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12/14/2023 c31 Anthony
I am hoping to some new crossovers from you like Gundam wing crossovers with Star Wars or Starcraft 2. I hope that you like my ideas.
12/13/2023 c21 Sage of Wind Dragons
Jirayia and Lisa friendship! Nice. I really enjoy it? Taskmaster but can relax is a fun concept, and as characters they really jell.
God I love that you actually allowed another character to learn something from this? Normally in crossovers its usually the pebbles in the ponds that always get any side change power ups? Which normally if folks leave station to canon has the feeling of someone playing a old video game level only 20 lv’s higher then when they beat it the first time.

But HERE allowing multiple other folks to learn… its good.

Fuck your handling interpersonal relationships well, Isane getting a little crush on jirayia who is showing how hes mellowed out and the innocent vibe…. But I can be more lewd to match! Or ha.
Like she is PERFEECTLY willing for you to Ravish her to gain the experience! Muhahaha.
Do dislike the anime trope of everyone single and celibate for all time but hmmm….
And little confidence booster… Nice.

The fact that jirayia was mostly moving around for most of his life , visiting all sorts of locals, but now is mostly stationary, with brief visits, do a mission, then move on is a life style change.

Also being buddies with your Soul Spirit thing! It’s a fun concept because Jirayia was a full forged person before his Zanpakto was presumed formed so to speak, already trials and fire forged life and all, so the visits of testing self after are more interesting.

Also yes warrior women! Want, me gimme. Go Toad man.

Hey! Fun times, end of eras…. The fact that you tied Jirayia a Man who fought his wars and his death was so dang brutal IN battle, man forced his heart to start again and then the message, so metal.. he DOES fit that vibe in his own way respectfully that Itachi with his bit doesn’t quite?
Good fun. Big Tall Man going for Viking/Norse/Germanian fun.

Im liking the bonding you do, your allowing it to be pleasant. That threat assessment was also nice.

The old King wanting one last battle is what I suspect so should be fun.
Also a failing king after he has learned Medic stuff…. Ha. I see potential plot threads.

Still its good to see after a while establishing themselves you using the natural enemies in setting in hollows, nd having the courage to ALLOW the hollows toa ctually get up to trouble in their own right. Prt of the problem of course is that all of our strong hollow in setting are the Epada who are set up under Aizen, and not a lot of ambition there to act up on your own.

Barrign s God King of Huco Mundo is set up to be a proper threat with his own hollow horde armies, but man has more then a bit of sit on his Throne and sulk considering the passing of time, also the fact that he’s to big of a threat to really allow considering his power is lethal or not, meaning you cant fight it only evade.
Only the Best Magicians or Yamamoto himself can handle him meaning for most villains allowing a fight scene only the horde…..

So you taking the initiative to allow yes other hollows are strong, and have ambitions of their own is nice.

Jirayia allowed to be attractive to others or at least humor in the sure touch my body is amusing, its a lot of fun.

Huh grfting Brid parts, very chimera of them.

Anywho nice battle, a good siege attempt on everything, good scale and all.

It is interesting that Jiryia sword seems more suited for him to use is former abilities? He had enough and various types that he has more then enough for flair and interesting dynamics, although I do like you throwing in a few kaido here and there for interesting combos.
Still a bit sad nothing seemingly… NEW abilities with his Sword so far. Just giving him access to his old power system. Could have liked the turn folks to Stone aspect being Weaponized.

Still good epic stand, fighting side by side of the Dragon and the War Ladies.
12/13/2023 c20 Sage of Wind Dragons
Good fun. But yeah Itachi and how much do I want to be in charge is curious, as a Akatasuki he was all set to do his own thing in regards to his missions even if implied sandbagging, but being actually in charge and COMMANDING is its own new thing.

I got to imagine that Soul Society true ideal would be all captains and lieutenants having Bankai? So that way folks have actual options and strength, but Soul Society for a long time is on the verge of not being able to fill out every Captain Spot which is fun.

I do like the choice of allowing them to get full school experience? Taking your time and all, enjoying yourself.

Hey! More fun weapons, that is one of the great fun of shinigami personalization weapon.

Parties! Good events.
Something I will say is the curious nature for Itachi cause he was noble Warrior born in his old life, but not this one, but he KNOWS the rhythms of Noble life as it exists already? Makes it an interesting dynamic.
The New Born versus old live dynamic is also interesting, the nobility long life versus folks who have LIVED and DIED already, age wise dog to humans is a fun concept on dynamics because now as souls both at the same aging.

Something about Soul Reaper combat is so focus on the blade which Shinobi are a bit of grab everything. Like to see Itachi use more knife nonsense, but Sword and hands are fun.
12/11/2023 c19 Sage of Wind Dragons
Yes! Finally innovation from outsiders! Love it for Lisa. Also her willing to go with the party. Good Fun.

