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3/2 c26 SunPho3n1x
Great story! I really enjoyed it. You did a good job of showing Tony and Stephens troubles without making it too angsty. Thank you for writing this!
3/16/2022 c26 mysinger
Wonderful story! Thank you for this alternative ending to the Infinity Saga. I'm especially glad that you prevented the mess that was Civil War, my least favourite Avengers movie. Well done!
3/16/2022 c25 mysinger
Strange went for the head, with a lot of help from his friends. Well done!
3/16/2022 c24 mysinger
Another excellent chapter! I hope that Tony and Natasha will not need to sacrifice themselves this time.
3/16/2022 c21 mysinger
I hope that Tony's silence doesn't cause the split that he came back to prevent. Excellent story!
2/6/2022 c1 19maembe13
Wow. Dr. Strange facing the worst time of his life all over againyou captured that struggle so very well. I appreciate that he fought with Tony and was depressed all over again. It was so very human. I loved that he ended up in the tower and was able to form relational connections that he hadn't had before. Then, tapping into his passion and becoming a teacher was such a lovely circle and satisfying end.

When Loki was playing with the puzzle box, I really thought it was the tesseract disguised. So, did Dr. Strange figure it out? Wished we could have heard Loki's reaction to the time travel thing.

The way Ultron was changed was an interesting, unexpected twist. Tony's struggle with vision was so very understandable. i appreciated that you gave both your characters the opportunity to work through some of their past issues and not just save the universe. The relational growth between characters was as satisfying as the prevention of the snap.

Pretty sure you could keep writing these fix its with every imaginable pairing and they would each be just as brilliant and profound and hilarious. I would read them all! Thanks so much for this trio. I think I like all of them better than End game.
12/30/2021 c26 edf-k
What an awesome roller-coaster of a story. I really liked how you brought everything together for the team when it so easily could have fallen apart. Bravo and thank you for sharing.
11/24/2021 c26 7TheNameOfARiver
I discovered your story yesterday. It's wonderful. The journey was exhilarating. Thank you so much. I hope you'll write more on MCU.
8/18/2021 c26 hisnhers
Snort-giggle. Thor teaching Bucky how to use the dishwasher... lol!

Loki just moved right in and Clint complains. I think he's just upset he keeps getting beaten by Loki at video games.

Thor is wonderful to forgive Tony so readily. Forgiving others is easier than forgiving ourselves, I often think.

Yes! Stephen is a teacher. Good. He has too much knowledge to impart to others to keep it to himself. He also has learned how to be less like the man from before his accident and more like a human being who admits he has flaws. Perfect for teaching, imho.

I adore Peter and Tony mentor interaction moments.

Vision is making progress deciding who he is and what his genuine interests are. Sweet.

The Team at the end makes me think of The Fellowship.

I am wondering when (if) Tony told Pepper about his secret? I mean, that's HUGE to keep from someone he can trust and with whom he wants to have a life and kids.

This last chapter gave me quite a few teary-eyed moments and laughing out quite loudly moments.

The whole fic did, too. I actually don't want it to end, but too much story can become tedious to write or read, but it's like closing a really good book, heartbreaking. sigh.

I'll reread this at some point, I'm positive. Thanks so much for sharing. I truly LOVED this fic.

8/18/2021 c25 hisnhers
Wow. wow. wow. wow!

Thanks for the alternating previous and present realities. That just made the chapter even more intense. I'm. Covered. In. Goosebumps! Fantastic chapter!

yay, Loki!

8/18/2021 c24 hisnhers
Glad the team dynamics are going well.

So, they are going to Titan. Let's hope Loki doesn't do anything to make this worse.

8/18/2021 c23 hisnhers
Seriously! How could Stephan take his eyes off Loki and then catch what was thrown at him, much less actually twist it? ugh... This isn't going to be pretty is it? A trapped, BORED Loki. Nope, not going to be pretty at all.

8/18/2021 c21 hisnhers
Oh my word. My heart is aching for Thor and Tony. I see both sides of this. Goodness, my hands are shaking. This could be every but as bad, if not worse, than Civil War with these friends.

You are such a good writer, I can SEE, HEAR and FEEL these things happening.

8/18/2021 c20 hisnhers
Tony has GOT to tell Steve, at least, the truth about him and Stephen. They won't trust him if he doesn't and sooooon!

Loved the Science Fair conversation with Peter. Perfectly in character, as always.

Poor Stephen having to listen to Hugh School kids talk about their projects, though he should remember that firstly, not all kids are ignorant and secondly, not all things Medical are body parts. Robotics, etc IS necessary for Doctors to do their jobs, especially surgeons.

So, when he complains Tony needs to tell him to shut it. his
8/17/2021 c17 hisnhers
I'm enjoying the dynamics of everyone learning more about each other and their interactions with one another.

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