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11/15 c30 Wongjunkit
I don't want to be that guy... but update?
10/3 c30 Guest
Hope we get to see Louise' family reaction to her winning.
9/24 c30 ReviewerPops
Lol, I doubt many would mind if their relationship went further to be honest.

On another note. Something Louise should probably learn to do in general given her extremely slight stature making physical combat rough is learn to make a Golem, given her level of power she could keep up a Triangle level Golem for a long time to protect her in battles and a Square level Golem would crush most in a duel and keep her safe long enough to finish stronger opponents of with other spells. Especially considering she's gonna just keep getting stronger.
9/24 c29 ReviewerPops
I know Louise was a little harsh in the response, but Siesta here committing a faux pa by forgetting just hard Louise has had it. If you think about it, how can she expect someone to open up to people outside their normal social circle when her own social circle has treated her like trash and continuously kicked her when she was down? Not to mention (though she doesn't know it) also feels like trash even in her own home.
9/24 c27 ReviewerPops
Actually.. genealogies not so weird here. Since all the races of Tamriel can have children together with the rule being the child is whatever the mother is. We can in this case point to the Tamrielic father is doing the same in this world overpowering the Halkeginian genetics making it so the families children are born Nords. Especially once the females start having children and the rule really comes into play then.

As for the Bretons we haven't actually gotten a full accounting of how exactly they managed to be the only real half blood race.
9/24 c25 ReviewerPops
You did the old Sheogorath justice I feel. There's honestly not enough known about the current incarnation of Sheogorath to actually know if you did or not considering he/she would know what it's like to be mortal and have most likely met at least one mortal of larger breast size.

Mostly because we don't know exactly how much becoming a Daedric Prince would change them honestly.
9/24 c24 ReviewerPops
so... the second most recent major hero of Tamriel arrives.
9/24 c22 ReviewerPops
To be fair she kind of deserves it. To know her daughters struggles and yet not even care about it upon arrival. Tsk.
9/24 c21 ReviewerPops
mm well that answers my question i was about to ask with Louise's family no?
9/24 c11 ReviewerPops
She's not. She's one of those inherently good people. She was just raised to behave in certain ways. I'm assuming you've watched form beginning to end of the series or read it? Her behavior calms down even more aside from the Tsundere behavior she has with Saito. Well that and when he keeps getting into situations that makes him look like a lecher xD
9/24 c6 ReviewerPops
I actually like the way you started the destruction book xD It reminds me of the way fallout describes things in sense.
9/24 c5 ReviewerPops
In the case of this story, It's perfectly fine for that to be the reason she can't cast spells.

However the real reason she cannot cast spells comes down to how the magic of this world being rooted heavily in affinities. Effectively everyone has a major affinity with traces of the others. A void mage like Louise effectively has no affinity whatsoever. Most of their magic if you look at the void spells tend to be mostly support spells with the exception of intentionally causing an explosion.
9/20 c30 Guest

So considering the Queen Dowager's relationship with Louise' mother, do you think the Queen will report the challenge to the Queen Dowager and in turn, she'll report it to Louise's mother?

Are we going to see their reaction to Louise winning? I hope we do, please. ;-; Though I guess we have to wait another year for it huh?
8/20 c30 PaladinSans
8/20 c25 afdsa
Wouldn't the shout dragon rend enforce mortality on daedric gods just like dragons. I mean in the game it stops dragons from flying but in lore it enflicts mortality on the immortal dovs. So could Joan use it to idk beat daedric gods? Or was that not the plan
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