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for THoND: Strength, Love, and Friendship

7/25/2019 c15 Interstate2011
Very good crossover! ;)
7/25/2019 c3 Interstate2011
I think you mean "pedestal" and "scepter."

So far, so good.
1/19/2019 c1 14Rebecca Schneider
Hi there I just read your Story and I feel like I've met some of clone of mine. Your Story has so much elements like mine. Besides, I'm from Germany and love the Hunchback so much. I guess I am really in love with him so strange it seems. I search very long for someone who is such a fan of this story like me. I extra Signed up on this page to contact you and I would be very happy for an answer.
9/28/2018 c15 6Sorceress of Stories
I really loved this story! I haven't read a lot of Quasimodo X OC stories, but this one was really good!

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