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7/19 c35 Guest
Found this story while looking over the fanfiction site looking for re-reads during this shutdown I am absolutely in love with this story! I never read the original, but I must say that this is an awesome story. Love the twins, their interaction with their grandmother and grandfather and especially Niles-CC finding what they lost sight of all those years. Bravo!
2/15 c35 nitamontjoy
Thank you for the epilogue (I love a happy ending)! From the first chapter to the last chapter, this fanfic has been a wonderful read with amazing parallels to one of my favorite movies, The Parent Trap. You two are amazing writers and I appreciate the effort and commitment you put into creating this entertaining MULTI-chapter fanfic. I know I will be reading this fanfic at a later date as it is one of my favorites. Thank you for posting.
2/14 c32 nitamontjoy
I love that Marie. I am glad she was able to knock some sense (literally-lol) into Niles and to get him to tell CC his true feelings.
2/10 c35 Alex
I really enjoyed this story from start to finish :) I always love a happy ending. Thanks for continually updating it.
2/9 c35 KT
Your stories are fantastic because they have a lot of heart in them. The way you written CC and Niles into this story was flawless in how you put them into this specific story, and how you write them flawlessly within the other stories as well. Thank you for putting the time and energy for writing these stories.
2/9 c35 9tataalicat
Loved loved loved this from start to finish. So happy that you updated this and rounded off the story so nicely in a way that is so true to the characters and the essence of the show while also capturing the charm of the parent trap. I’m typically not a fan of AUs but I was hooked from the first chapter, a true testament to your writing abilities. I don’t know what more I can say about it, it was a joy to read and I thank you for updating. Cannot wait to see what your next story holds. XoAli
2/2 c34 beanstalkgiant
I have really enjoyed this story! It was worth the wait. You two write the characters so beautifully!
1/30 c32 PhantomEtudes
This is the moment I waited for!
1/28 c31 nitamontjoy
I am glad that Niles finally came to his senses and kicked that gold digger to the curb. Also this last chapter initially gave me hope that Niles and CC were getting closer with CC admitting to her feelings of pride and Niles admitting to his severe insecurities. (After all, honesty is the best way to start a relationship.) You had me rejoicing until their misunderstandings took root. But hopefully this is just a bump in the road like in the movie (fingers crossed). However, the story ends, I am enjoying the journey of this fanfic. Thank you for the wonderful chapters!
1/27 c30 PhantomEtudes
I come back to this story oncr in a while. I am so glad you are still updating this
1/27 c30 tataalicat
I’m so happy you’re updating this. It truly is wonderfully written and I am beyond happy to get to read your work. Thank you so much for posting new chapters, it doesn’t go unappreciated. Please update soon <3. Ali
1/26 c28 bogiedevil
So glad Niles has decided to fight to get CC back. Loved his kicking Katherine out.
1/25 c28 tataalicat
THANK YOU :D I cannot wait for more. I love this story
1/18 c27 tataalicat
PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE update this! I check almost daily to see if you’ve posted a new chapter. I a to see these two get back together again.
12/4/2019 c27 Guest
enjoyed this very much. update soon?
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