Jirayi seeking that booty but respectful comrade is fun.

Im so surprised but gratified at you having a Itachi Jirayia friendship, that frank talk but a bit of hindsight 20/20 was fun. And ambition! Good for em. I LIKE IT.

Seriously new goals for a new life.
Adorb kids are adorb in the dating, id have gotten into a bit more detail on the how to differentiate the two fast movement things, Flash step seems a Step and stop thing while shunsuin is a bit more constant…. Bit of distance jump versus speed running? I dunno.

How aware are the Nobles on Ukitake whole thing? The Captain with part of the Soul King in him Is a man to step lightly around.

Itachi and Shunsui are what id Call Racist against Uchihas if that makes sense?
And hey! More inner worlds! Good fun.
Draggo Waifu! Actual these are the weapons framework and limitations! Good Fun. Learning the Darth Maul way.
What is you motivation is a fun concept.

Itachi and Kisuke bonding is fun. And hey! Give them side weapons in knives! Really good fun for such a guy considering some of his abilities and skills.

Something I do have to compliment you on is the previous skill and duties of squad 12? It was a bit absurd that no research and development but them having library and archive work makes a lot of sense. Them having innovation because of kiskue drive is also a lot of fun because it really captures the ambition and drive of a character to change things.
It’s a good Set up previously but where Kisuke takes it thing.
Also something worthy of praise is you making more interesting locales in Soul Society with new locations and settings, Canon is so blank in regards to civilization, we only have vague idea of the North, South, East, and West, and the idea that the Zaraki parts are hellish, while closer to Soul Society are more mundane.
The Unohana your to young to know the secrets I fun, only folks with the proper age KNOW, so it’s a bit of if you know then you know type thing. Ukitake being most friendly boy is fun.

Ishhin fun! Nice spar and fun times, I enjoy a old lover/flame but seems to be just a buddy.

Yeah im still a the coup is very suspect, and that the bias against them was really bad, not only because the sheer scope of it was absurd (where in the FUCK do you think new sharengan users will come from?)
But all the details are petty and very suspect considering the Danzo/Orochimaru situation.

I mut compliment you in making each of these Zombie fights different, giving a group that needs to be rescued was inspired.
Another thing to compliment you on is allowing more officers to use shikai and actually be relevant? Story wise bleach after a certain point only allowed the top 2 officers of each division to be relevant, barring Ikkakku, Yumchika, and Hanataro, and I get that from the character conversion point of view, but still.

Hey1 a Siege and vengnce, and yeah fuck the old government putting their messes on our lands thing.
Nice showcase on Itachi if given time to build up what a danger he can be, unlike say Byakuya he does not have a set Limit of pieces? Although it might take him a while to build up the Numbers for it, and it seems once a flame crow is used up its done.

The wanting Ninja recruits cause pre training skills and experiences is fun, and I really did like that line of you go to War with the Army you have.
Bottlenecking and Shaman Battle meditation is fun.
Haa realization of power is I want to be Waifu! Adorbs.
12/9/2023 c18 Sage of Wind Dragons
Kyoraku, Lisa and Jirayia really do have a good vie with each other that I like a lot.

I like the fact that jirayia has to innovate a lot more? He was n old and accomplished fighter with a lot behind him after Master and all that. Course how much something like henge or the substitution would play…..

Fun setting and power, you’ve added a lot to the rather blank soul society.

Im liking the mystery of Sage chakra. Also the fact of Master it HIMSELF type thing.

Anyway onto fight, the fact that our Toad boy is COMBING skills really is satisfying.

The reveal of surprise thret something NEW is gret.

The bit on limiting power considering his not fully mastered Sge mode is fun concept, the want of AMBITION is good, cause its not a huge character flaw so not easily shown or faced s directly as Itachi’ guilt and all.

Do like the combine of his last life, but it doesn’t seem to be as visually stunning as the fire birds, hope for a few more direct combat applications.
The blunt nature of the club is worrying as well, no slice and dice. I mean spikes, but not same feel I guess. Early day I suppose, we shall see.

I like the have ambition but respect for new life and thirst for new ADVENTURES. Its fun.
12/9/2023 c17 Sage of Wind Dragons
I really enjoy this new ability of Itachi, its dynamic as well as clear rooms for growth and minute skill use.

Do enjoy that I got to get me new shinobi bits.

You made them both competent, which I like and I enjoy the gradually both are strengthening thing. Her and SHunko.
One good thing is with Itachi and genjutsu actually think up ways to counter Aizen shikai? Like fucking fuck NO ONE in canon seemed to even TRY and come up with NY WYS, Shunsui keeping track of shadows or ANYTHING.

