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6/10 c1 2arya304
damn man, what a way to make me cry for how sad that is like wtf. I love it already and cant wait to continue!
6/8 c17 Jostanos
I can only imagine what Harry's letters to both Alfred and Dick may be..

I'd write out my own interpretations of them, but I think that it may be best to leave it up to the imagination of the readers and the author for the actual letters.
5/25 c17 Vi Yang
This story is so interesting and I can't wait for the next update!
5/23 c17 Mastersgtjames
Sigh... Dude has spent YEARS living with and being taught villains. Professional Paranoids. How is he not the least bit suspicious of Nott. How has he not looked into who all the Death Eaters were?
5/23 c16 Mastersgtjames
Yeah... the Justice League, Batman, Fate, Zatara... They are all professional paranoids and busybodies. WHY would they be willing to sit back and not investigate the Wizarding World more? I get that they are starting to get more interesting, if only slightly. But definitely not enough.
5/23 c15 Mastersgtjames
So what was the yellow curse that hit Harry and took the air out of his lungs? Giovanni only mentioned the Cruciatous, so again, no medical checkups?
5/23 c11 Mastersgtjames
I wanna call B.S. on Snape being able to synthesize the toxin in the Trolls blood. I'd understand maybe isolating it, but not synthesizing it.
5/23 c9 Mastersgtjames
So... I really want to be surprised that Bruce did not get Harry a Medical Checkup, then a Magical Medical Checkup once he found out Harry was a Wizard. But at the same time, he completely forgot to do a thorough checkup on Superboy, Kid Flash, or Speedy to check if they were either healthy or mentally okay...
5/23 c8 Mastersgtjames
A few things...
First, Hope MC is more intelligent than Canon. Especially considering he has been raised around and by villains and heroes. So I hope he actually learns magic, studies... Hopefully more than just the standard Hogwarts curriculum. So maybe MC learns Transfiguration, Conjuration, Charms, Runes, Enchantment, Wards, Rituals, Potions, Alchemy, Herbology, Mind Magic, Blood/Flesh Magic, Soul Magic, Sex Magic, etc...
Aside from that.
Hope that this is not ANOTHER story where MC just accepts things happening without really questioning or arguing them. Like what has been done for/with his accounts/properties while someone else had his key. Or why the Aurors never showed up to investigate a Troll in the Castle, or injured/petrified students. Actually investigating the "Court Case" of the person who "betrayed" his "parents". ESPECIALLY the stupidity that is the Tri-Wiz. I mean, there is NO WAY that you can enter someone into a Magically Binding Contract without their knowledge, intent, or permission. It just CAN'T happen, I mean, if it could then it would be happening ALL the time. Everyone would use it to rob, enslave, or kill people. I cannot even see the Headmaster as being able to enter others into one, since there is no way the "Purebloods" and nobles would let the Headmaster have that kind of power over their kids. Lastly would be that resurrection ritual. If you know someone is going to come back to life, then there cannot be that many methods that they could use. So then study them and prepare. In this instance, I cannot see Voldemort being able to use Harry's blood due to his connection to the Green. There is no way The Green or the Parliament of Tree's would allow some wizard to STEAL that power.

Aside from that... Hope Harry continues his non-magical education. Dude is surrounded by geniuses and related to them as well(Lily, Bruce, Ivy), so he should be able to shine.
5/22 c3 Mastersgtjames
Hope this story DOES have Hogwarts, or Harry learning all kinds of magic. Otherwise, this might as well not be a Harry Potter crossover.
5/22 c17 Blaze1992
Interesting fic quick question though what happened to hedwig or dobby?
5/8 c17 Guest
5/7 c17 Guest
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5/6 c3 Guest
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5/5 c17 Cosgirl2011
I’m really loving this story i can’t wait for an update please update soon
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