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8/20/2022 c30 PaladinSans
8/20/2022 c25 afdsa
Wouldn't the shout dragon rend enforce mortality on daedric gods just like dragons. I mean in the game it stops dragons from flying but in lore it enflicts mortality on the immortal dovs. So could Joan use it to idk beat daedric gods? Or was that not the plan
8/16/2022 c30 1Oleron
I must admit, I... kinda forgot about this fic. This update warranted a reread, and, well... worth every second spent on it!

The duel promises to be highly entertaining, and I bet will have a lot of consequences. Ruining a noble's reputation like that is unlikely to go unrecognized and unpunished. True, other nobles may outwardly laugh at his humiliation, but I bet that on the inside, they would be wary. The youngest daughter of one of the most powerful families in the country, who was known to be a failure as a mage, slumming it in the capital instead of attending to some noble function or another, with a strange man claiming to be her teacher, engaging in a duel to protect a commoner. Something's gotta be fishy to other nobles. Even more so if she reveals a previously unknown form of magic. And even besides other nobles, I'm curious how the relationship between Louise and Siesta will progress thanks to this duel.

Speaking of which! The relationship between the two feels realistic and organic - I suppose a consequence of it being unintentional. Louise demonstrating that she does, truly, deeply care for Siesta despite their brief squabble and hurtful words should go a long way to bringing the two closer together. This, in turn, will also help mend whatever bridge Louise and Jessica have. How that impacts the way Louise views family relations in general is yet to be seen, but I would bet it will help her lighten that negative lens.

Of course, all of this is just speculation and my rambling thoughts.

Truly amazing job, with both the fanfic in general and this chapter in particular!
8/16/2022 c30 Vinicius Henrique
1-Oh boy, can't wait for the next chapter. Seeing Louise smack that cocky nobleman in his face using true magic. It's gonna be wild.

2-Seeing Louise little by little changing her point of view about nobles and about her own family is really comforting. I can't wait until the day she comes across her family and they see how much she's changed.

3-I kind of like how the relationship between Louise and Siesta is progressing, and seeing how you hadn't planned for it, just shows how natural it really is. I'm really enjoying seeing how this develops.
8/15/2022 c10 Stormzy
Loving the work so far but really? Having Johan threaten Siesta despite it being the sheltered brat who is antagonizing her? I understand the calm approach Johan is taking but sometimes Louise just needs a well deserved slap.
8/11/2022 c30 3Az-Bebere
It's interesting to have a Louise thinking of why she gets involved into a fight beyond it being the done thing, that's a nice touch. And funny that Derflinger of all people be the one putting her on that path
8/11/2022 c30 p6lishb6kser
It's good, I'll follow
8/5/2022 c30 5Hugboat
Ahhhh but the power of friendship, joy, and all perks works in mysterious ways
8/5/2022 c30 Guest
anon below me: Nah. Just you, dude
8/4/2022 c30 Guest
Anyone else feel like the quality of this fic is slipping? Like, these last few chapters just haven’t been as fun as they used to be.
8/2/2022 c30 DarkAres12
Lo suponía /:(
8/2/2022 c30 TheOneWhoSimulatesFantasy
Very nice
8/2/2022 c30 15Vanessa Masters
Another great chapter.

Yeah, earth spikes. Perfect intimidation.

Yeah, Derflinfet has the right idea.

Oooh, Johan pulled a Karin, cool.
8/1/2022 c30 Bane
It’s back! Yes I have been waiting, it’s a good chapter I really want to the duel and louise family reaction to it
8/1/2022 c30 hypixal
i thought this was dead! Praise be!
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