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for How to Train Your Wings of Fire

12/23/2020 c10 Ex-Prince FrostFang
It can’t be a HTTYD crossover if you don’t have Stoicks friend, Gobber
12/21/2020 c27 Guest
I LOVE this story! Oh, and yay MOONWATCHER! Keep up the great story, and great work.
12/14/2020 c27 1RicoRodriguez2018
Aw, come OOOOONNNNN! Don't leave us hanging like this! When can we expect the next chapters? :D
Great work,as usual!
12/14/2020 c22 astrid fan here
plz add more on how to train your dragon chariters i wold love who would be gustav
12/4/2020 c24 Guest
11/26/2020 c26 Twilight81598
I'm getting tired of all these hiatuses from you... There's something called creative liberties.
11/26/2020 c26 1PokeKing Charizard
Love this story! You've done an excellent job melding the universes together.
11/26/2020 c26 8JDunks898
VIVA LA REVOLUTION! Risktaker and Cleverclaws are really fitting- Cleverclaws is actually able to see past the forcibly-ingrained NightWing Ego! I didn’t think that could happen before Jade Mountain Academy was a thing! Can’t wait to see Wisdom’s character explored. And I’m glad we’re not having a repeat of Starflight being separated from his friends for half a book- an escape taking place within 3 chapters! The NightWing Rebellion works fast!
11/26/2020 c26 Ex-Prince FrostFang
11/21/2020 c25 lavabeam
can you update its been almost a month
11/10/2020 c4 Guest
I like how you have the key
11/10/2020 c1 bookworm
I do like it and I think you did a great job with the prophecy
10/28/2020 c25 JDunks898
Hmm... yeah, this makes sense. I shall eagerly await Tui’s plan for the Runty SkyWing in addition to your next chapters?
10/12/2020 c24 Arraia
Perfect and update soon please
10/5/2020 c24 theminecraftgod1
very good please update
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