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for To Teach a Zero

3/29 c30 Etokaiten
Louise and siesta almost always have a close relationship in fanfiction when Saito isn't center stage to enact harem nonsense. Don't feel bad or surprised, it's basically expected. That being said, I'd guess this story is a done deal since the last update was july, 2022. It was a nice read though.
2/18 c30 mangouschase
well, story's dead
2/18 c30 mangouschase
aaaaand... author's dead
2/18 c29 mangouschase
author lives!
2/18 c26 mangouschase
what a nice guy, comes in with a gift of cheese
2/18 c21 mangouschase
spicing things up with misunderstandings and accidents (differences of culture, the scribes could call it)
2/17 c16 mangouschase
the moons names are certainly better than "pink blob in the night sky"
2/15 c10 mangouschase
Mott dying is always a pog
2/8 c12 11Shiki no Yamada
I'm begging you don't ever make this Yuri and if you ever add romance please make it straight and it would be fine too if there's no romance please don't ruin this for me.
2/7 c30 tempace
It's a realy good story, I love it. I hope you continue it someday, I want to see how finish all that and when Luisa and Siesta recognice their feelings for each other.
1/6 c30 Guest
Is this story still getting updated?
12/13/2023 c25 schwarzhayasaka
You did my boy Sheo good, goated chapter
12/13/2023 c24 schwarzhayasaka
Hermaeus Mora? Man fuck that discount Nurgle. Sheogorath? He cool, i have no beef with my man.
12/9/2023 c30 2Genesis Mar
You are a phenomenal writer my good sir the last night and today I’ve read all of this story and one other of yours. Absolutely phenomenal writing. Love the way you explain magic of both Elder Scrolls and Zero. Can’t wait for this story to be updated.
12/1/2023 c1 TheRustedOne
Hi, love the story. Just noticed the comments were at 999 and wanted to roll it over to 1000. Hope you return to this story soon!
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