I do like that while they guy is a pain the man is competent enough to have his job if that makes sense for the Lieutenant? To often folks pull a incompetent thing on them.
I like the Wraiths in giving an established enemy to deal with, its fun.

The addicting GROWTH from a established fighters perspective is fun for Itachi, you used to being S class bad ass means got standards for self but fun concept.

I actually love that you made Itachi and Jirayia the ones to hang out, im loving them both as friends.
I enjoy Jirayia redeveloping some of his techniques, the Hair thing is always fun, and its certainly a SURRPISE against anyone normal. Do wonder on getting side weapons used? And also funjutsu! So mysterious! Can it be redone? Mad did a lot of fun things with it.
Also him and Kukaku could be good buddies, I love it.

Thinking bout it on shinobi to show up that be interesting…. Nagato Rinnegan questions is a big don’t engage thing I suppose but someone that be fun is Konan, give Jirayia more friend/connections to handle with.
Some of the more normal Akatsuki or others would also be fun.

Adorable in regards to the Isane thing there, nice going.

I like the yes im into the guy lets see where it goes, its fun.
12/8/2023 c31 6GlaringEyes
Gin and Rangiku's training starts at earnest. Seeing how invested Jiraiya is on their wellbeing, I'm curious about how much he'll affect Gin's personality when the boy becomes Aizen's henchman. Will Bleach's main plotline (centuries ahead) still play on as canon with Jiraiya being such a positive influence on Gin? And the part about Itachi possibly finding another Akatsuki member in Soul Society, like Kisame or maybe Sasori (he could be hiding in the deserts of the Shihoin Principality since he came from a desertic land too), sounds really interesting. Kisame probably wouldn't have Samehada with him (as physical weapons can't be carried onto the afterlife), but his brute strength would make him very welcome in the 11th Squad. Sasori's puppet crafting skills would certainly interest Urahara, especially when the latter starts working on his Gigai bodies.

So the war's first blood had been shed. It started small but it'll soon spread, like a lit match that starts a wildfire. I can't help but agree with Shisui's thoughts; trying to avert the inevitable is sometimes more agonizing for those involved than the inevitable itself. They know war is at their doorstep, they do everything in their power hoping to stop it, but in the end they realize it can't be avoided (even so they can't help but try). It reminded me of LOTR Pippin's quote, 'I don't want to be in a battle, but waiting on the edge of one you can't escape is even worse'. I really like how you describe all the build-up of tension, the characters' anxiety with all that's happening and their hopelessness with the greater scenario.

Visaelya will be in a more precarious position infiltrating the 10th Squad than she and the others are predicting. Not only she'll have to go through the hardships of a double life (something she, despite all the growth she'd had so far, will still struggle with), but also contend with the Uchihas in the Drakken estate. And I don't mean only Yashiro, Tekka and Inabi, but Madara himself (yeah, now I'm sure it's him, since you revealed some of his background in this chapter). Visaelya can fool her uncle and relatives, but definitely not Madara. Just a look at her and Madara will probably figure out what she's up to and her disguise is out.

Speaking of Madara, him and Aizen meet once more and this time get very close to exchanging blows. It must be really frustrating to Madara to see all his (after)life work getting undone while he's ignored by Rhaegon in favor of Aizen. And poor Saenenya is put in a terrible position too; her family is slowly walking towards a catastrophic end and there's nothing she can do to stop it. Even worse, she'll be one of the most affected when she's completely innocent in this. I really hope she and Visaelya survive this so they can rebuild their clan after the war is over. Hope you update it soon!
12/8/2023 c16 Sage of Wind Dragons
Little hero parables… such things in long histories would show up over time so fun concept.

Bit concerned and wondering what Jirayia is getting up too now.

I enjoyed the story but It got way long there for set up for our five litch king guys, which is the important exposition.
Fun story and another mess is good of the old histories.

Old man yama is good fun. Nonsense government!

Nd good talk. I enjoy the just BONDING going on if that makes sense? And Toad man! My favorite.

(one night stand with Mikoto)

the meeting was good and the noble ambitions are fun.
12/8/2023 c15 Sage of Wind Dragons
Jirayia was a head Leaf guy I assume he and Mikoto knew each other from long ago so that is fun.

Flirty! And ohoh mysterious natures!

Other folks having lives is good fun.

You have really put to good use the backstory of the ancient kingdoms and old ruins going on in this story.

Fun concept of the wrights. Adding undead monsters to the mix is fun.

