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6/7 c12 Raging Drake
Still holding out a tiny hope for kyoka tho it’s slowly dying because the story is probably not going that way,but loving the story so far, it’s been a fun read
6/5 c10 Raging Drake
Very nice chapter overall with its interactions,tho I expected a need out moment with Melissa and izuku that never happened
6/5 c9 Raging Drake
Still holding out hope for jiro! But the romance and relationships are finally forming! The flow of dialogue,banter, and interactions were amazing and very enjoyable as well as natural (which alot of other stories fail to do)
6/5 c8 Raging Drake
Enjoying the story a lot, still holding out a small hope for kyoka to be with izu as well, was almost disappointed with his almost lack of arm but the coolness of fire arm overshadowed it. Also momo getting it was unexpected but pretty reasonable looking forward to her growth with the quirk.
6/3 c12 Hmm
Was really looking forward to more story
6/5 c3 Raging Drake
Hope kyoka’s in the ‘group’, but other than that tiny hope, the story’s going great!
6/5 c1 Raging Drake
Very nice first chapter,just the right amount of drama and progress
6/2 c12 Mr.BrownOptometrist
Great chapter, keep up the awesome work
5/28 c2 Hmm
Izuku becoming god of thunder would be nice to see in theory and the thought of aged up Midorya sent to the world of dxd... well how aged up are we talking, and by that token are the characters of that world aged up as well?
5/28 c1 Noice
Also I have to say I love all of the concept ideas you mentioned at the end of the chapter
5/28 c1 Noice
Just started and I'm digging it for real. I know the tag shows Momo, Mina, and Camie but I'd like to see maybe Tsuyu and Ururaka maybe added to his girls.
5/28 c2 2Ryuujin96
Great work on this chapter and I enjoyed reading it. Though I think their grip strength test were kind of low, and really low for the strength based characters, since no one got over 100 kilograms. As for the future stories in your author note, I hope you do the Izuku becomes Thor story.
5/25 c12 RuneFather
5/20 c12 1TheGreatBubbaJ
Pretty fun to see all the smack downs.
5/16 c12 BoredKing
Nothing like watching a hot blonde with some cake firing off some guns. It's art I tell you.

Also, it was so satisfying to see them call out Shinso and the other general students. Seriously, if Mineta and an invisible girl can make it, then the guy with brainwashing powers has no right to whine.
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