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for Eternal Stars - Book 3 in The Stars Trilogy

9/20/2019 c68 Write Fanatic
Heart racing! So good!

The Force bond between Nash and Sila is awesome. It makes me want to root for him, though.

Can't wait to see where you go with that.
9/20/2019 c65 Write Fanatic
Wow! I appreciate how you brought Nash's mysterious conversation with Remy full circle in this chapter. It was clever.

I went back to find the original conversation and got caught up re-reading chapters after that.
9/20/2019 c64 Write Fanatic
Great chapter! I hope Eevou doesn't do anything drastic.

I've been eager for the Jedi story to kick in.
8/9/2019 c30 Write Fanatic
This is incredible. Everything about the reunion - it was perfect. How you described... I don’t want to be a spoiler...

The way the moment happened was how I hoped it would be. I wish they’d have had a longer moment alone and could have said more before everyone else stepped in.

Another great chapter. I’m so hooked on this series I’m getting depressed that it’s ending.
7/30/2019 c9 Write Fanatic
Hello Han and Chewie! This was superb! So thrilling and gut wrenching.

You nail Han Solo - every word rings true.

And the torture. Again I related to the angst and heartbreak from my teenage years.

I sure hope they find their way back to each other.
7/29/2019 c8 Write Fanatic
You knocked it outside of the park AGAIN!

This chapter is worthy of a movie. I could see the battle between Mara Jade and the Dark Troopers in my head.

And her encountering who she encountered was perfect.
7/29/2019 c7 Write Fanatic
I feel butterflies - they are absolutely adorable! I can recall my first kiss - it happened a lot like that.

Every one of your stories draws me in and makes me invest emotionally in the characters. I’m anxious to keep reading,
7/29/2019 c4 Write Fanatic
I feel like it’s Christmas! This is already as good as your first two novels!

I never thought I’d love original characters in FanFiction as much as I love yours. But I do!
3/25/2019 c58 Krysta Farrell
Omg, poor Eevou! I'm thinking what happened to her is most likely due to the artifact and the Dark Side of the Force. Hoping she'll be ok! And wtf is up with Sarah?! I can kind of understand her reasoning but still, leaving your husband for someone else is just crazy, especially Dalven because he loves her so much and would never hurt her. I'm hoping she'll come to her senses soon!

I really enjoyed these chapters. And the meditation scene between Luke and Mara was really intense. I'm hoping she will go against her former Master's orders and not kill the Jedi.

I can't wait for you to post the rest of your chapters, I really enjoy your writing. I could never in my life write space battle scenes like you do. I know nothing about ships and maneuvers and tactics. I actually write mostly romance and angst, with a bit of fluff thrown in.

Wonderful story so far, I can't wait for your next update!
12/4/2018 c52 Krysta Farrell
I actually feel really bad for Eevou! She's being influenced by both Nash and Paxson. At first, I thought she was pregnant, too, but it turned out to be an insane worry about Remy, about the possibility of losing him. I could also just KILL Nash for what he did to Eevou in the end! That was dirty, treating her like a whore! It's sad that her reaction to him in a sexual way was ingrained in her so much. I, personally, would have taken immense pleasure in cutting off a certain body part with a lightsaber! I hope that Nash and Ecks go down in a most spectacular way!

I'm really, REALLY enjoying this story! Loved the vision that Mara had about her son. And the POV vision Luke had of Mara during the Battle of Endor. Hopefully Mara gets her head out of her ass and admits that she has feelings for Luke, lol! I also loved the interaction between Hinson, Kess and... omg, I can't believe I forgot his name! Ecks' nephew! I feel really stupid because I really like the boy! Sleep deprivation... gotta love it.

Speaking of sleep, it's almost 1am and I have to get up for work in the morning. I can't wait for your next update! Sorry my review was so slow in coming, reading several other fics here as well. Just know that I
I'm still here, though.

11/21/2018 c2 ThankYouForReadingOrWriting
I just saw this is a sequel to your other books. I am very intrigued by this chapter. I’ll go back to first book now.
11/21/2018 c1 ThankYouForReadingOrWriting
I like this. It reminds me of Star Wars books I have read.
11/13/2018 c45 Krysta Farrell
Omg, what a truly frightening vision! Wondering i that was really Palpatine speaking to Mara from beyond the grave or if that was something that the Force created to make her realize what she could have in joining with Luke and the other Jedi? That feeling of belonging, of camaraderie? Of having someone to care about, and to care about her in return? I can't wait to read the next chapter!
11/5/2018 c42 Krysta Farrell
Awesome few chapters! I love the closeness and camaraderie that Luke has with his students, and that Marida and Orin have finally taken that final step that comes with healing and admit that they love each other! I do hope that Ciena, Gan, Parrone and Verine will be ok, that either they or Thane will be able to rescue them!

Can't wait for the next chapter! Have a wonderful evening and stay warm! It's 43 F and rainy here in Minneapolis, MN, ugh. I can't seem to be able to get warm. Right now I'm under a heated blanket and I'm STILL cold! I want summer back, lol!
11/5/2018 c40 Krysta Farrell
Oh, no, Ciena, Gan, Lucy, Parrone and Verine have been kidnapped by Nash's men! Hopefully they'll figure out a way to escape! Or that Thane will be able to rescue them in time!

Great job, and I love Mara's budding feelings for Luke. Hoping that she decides to join them eventually!

I can't wait to read the next chapter!
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