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8/2 c28 14Freddie Rindklip
A long tale. Too wordy for me, but then my loss.
5/23 c34 jaqmaq77
Oops... I know I said it wasn't complete back in chap 7... (I read this chapter first, and it just doesn't look complete...) okay, back I go n read it properly... think I'll go back to chapter one... then I'll review the later chapters... give the story a fair chance to hook me...
5/23 c6 jaqmaq77
Ye gods and little fishes... I have watched treacle run down a desk quicker than this story... it's a Dolly Parton story... it's got interesting bits, but so ponderous, it's like watching an elephant climbing a tree... I will try a bit more because this apparently demon or god possessed Bella is an interesting idea... I know it will probably never get finished in my lifetime, (I'm 70...) but you never know... one a few years ago had an 8 year gap...
5/8 c34 mumphie
A very interesting story! I do hope Harry works through his confusion, experiments a tad, and leans toward having a relationship with someone who can actually bare him little Potters to carry on the family name and magic. The lad is only 13. He has plenty of time to learn and grow!
5/6 c8 mumphie
I hope Harry was able to catch a ride with one of the Hippogriffs. I know this isn't a Harry-centric story, but I always want him to have SOME fun.
4/10 c2 Guest
Fucking hell this is the greatest Bella Au I’ve ever read. I love her attitude
1/30 c34 IamZort
This story was amazing!
The plot is intricate, yet decently paced, it‘s deliciously original, but you made the effort to include some parallels to canon, like including a Trelawney Prophecy at the end, and all the characters are so well thought out and have actual depth. And the worldbuilding is amazing, too.
I‘ve read many professionally published books that imo wouldn‘t hold up to your quality, so thanks a lot for writing and sharing.
I guess some people would find the constant tangents the characters go off on annoying, but I‘ve always been partial to such things, which is probably why I‘ve enjoyed this story more than its current popularity suggests.
1/9 c10 marvinkitfox1
It is so refreshing to read about a Bellatrix that is not insane...

erm, let me rephrase that.

It is so refreshing to read about a non-psychopathic Bellatrix...

ugh. still wrong.

a non evil Bellatrix?
erm... avatar of Eris. NEver mind, very definition of evil.
a..., a... , a *more sociable*, but still very insane, evil Bellatrix. Yes, that fits the bill.
1/1 c16 1locutes
the story is absolutely amazing, and it's even better for not in fact being a crackfic! Please keep up the good work!
11/25/2021 c18 Aratherfluffyfatcat
Enjoying the story thanks
9/14/2021 c19 Rune Tobor

A Major failing of the Harry Potter series is we only learn what Harry sees and hears.
This limits world building and leaves us with an incomplete understanding of the story.
It does not help that Ron is LAZY and pulls Harry down to his level.
Harry does not ask questions enough, that was probably beaten out of him by Vernon.

A Hero coming from a humble start is fine, Luke is no none special at the start of Star Wars.
A hero who is abused as a child does not happen. Anakin the slave became Darth Vader!
Tom Riddle became Voldemort.

What was Rowling thinking?!


She was not thinking at all.

Great imagination ... abyssmal cogitation.
9/13/2021 c18 Rune Tobor
Rowling did quite a few unintened things.
I doubt she planned to make Albus EVIL, but she did by his inactions and deeds.

Bad at maths often means bad at planning or critical thinking.

Dumbledore set the Potters up to die. (Them or the Longbottoms)
He hid them behind a charm with a fatal flaw.
And if you need PROOF, he took the cloak of invisibility from them.

At the very least Lily could have silenced Harry, hid both of them under the Cloak, and escaped while leaving a decoy doll baby with a bomb in it.

Albus Dumbledore may not intend to be evil but his behavior says he is evil.

His road to hell is paved with greater good intentions.
9/13/2021 c17 Rune Tobor
Dumbledore deserves anything and everything Lyra and Eris do to him!

He knowingly put Harry in an abusive environment!


One of the few things Rowling got right was killing the manipulator.
9/13/2021 c15 Rune Tobor
Dumbledore is the worst of Dark Lords, he ruins your life saying it is for the greater good.

God does not meddle, mislead, or manipulate people like Albus does.

For all the deaths he did nothing to prevent while trying to redeem death eaters Dumbledore is Damned. His next great adventure will be in hell.
9/13/2021 c14 Rune Tobor

Harry however has good reason for being silly.

Brain damage from Petunia hitting him in the head with a frying pan.

Vernon abusing him, Dudley beating him.

Was Rowling abused as a child? She tortures Harry without mercy.
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