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8/6 c9 lilamatt44
Please update soon please
6/23/2022 c1 12Lady Logos
This is a really amazing story. I love the premise and the plot so far has been excellent. I also love Bucky
3/24/2022 c8 MadamKhaos
I wonder when Teddy is going to be brought into the mix. I also wonder if she has even told Bucky that she has sole custody of her Godson but had been putting it off while they hunted the straggling Death Eaters. x,x
11/5/2021 c9 Evenschnell
This is the best story I’ve read in a while ! Keep up the good work. I can’t wait to read more !
10/28/2021 c9 darkpsychoqueen
oh cant wait to see teddy go alpha on bucky because hes with holly lol
10/13/2021 c9 5Dark Neko 7000
How is shield reacting to Steve Rogers being missing?
What will happen next time
10/7/2021 c9 Guest
mha: good Enji with bad parent, bad hc/aldera, goodish l.o.v/p.l.f
Endevour Hawks and their work study students were grabbing lunch, when this bigot pro attacks them for being l.o.v sympathizers cause of a overheard out of context comment. Dabi and Compress are the one's stop the pro only recognizing the incognito group when go to grab them to get medical help.
The public are not happy cause leaked the footage included the whole convo, somehow until Dabi's "you missing anybody" vid no one realizes just who was attacked.
10/5/2021 c9 Guest
mha: good enji with bad parent, bad hc/aldera, goodish l.o.v/p.l.f
The hc trained a pair of twins to be a ace in the hole for them, they had the maximoff's basic powers, the 2 kept the extent of her mind powers a secret from the hc. The speedster dies and the other snaps and pulls the minds closest to her under her control. Enji, Toga, Keigo, Izuku and Dabi. The p.l.f pulls of a rescue before the pro's do, the pro's attempts are not so successful cause trauma bonding.
10/3/2021 c9 Guest
mha: Good l.o.v, AFO/Hizashi, good Enji with bad mom Todoroki's Izuku dragons - Takami's Phoenix
Mythic quirk heritage is not external unless prompted, the "good" have mostly forgotten this.
Enji Shouto Keigo and Izuku go missing. The plf save them from a foreign trafficker who deliberately awakened their heritage to hike the selling price. The pro's keep setting off their instincts during rescue attempts which keeps alerting Dabi since he took the 4 under his wings after they found them.
Since the pro's don't know that plus their still healing from the kidnapping they get the wrong idea.
10/3/2021 c9 Guest
OMG how did I only notice now that there's an update, thank you!
only way to describe the chapter is short but sweet. Did Steve and Peggy get their dance yet?
9/27/2021 c9 LessaOfPern
This story is so totally awesome, I really love it!
9/22/2021 c9 Guest
mha/fnaf: Good Enji with bad dad, bad hc/tomie/aldera, good villains, good-ish animatronics
Due to the rise of "heroes" the animatronics gained new goals to protect those society hurt. Izuku Enji and Keigo have done night guard duty at FB and were some of the few non-villains not frightened away, so when the 3 are nearby and injured the FB gang takes them to do first aid. But this time someone realized the "kidnapping" leading to a awkward misunderstanding cause the pro's think the rumors are true while the villains know the truth.
9/15/2021 c9 Guest
mha: good enji with bad parents, good takami thief, decent l.o.v/mla, dfo, bad tomie, bad hc
Takami thief is extremely well liked by the underground, the hc's interference and stealing is not unnoticed. Hawks debut raises the level of karma they want to give. Inko Enji and (?) were best friends from childhood and the hc has no idea the beast they poked when Hizashi found Inko crying.
Modified canon events up till war arc.
9/14/2021 c9 imokit
Brill story so far!
9/12/2021 c9 Wika0304
please update, it's interesting
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