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9/8/2019 c3 58Nanenna
This was too cute! It would be a fun adventure for the two love birds to go on!
10/26/2018 c2 8W. Y. Traveller
I like this version of them as mermaids. :-) I can imagine Lune as a very handsome merman.
10/26/2018 c1 W. Y. Traveller
Fantastic twist on Snow White. :-D I really enjoyed this.
10/26/2018 c3 W. Y. Traveller
Beautifully written chapter. :-) I love the words at the end. Very well done.
9/4/2018 c1 m1alu
Veri n1c3H4lst0rizy
9/2/2018 c1 8TQ9Q
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8/8/2018 c2 58Nanenna
Aww... this was so cute! I still love it! Muta as Flounder is way too perfect.
8/6/2018 c2 54YarningChick
I don't remember reading this one. I kind of like how Haru's not a princess in this one, though Lune's father is sure to make a pest of himself if this story is ever continued.
7/25/2018 c1 sekaihatsu
Now that's a happily ever after.
7/23/2018 c1 79The GamerSwordsman
Hey there, finally got around ot review one of your stories. To whic apologize since was busy with my own writing at the time. Anyway this was a very good one sot. Looking forward to reading whatever you make next. :)

Oh, but before I forget. Did you see the crossover I did with Cinderella and an old anime series called Sherlock Hound by chance?

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