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for Creatures & Damsels: Russian Roulette

10/22/2018 c1 SilverGold71
Another fine story. I'm surprised that there aren't more reviews for this work; it's definitely high quality. Good knowledge with the combating kaiju, and showing the complexities of relations between various countries and factions. Sometimes they work out peacefully, sometimes not.
I especially liked the the inclusion of the Tim Curry song, "I Do the Rock." He does a video for it; it's him and the band performing the song (not live, but in a studeo), and great to watch/listen to.
General Ronald Len Ernie - I couldn't help but notice the similarity with the name of the Gunny, R. Lee Ermey.
I read the other reviews; I didn't know of another Godzilla movie coming out next year. That one will definitely be on the list to see.
And as always, a list of those people we have lost this year.
Will assuredly read your next work.
7/27/2018 c1 83DJ Rodriguez
I will say this. This... was... INCREDIBLE! My friend, you REALLY have an imagination that I believe surpasses even my own! Anthony, I bow in respect and praise to your skills in Disney/Toho crossover stories!

You had the story situated with North Korea and Russia, two of the U.S. most heated adversaries! You showed history and reflection on what each country shows, in a realistic way that is quite informative. Merida, Anna, Elsa, Gus, Kristoff and so many of the characters were just portrayed really well here! You should be proud of yourself, my friend! I know I am!

Bringing Chaos from "Primal Rage" was a touch of genius, especially keeping his putrid moves that made him a popular character to use back in the arcade days! And bringing back classics like Godzilla, M.O.G.U.E.R.A., the Gargangutuan brothers, Baragon and Angurius was also excellent as well! The kaiju fight between all of the monsters here reminded me of the classic, real days of giant monster battles! And also, what is Godzilla's fate?! What is to happen to our beloved King of the Monsters?! Oh man, this was intense after the fools injected him with the poison!

Also, kudos to you my friend in keeping Elsa and Merida's bonds with the giant behemoths strong and true! You really brought the emotion alive, and I am not talking just with these two. You really brought forth the potent emotions from each character in certain situations. I have to say, you really put much effort, time, care and dedication to each paragraph and chapter here!

All in all my friend, this deserves to be a graphic novel! Or at the very least, a TV series! This was all good on a lot of levels! And also, God bless you for giving props to the real people out there, both living and deceased. Thank you very much for that!

Keep it up!
7/22/2018 c1 66laze jovanov
This is a very well-written and interesting story, AND a nice continuation to your Monsters & Maidens story arc! I hope you are excited for 'Godzilla: King of the Monsters (2019)', now that the first trailer has been released! I can't wait to see the old Toho kaiju back in action, on the big screen!

After your Creatures & Damsels series is over, do you think you can do crossover stories with some of the new Godzillas (Shin Godzilla, Legendary Godzilla and Anime Godzilla)?

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