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for Shugosha Preview (Part 3): Morning

2/2/2019 c1 4MLLu
I hope you are still considering publishing your work. The previews are light hearted and quite fun from what I can tell. So definintely try and publish it. That way the readers can get a clearer picture of what the plot actually is about.

Anyway, keep on writing and I hope some day to read your work again ;)
10/9/2018 c1 25mississippimudpiecraves
Oh no sorry I didn't make it to your deadline :((( but I really like all the camaraderie going on here even though Naruto is frustrated. And the way he softened coz of Hinata! Kilig! Lol
I like the pacing and how you described the atmosphere and environment :)
I wish you showed the full versions of the stories so I can understand more of whats happening :)
7/31/2018 c1 26fanofthisfiction
The personalities of the characters come through in this nicely but because this was a snippet (not posted from the beginning) I was a little confused as to its context. I'd like to suggest uploading chapters from the beginning, so we can all follow along. You never know, you might just attract a few readers to let you know what they think of the story.

Thanks for sharing!
7/24/2018 c1 179YenGirl
Ah... I have to say I'm confused with this particular snippet. I know it only a part of a long story and that's probably why :)

I wish the others didn't gang up on poor Naruto and use his money though. It made me wonder if they really would ask their parents to pay him back like Ino said, if he'd kept quiet about it...

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