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6/4/2022 c8 Ley
Oh, wow... The story was very engaging, the characterisations are great (I actually like the OCs), and it's focused on a plot with interesting lore and little-to-none romance? This is right up my alley!

If you're still active, please do consider continuing this fanfic. However, I do understand if you don't want/don't have time to. It was still an entertaining read, so thank you for writing it. :)
3/28/2021 c8 ArcticSkys
And thus, the next chapter took a few years to produce- HBGFVK I'm joking but I really love this!
12/29/2020 c8 Guest
This is sooooo good
1/30/2020 c8 Kirychan1226
10/23/2019 c8 Rita-Mariel
I like it! Great job! I look forward to continuing)
8/30/2019 c8 Artemis
AAAAAAHHHH I wanna see more. The way you write is awesome, I love the fact that a lot of Gilbert remembering who he is (kinda) is really subtle (he called him Alfred and I made a noise out loud which is real hard to get me to do) and the way you phrase some things is really poetic. I can't wait to see this continued!
8/11/2019 c8 10Xinette
I found this fic because of the recommendation on heta-fics, and I can say it’s great. Such an interesting plot/characters/etc. I read it all today. And I love the concept of the parallel stories between the living and dead nations. I can’t wait for them to find out that Gil is Prussia, lol.
8/11/2019 c8 2Kade P

Gahh I love this story so much! And I don't mind the exposition dump because everything was just so interesting to think about. I can't wait for the next chapter!
7/21/2019 c8 Chok-Boi
You're alive! Welcome back! I've been watching this story for a while and was so happy to see that you updated it because it's such a great story idea and your writing style is fantastic! I'll definitely be here for future updates!
7/17/2019 c8 21scrivenernoodz
I just reread the whole thing to refresh myself and became as absorbed in Gilbert's crazed, upset memory attacks as I did last time. By the end of this exposition bomb, I was ready to scream at him. jUST reAlIze iT aLReaDY! You clearly just said "Alfred" and you almost said "West!" Although it must feel very nice not to know you're the most violent and vindictive dead nation of all. (It's so hard to imagine Gilbert becoming violent if he found out, though, with all the wholesome present-day German bros fics I've read. I just see him wanting to make sure West is all right.)
So Herr Adler is more than the eccentric landlord? Hmm, he likes flamboyant French furniture, he has an ex-wife he doesn't like, he has creepy eyes, he gives off Prussian vibes... yeah, he's definitely Gilbert's landlord from another if Brendan is Brandenburg, we know the real reason Gil's in town.
The "Hetalia Theory." Ha, I thought you were going to go meta and bring the webcomic into this, but the theory makes sense the way you wrote it. And poor Lisa giving out too much information. Lotte probably has some info from the guy who met France as well. I'm just imagining her trying to smirk at him and his sixth sense making him freak out.
Thanks for writing!
7/1/2019 c8 11gamerright11
Loved this chapter! I really like the whole concept of this story and love the way you write your characters. Can't wait to read more!
6/27/2019 c8 Guest
Good to know you are alive
6/28/2019 c8 48Tonhalszendvics
Yass, I love this story! I'm really happy that you're back!

Have fun with writing! I hope, we'll see you soon!
6/27/2019 c8 orangedropps
Snsindjdndjd oh my god? I only just found this fanfic yesterday and so when I saw it update today I legit almost cried? But uhh anyways,, this is so well written and the characterisation is really well done, the oc nations are so fleshed out (is that the word? Idk) and I love them all so much, you really have done well in not making them into 2 dimensional characters, your writing is so good! It’s really easy to imagine what’s happening in my head and I can empathise with a lot of the characters! Thank you for writing this fanfic hope you have a nice day! :D
6/27/2019 c8 PureIdiota
I've been waiting and it was worth it
Thank the gods you're back!
Hopefully you'll continue ,I'll still wait even if it takes 9 months again
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