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1/26 c3 Forromir
Dude, stop saying that your writing sucks after every chapter, it just makes me think of some of the things I noticed that made me think it was more subpar than others. Just let me read the book.
1/23 c6 1MysticRising
I think the story has a lot of potential, but a key issue that I have trouble digesting would be the character interactions.
The interactions are on a very superficial level. The characters are either not showing who they are or are emotionally distancing themselves. This is most evident in Shirou, who is confused over where he is, but strangely enough even the Fairy Tail characters lack a certain sense of warmth and acceptance they have in canon. This impacts a lot of the story, such as how the lack of true interaction makes the scene where they miss Shirou very unbelievable.
Awesome potential, but make the interactions more meaningful so we believe the characters really do care for one another.
1/16 c11 walu jj
heyyy...love ur story!
just wanna say u do ur own thang ma man u r the author if someone dosen't like it they should just not read it.i m someone who actually likes op characters. not the "one shot ,one kill" kind but the "I know what I am doing kind".I see some people rnt happy with the story with shirou being strong, but I disagree,i can actually see many ways to make shirou op in FT universe and actually make sense, anyways, don't let people let u down.
I have said it but I'll say it again, love ur story bro!
1/2 c1 DBS GoKaNaKi
Me gusta mucho la historia porfavor síguela
11/17/2020 c5 1dandragonmc
his fighting style is not suicidal, that's only fandom
9/3/2020 c11 1Hainz Leonard Kim
Sorry about your computer and also hopefully you’ll get to start getting inspired while writing. Also
8/16/2020 c11 2KPmine1
7/28/2020 c8 Shooter312
Dude Shirou is nearly undefeatable against a sword user excwpt heroics maybe
7/8/2020 c7 MetalBatt
Whoever said that Rho Aias wouldn't hold against the cannon are definitely on some shit. I would go as far as to say that even Gae Bolg might have even been able to destroy the spider guild, or at the very least destroy the cannon, and then some! The main abilities of these Noble Phantasms are fucking ridiculously overpowered and I love em!
7/8/2020 c6 MetalBatt
Now that I'm thinking about it, if you ever reach the Edolas arc and Shirou HAPPENS to have a version of himself there as well, then it's gotta be Archer. It would be too damn perfect of an opportunity to not include him in that arc! Though, it wouldn't make much sense in terms of the circumstances that brought him to Earthland in the first place... Plus, having Archer as just a one-off character in that arc would be kinda saddening :/...
7/8/2020 c1 MetalBatt
From the way you were shitting on the story, I deadass expected this to be trash and an automatic drop. Shit's flames!
5/30/2020 c11 5Guts and Toes
i jist realized something. why shirou is nerfed here? considering the world is overflowing with mana anyway?
5/30/2020 c4 Guts and Toes
when is the update?
5/27/2020 c11 2Azure Chaser
This definitely worth a lot. Its entertaining to read. Your plot is original as well. Instead of having Shirou strung along the main cast in every battle, you just created an alternative where he would join them at a point. A diverging path so to speak.

Just ignore what anyone said that you're making Shirou too OP or OOC. This is your story, you are the rule. Don't let them get to you. The story must go on according to your creativity and will, not some judgemental randoms. Those people should really make their own story if they really insist on it. Heck most of them probably never know how hard it is to write a story, how time consuming it is. How tedious it is in re-editing them. In which you are doing good so far.

Just write the story however you like. I'll be keeping tab from here on out. That's for sure.
5/7/2020 c11 vadrulesall
I haven't seen a single scene which prove that shirou is op also I would say is nerfed in a way that the opponent's that are going to come next to powerful for him for example alvarez empire , grimore heart and oracion six . I mean these opponent's are counter to his magic this is ubw shirou ,he could be overpowered by his number of noble phantasm but fast I would like to know how many and which he has. I mean seriously needs a big power up to fight God Serena and there are lot of opponents in fairy tail which areoverpowered but are beaten because of the power of friendship .
Take macbeth for an example how will shirou defeat him or her. And ultear can destroy non-organic item with aging them actually destroys lot of option for shirou or not I don't know but first thing I I think you should have magical container or a magic supply bike the denizen of fairy tail universe. I don't think shirou could defeat gildart on his own he would need a serious powerup or power of friendship.
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