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7/16/2018 c3 13chidoriprime
Smooth writing. Good job!
7/16/2018 c2 Guest
Awesome job so far, keep it up!
7/15/2018 c2 3vuep
This story is really interesting. I love your writing. It's fantastic and it flows so well. Everything is easy to understand. I love it!
7/15/2018 c2 6Crossovernaru
This story has a lot of potential. I find that ItachixYoruichi is a nice choice for pairing. I can’t wait to read more about it. Please update soon.
7/15/2018 c2 Pippin
Wonderful chapter. I'm really getting to like this story, dattebayō!
7/15/2018 c2 2AugustRrush
This is a really cool story so far and I look forward to reading more.
7/15/2018 c2 Born-From-Black-Lightning
Well after reading the 1st chapter I was hooked but after this chapter? Instant fav.

This is a really high quality story and I might just read some of your other stories as well. Provided like I like the series they are from of corse.
7/15/2018 c2 darkxlunatiic
And after finishing this chapter im very eager to see where this leads I will be awaiting your next chapter and you good sir or madam have earned yourself a follower
7/15/2018 c1 darkxlunatiic
soo I am a first time reader to your stories and I must say so far I am impressed, first I wouldn't be worried about the cannon purist if your reading fanfiction you should want defanent differences between the two and I'm glade in one way that you will keep his eyes mostly because it gives the chance at an original sword instead of just making it do as the sharingan do.
7/15/2018 c2 ronlol2
Wow reaĺly intriguing story
7/15/2018 c2 ShisuiOfDaBodyFlick
hope you update soon!
7/15/2018 c2 1tf330129
Keep it up :)
7/15/2018 c2 Bucio
Well, this is a surprise, a new story of yours, but now being a different crossover (Naruto x Bleach), for your standards (or maybe not so much) was a short chapter, but that lays the foundation for what follows.

First of all, it's good that you mention in advance that there will be changes in basic principles of both series, such as the type of energy that both Ninjas and Shinigami handle (although the question is: it will be easier or more difficult for Ninjas to use Reiatsu? - and how different the techniques of Itachi's Mangekyou Sharingan will be because of this)

On the structure of Soul Society being different, it is also logical, more if you add the fact that apparently, there are people of more than one dimension or world that can reach the Sereitei (at the moment only Jraiya and Itachi appear, but there will be more? ) and that is not to mention, that if the Shinigami summoned by Minato is from the world of Bleach or a native being from the world of the Ninjas.

It was also good to see that although Itachi can not use techniques that require chakra, he is not helpless (at least he is not an overpowered Itachi) and apparently having been a Ninja makes him a possible candidate to be Shinigami, because of the apparent potential of his Reiatsu. For a moment I thought that, to whom Itachi was going to take the package, it was Jiraiya, although in any case that job led to the meeting between the two Shinobis.

I can be wrong, but that Jiraiya did not die after the battle between Sasuke and Itachi, and not before ?, because it was just after Naruto finds out and overcomes the death of Ero-senin, that he begins the training with the frogs and the Sage Mode (although I suppose that this is also included with the change in canon of the series you mention for the events of your story)

I guess after clarifying what happened with Jiraiya, about the last meeting between Naruto and Itachi (for some reason, I imagine Ero-senin laughing, when Itachi mentions about Naruto and the raven), and when Jiraiya learned that Itachi would put his hopes in Naruto, that things will relax between the two and that will be Jiraiya who will serve as a partner to the ex-Akatsuki in the new world in which they find themselves (for lack of a better term to describe their situation)

Something that also intrigues me is the passage of time in the Sereitei, will it be linear or not? (Which would also explain why Jiraiya came before Itachi - or maybe just after), plus this is before Bleach, which makes me wonder what role the two shinobis will play in Bleach's story (Jiraiya and Isshin being friends, it seems almost a possibility, and I have curiosity if the two Shinobis will be Vizards too)

Je. I was just writing the review of the first chapter, when I saw that you uploaded the second chapter.

While they still do not have that talk, Itachi and Jiraiya were just going to reach a semi-agreement, when they were attacked by a Hollow, and it's in that fight where we see the limited abilities of the two Shinobis, although Itachi maintains his speed, while Jiraiya an immense force.

And just when they had just eliminated that Holllow, and to be cornered by another larger group, came to the rescue the main girls in this story: Yoruichi and Unohana (which resolves my doubt, because the description you gave, for a moment I thought it was Isane, and that this was going to be a love triangle between Isane, Itachi and Yoruichi)

Then it would be Itachi x Yoruichi (poor Kisuke, though now Itachi will be the target of Soi-fon's anger and jealousy) and Jiraiya x Unohana (with Jiraiya apparently having an unconscious taste for super-strong and dangerous women) the leading couples.

The exam will be interesting, especially to see who else are there, it would be fun to see if there Itachi gets to have fangirls (like Rukia having a crush on him) without him giving them importance, just being nice, what only would make Itachi call more attention, to the envy of the other Shinigami (and Yoruichi, it would be fun to see her somewhat jealous - for the frustration of Soi-Fon - of the girls who would go after Itachi), Rangiku and Jiraiya being friends (with Jiraiya being able to recognize the grief she conceals, having certain similarities between her and Tsunade) and with the Sannin being constantly disciplined by Unohana for her lack of manners (With Unohana releasing a bit of kill intent and malice, upon seeing Jiraiya, doing his own thing or flirting with other girls, and with poor Isane being the one to suffer the effects of Unohana's reiatsu in those situations).

Something that will be interesting to see, is how the Zanpakutos of Itachi and Jiraiya would be and what abilities they would have, besides seeing, when it is the beginning of the Bleach story, after some time skips, which was of the two Shinobis, if they followed as Shinigami or escaped as Kisuke and the others (which is a possibility, since both are in debt to Yoruichi and Unohana, hence it would be logical for Itachi to follow Yoruichi - which would make Soi-Fon hate him even more- ; and Jiraiya will stay at Soul Society - for Unohana - , but with both being in contact, suspecting Aizen and his actions)

The premise of this story is good, I hope to see what else happens in the following chapters with the two Shinobis in a new adventure.

Good luck and keep it up
7/15/2018 c2 13chidoriprime
Ah, Jiraiya. Never stop being a punching bag for the female half of Humanity.
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