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6/21 c2 evilhunter13
The story is great and promising. I hope you update it again.
5/28 c1 HJBK
Sinceramente me encanta esta historia esperare actualizaciĆ³n
4/7 c2 Neoleagend
Dear A Dyslexic Writer,

Good Day ,
hope you are doing well :)

with our global situation and staying safe

Regarding your story it is a nice start for the story as you have strted with world building unlike your other stories which expect the reader to know about the back knowledge about the Series it a fresh new idea and i like it

i would like to suggest the following to you in hope of helping you in case you may have a writer Block

My Suggestions being
1- as him using his knowledge to uplift the Alchemy Association with medicine since he is practically disowned from the family so he needs money to Experiment and make zengetsu or maybe name it mugetsu since the is in a new world
2 have him open a medic Clinic to get money to heal his mom and sister from some sickness because of the attack or just his sister as she does have a condition that Ne Li heals in the series as this story is pre Ni Li time travel he can try to help
3 - maybe learn to be a blacksmith and join R&D in building & farming since he worked with chad in construction in the summer
4 - he could start his own guild for military warriors and doctors since he lived his past life with one and maybe rebuild the abandoned City Next door or Help the village up the mountain neer Glory City (Which i still find it hard to believe that they and glory City never met Before ) as he becomes his city City lord
5- he can be a teacher don't make him op have still struggle to get to the top like you are doing since it helps him connect with the rest instead of being a protige and have the City lords father take him under his protection
6-work with yin and yan to act like familiars and tamer who absorb the abilities of the other spirit animals thus helping him em-prove as he will be needing 3 spirit animals for his 3 spirits him shiro and zengetsu and he can switch between them like having one spirit that is capable of flying one that is cable to go underground and water and one going strong on the ground examples (Rijin or Eagle or thunder bird or Bat Like in ulquiora memory or something )not Phoenix as it over used for land use (Rhino Elephant, Wolf ,Panda or ligar blackor or white ) or Lizard Lion like his hollow form maybe with wings or not as for water and under ground i say u can use a white sea snake or turtle or crocodile while creating a new way to fight for the City .

please note that these are only just my suggestions i'm not trying to push you to read all the light novel and manga all over again but i;m hopping that while we are all home you might consider continuing with this story and Grimgar x Fate story as there are not alot of people who wish to proceed with them add to that that you have greatly improved since you started with Writing on ffanfic as your stories are great man keep it up i tip my hat to you good sir bravo

Wishing you all the best & Regards

3/3 c2 just yuki
Yes yes yes. But I will not lie tho, if Ichigo has ahrem I will probably leave
12/1/2019 c2 Samcal
Hope you update the story again
11/27/2019 c2 Guest
Thanks for the chapter please update again would really like to read more of the story hope this isn't dropped
8/16/2019 c2 Guest
Wow you make a lot of amazing books! I just wished they were finished...
8/15/2019 c2 1Dragonmaster150
This was pretty good, had loads of potential. It's too bad you never continued it.
2/19/2019 c2 chris009
Is this story on hiatus?
2/14/2019 c2 Guest
This is kamenriderheisei. The author blocked me becaused i asked him to provide proof that the spiritual pills were drugs.

My our world definition a drug would be something that affects the mind or body. On top of that a drug also has a side effect usually dangerous.

However the pills that are SHOWN in this series have only been shown to effect the user spiritual balance or compacity. Of those pills the ONLY one shown to be anything similar to a drug was what was used when Nie Lie entered the sacred family tournament. And even that doesn't count since its only a ONE time use because it cripples your ability to get stronger spiritually.

Am i writing this because I'm salty? Yes. Just thought i tell you anyways. Lets see if this gets deleted.
1/26/2019 c2 InfinityMask
I hesitate to read this but this better than I thought..
1/10/2019 c3 Haruka001
So exciting
1/10/2019 c2 Haruka001
Loving this
1/9/2019 c1 exiles soul
Hope Ichigo is able to beat up his little sisters douche fiance as a big brother should also wondering is this set in the original timeline or the one that happens after time travel?
1/6/2019 c2 exiles soul
I really like the way this seems to be going and how you've written it so far hope you can continue writing this soon.
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