Fire Bird Hoard is fun concept, its more creative then just giving him Amaterasu again so good job.

lots of good fights and old messes getting brought back up really works well.
12/8/2023 c14 Sage of Wind Dragons
12/8/2023 c13 Sage of Wind Dragons
Yeah considering Danzo and Orochimaru were kidnapping and experimenting on people and most likely Danzo was murdering Uchiha…..

Yeah fuck you Itachi coup totally deserved.
Like that is a fundamental premise breaker, he was THE HEIR just kill some fighters keep the women and children honestly. Super fucking stupid.

But still yeah Im super better at your jobs then you guys are is fun.
12/8/2023 c12 Sage of Wind Dragons
Nice fight there. Yeah regrowing your strength in the new system and readjusting them is fun! I like how much of difficulty it really is for them.

I do really enjoy you allowing Toad man to tease and be teased in turn. The it’s a nice refreshing surprise is good.

I really despise Itachi Ill hunt down the relatives I slaughtered that might just want to live in peace.

But psh. How adorable on the fluster the kid.
12/8/2023 c11 Sage of Wind Dragons
Both of them being masters of their craft is a lot of fun, I do enjoy the differences as well and the we can both assess them.

Them having FUN is curious.
Yay! Someone humoring our Toad boy is always fun. He is a cool customer so it be curious.

Them doing threat assessment is also fun Itachi diplomacy needs to be a bit better though.

Love Kyoraku moving in on it, and jirayia moving something NEW into my life… course one Healer woman who ruled his heart for decades is a thing.

I like it dynamic wise. A important and power position. The talk of all one eggs in one basket is a mess.

And Hyiori makes herself the fil socialization the most how fun.

Considering jiryia died in battle him and 11th squad is interesting talking points. Man only wanted a good death for his dream at that point.

I really love that you made Itachi and Jiryia buddies? Its fun.

Them being immediate wary of Aizen was great fun I love it, Aizen getting marked early is fun.

Its interesting considering Renji, started in 5th, went to 11th then trained up to 6th division I imagine there are a lot of cross squad jumpings? But that its something not handle badly and all.

Itachi crushing you’ve handled well.

The threat assessment really was fun but the take long approach and gather resources as well as build up.. and hey! Poer intrigues! What fun.
Ywatch being given proper threat assessment is fun.
12/8/2023 c10 Sage of Wind Dragons
Fun history bit. It does make Yamamoto less… valid if that makes sense? Like demolishing the kingship because of the inconvenience to the Soul King is a bit annoying considering he just sits there and does nothing else with his existence, but I guess it works under the used to be better organization and governance but not this is what is left type of thing and the Mad Monk IS super duper not a nice guy after all.

But Old Man Genocide gonna Old Man Genocide.

Psh school crushes, dawww.

I do like the perspective on New Soul versus someone second life thing, its fun. She is an actual kid while they already have decades of existing things going on.

Itachi judging people he delt a pogrom on is really fucking prejudicial. Id be more worried about a Orochimru and Danzo types for nonsense.

Jirayia! Experimenting! Good fun. Love it.

The aspect and perspective is fun, id say like back story wise making Kaguya a Ex Wife of the Soul king would be fun, Hogoromo handling most of the stuff himself be fun if not for all the nonsense going on there.

But its been… MOSTLY handled. Although how the fuck would Zetsu souls dying be handled with hollows is a question.

I do wonder jirayia sealing rebirth measurements? That could be a lot of fun.
Course the do you want to be a NINJA NINJA again is its own question.
Itachi and Yourichi doing intimacy has been very nice. Good time period for it.

The use of the old kingdom setting wise has been well done, it gives you a good framework to maneuver in.

Squad 12 is not the science division yet though, Kisuke has not revolutionized things yet.

still! lot of fun.
12/8/2023 c9 Sage of Wind Dragons
I do like the lease on new life thing going on with both of them.

Aww poor dear, third place but your stuck in SUCH a atypical class with folks… give it your all!

Jiryia Mr. Teacher help other folks out!

Daww cute kid. Itachi giving ome back story is fun.
And jirayia really is more of sparring buddy really.

I like the building of land space with the Soul Society, it adds some fun to it.

That bit on perhaps im being to harsh cause shinobi man versus Man instead of man vs hollow is a good difference demographic between the races.

The Soi Fon gradual gaining in skill and refinement is a nice change for most power systems, get into the empowerment and breath of skills with it that are more then just bigger blast is better.

Course this is Blech that focuses lot more on power levels.
Im curious about Itachi re-designing some of his old skills into his new ones, or at least as inspiration.
But neither of them are quite at that point which I like, have not mastered enough to really get experimental anymore.
Also Jiryia actually getting some one night stands / buddies thing.

Ha. Shunsui! Good boy. Little noble girl getting a crush is fun.
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