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3h c2 Condescension22
It's cool that you upgraded Kaminari's powers and gave him the downsides of characters like Cole McGrath from Infamous and Zeus from Michael Vey. I think it's a great idea instead of a straight boost with no downsides.
5/17 c8 Ataruss
Now thats what I call good stuff. I'm excited for more.
4/21 c2 Can'tComeUpWithName
Great so far.

Only problem I have is Uraraka still calling him Deku after he explained what Deku means and told her his name.
4/15 c1 NastySquire
All Might calling him 'Shonen' all the time is a complete no for me. Maybe if the writing was perfect and this was the only problem I could continue, but it's not and I'm not. goodbye
4/7 c8 4KentouArgama
Man, I hope the story hasn't died. This has been one of the best MHA fanfics I've read. Disregarding a few spelling errors here and there, the story itself has been solid from beginning to now. I hope to see more of this story... And, yes, Izuku did, indeed, mess up when he showcased his healing ability with his quirk in front of Recovery Girl. Keep up the good work, and I hope to see more from you, either from this story or any others you have done or will do.
4/6 c8 Kingkong101
This was not thought out right
4/2 c3 TH1811
4/2 c3 TH1811
This fight is stupid. Izuku knows he can heal himself but won’t. Izuku can control his body with his psychic energy yet won’t use it to quickly take out the hero’s. We see him using it to move momo so there is no logical excuse besides you gave him an overpowered quirk to an extremely smart quirk enthusiast but dumb him down so you can prolong the fights and plot.
3/14 c4 Freddielebron
OFA channeling his inner Bane
3/4 c8 blasterdog
Great read
2/28 c8 1LostUmbrella
I had hoped to see the girls chat about Izuku, can I still hope on a flashback?
Great fic anyway, really well written and thought, congrats!
2/24 c8 Darkanaklusmos70
Yo! Update this story man!
2/18 c2 DevilishPotato
Holy shet, a whole chapter just for one Episode? lol you strecthed it out too much, author. also, please don't try to make his injuries and outcome be the same as in the show, it shows that you don't want to mess with the timeline but timeline was fvcked when he didn't recieved OfA so keep up the good work. I just didn't like that his injuries or the outcome was the same as in the original, for example, being injured for lack of control of his power with the Zero pointer, so I hope it isn't a regular stuff just to follow cannon
2/18 c1 DevilishPotato
Clap clap clap make it clap... my name ain't Santa but she sitting on my lap! lol anyways, I loved this first chapter and I really hope he has a great deal of control before UA starts cuz Phoenix Force is epic bro
2/17 c7 8Touhara Naoya
Reading all those fanfics of MHA makes one thing clear, Kurogiri is the MC, he always manages to get away, it's impressive, best plot armor of the fanfic world
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