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for To Teach a Zero

7/31/2022 c30 AO Black
Great chapter.
7/31/2022 c30 Perun
Well damn, this is one fic I didn’t expect an update from. I had actually forgotten about it entirely, so long it has been. Glad to it alive, though.
7/31/2022 c30 Nechroz
ah yes, the mental conundrums of people that don't live in a continent where everything tries to kill you. Poor Louise might need to get used to being slightly more lethal than what's expected for mages in her world. But for real tho, Skyrim (and Tamriel ofc) is really fucking dangerous, nevermind dragons coming back, each bastion or hold between cities is full of bandits and aside from rabbits and deer, every lifeform out there will try to kill you.
7/31/2022 c5 10Knightowl 4183
I thought the Viscount's name was Wardes? I am positive it was Viscount Wardes...
7/31/2022 c30 2Vitilig0
7/31/2022 c30 4Monster King
7/31/2022 c30 1LucasVAMP
Happy to get a new chapter )
7/31/2022 c30 fajriirawan
finally new chapter can't wait to see the duel. just wondering when will Odhaviing will came back
7/31/2022 c30 IHateGenericCereal
The yearly update, back at it again. Good chapter, as always, but I really hope you can get back into the groove of frequent updates for this one. It's one of my favorite, if not my #1, crossovers for ZnT. Anyways, looking forward to the next one.
7/31/2022 c30 fajriirawan
finally new chapter can't wait to see the duel. just wondering when will Odhaviing will came back
7/31/2022 c30 Dontus -not Donut- Powerus
What do you mean not turn out this way? Siesta's practically Louise's second close friend that's always by her side unlike the Princess.

Louise is bound to make her a close friend, and sooner in the future, most likely her personal maid if she's still wanting to be one.

Anyway, back to our Dragonborn Wizard man. Sheogorath would more than likely mess with him plenty of times.

Like turning him young to make him look like a Milk Drinker for a day or two, make him a hunched back old man to prove a point, and all other things.

(Like an insulting wheel of cheese that follows him around because Johan didn't even take one wheel.)
7/31/2022 c30 Guest
Hey welcome back, I was sure you'd abandoned this story, so nice to see you posting again.
7/31/2022 c30 1Paradox009
Great chapter. Looking forward to more, hope you update soon.
7/31/2022 c30 blacksoul123
Thanks for the chapter glad to see this is still going can’t wait for the next chapter
7/31/2022 c30 8Quathis
Put one girl with almost no affection in her life and put her in a position to have a friend that is very openly affectionate and I'm not surprised by Louise's behavior towards Siesta. The journey, even discounting the magical and combat training portions, have taught Louise a great deal about her lands. Now she has to make her stand and prove her new perspective has value through battle. Until next time.
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