kisuke actually enjoying being Candy man Is adorable. But yeah! Long lives, learn more hobbies!

Also Jirayia getting laid was great.

Anyway I have thoroughly ENJOYED the friendships you have allowed to be created? Its a lot of fun. Kisuke and Itachi true respect is great to see.

Byakuya being a little apprentice is adorable.

Poor little Sheltered Man though ha.

Good talk about something s simple as weather, I like that you allowed Itachi to tell something about just a normal part of his life in all the weathers he traveled to.
But using that to get into the specifics of the Head Captain is fun.
Nagato and Yamamoto being big on branding is funny.
All the talk of reform stuff! Good going.

Do appreciate the Soi Fong having a life thing. Hope it goes somewhere, who would be a good romantic partner or other friends? I don’t know hmmm.

Itachi and Yourichi just being COMFERTBLE is good.

And horni pretty people!

Dawww how nice.

Course all this couple stuff makes me hope Kisuke, Soi Fong and others get up to nonsense.

Itachi wanting to be an archeologist is funny and interesting even if he is let my past die type of guy so all that.

Grandmother being Aizen is right if dramatic bastard is fun.

Yeah the stranglehold of bottle necks are always messy.
1/21 c26 Sage of Wind Dragons
Hmm im loving the meetings and vulnerabilities between people but im despising using a Boruto plot line like so.

Like first of all bijju have apparently died before and their whole THING is that they regenerate and get born again immortal wise so killing one feels silly.

Still! The precedence of OH FUCK is a nice feeling. Bijju scale Kaiju are fun!

You have been using the sheer SCALE and NUMBERS of hollows as the unending HORDE very well as threats and villains so good job on that.

Nnitora use was good as well as Kurama training and experience with Itachi and Jirayia.

im continuaally happy that you allow Jirayia to use both shinobi and soul society techniques, id Hope his shikai had its own more special attacks? but alas.

still been alot of good fun there.

good life!

Surprise Kaiju Fox to the rescue should be fun.

I do like the rise and Fall of Sword Bug Boy as well.
1/21 c25 Sage of Wind Dragons
fun dynamics. Getting a little kohaki in Byakuya is interesting.

Wives with bad health seems to be a kuchki theme then. Yeah in canon the fact that Byakuya HAS no heirs and is not WILLING to get heirs is a huge problem for such a power sources and clan dynamics.

Byakuya is a lot more stiff then Sasuke and also older so the dynamics should be great.
I sense Itachi is going to be a lot more direct as a teacher.

As for Neji! Ha.
Would have gone with dyed eyes or something but oh well.

Hey! Fun dynamic. Yeah the Naruto world already having power is PRIME handling these things ourselves type of thing.

I despise that were never given more details on soul destruction/how new souls are made and why this matters.

Ah well.

Yeah! Poor Dediera getting Screwed out of an after life, I like that you allowed one of them to be a problem though. It very much makes sense and they have the skills and experience with former powers to make themselves a TERROR which is great.

Hope we get some more from them. The fact that they were put in such a bad situation as well as all the others… poor guys.

It’s a nice consequence that keeps causing ripples.

Not sure if Dedira counts for hell because then Itachi really should be there, his crimes mr baby murder being FAR worse after all. Reasons or otherwise.
But Im loving the trash talk.
Good fun.
All this DRIVE and ETHOS and like PASSION, it the good stuff.

I do like the knowledge of Dedieras Hollow life and hanging out with other hollows there, him pissing off Tier is fun, but staying far away from Barrigan and Stark is good.

He has the power/drive and skill to get onto their heights? But not nearly the patience or stability really alas.

IM a bit disappointed that not doing more evolved things with Dedieras clays like the clay dragons, people seem to forget more of his abilities s times go on alas.

But yeah no getting formal institution to help train you back up alas.

I find I really hate that Dedieraa vague crimes are go to hell worthy when itachis REALLY should be feels like nonsense.

Soul king likes pretty boys I guess.

But hey! Fun dynamics.

How soul crushing the afterlife is and how worse crimes of death is cant be understated though.
Like the idea that the living world is better and kinder then the dead is SO fucking soul crushing.

good soul meeting talks for everyone is fun. nice and satisfying.
1/20 c3 18Infinity819
Another great chapter. This is already miles above most bleach and Naruto crossovers; can't wait to see how big the AU gets and the academy stuff we never really saw in canon.

I'm really loving Itachi and Jiraya as a duo. Now I'm sad we never got anything like that in canon(

If I had one complaint that'd be that Itachi is acting like... a normal human being? Certainly too normal for all he experienced in his life.
1/13 c24 Sage of Wind Dragons
good set up, and gradually beginning a Dialogue is great.

Course you have set up the Ataktsuki members as villains now with the soul fractures , so that should be fun.

Hidan if he makes a cult would be interesting.

anyway! always LOVE your jirayia chapters, so fun.
12/26/2023 c22 Sage of Wind Dragons
I mean I dislike the idea and concept of Itachi being judgy about people he murdered when he murdered children with them down to the babe, so.
12/26/2023 c31 6Crossovernaru
Thanks again for another great chapter.

While not much action, things are really heating up in the political arena. Especially now that the Soul Society is getting involved. No doubt things are gonna get intense if a certain Rinnegan user is afraid of what's to come. I hope he and Saenenya make it out OK.

While the political moments of this chapter were intense, I'm happy that you were also able to include some light-hearted moments involving various characters. Plus I love that we were able to see more of Rangiku and Gin's development.

I look forward to seeing how things develop going forward.
12/25/2023 c31 andresskorskiruiz
Excelent chapter as always! Thank you for the update!
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