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1/19 c24 Holl0w Dan
Man i love this fic, read it twice in as many months now, i dont get why people complain with how well this is written, never seen triage x before this but you wove a bunch of unknown characters into this universe brilliantly an kept to the black lagoon characters really well, good luck with all the school stuff, really hope for more soon

I did have an idea for his other knight, karasuba from sekirei, i get the feeling that hollow zangetsu would love her lol, tho merging sekirei into this now wouldn't be too easy i dont think, maybe if you introduced her as being a character like you did woth the two from devilman i think it was

Ill enjoy the fic regardless, pls update soon i need this lol
1/8 c24 ngughyendu09092006
12/27/2020 c3 1Galeiam
Something I never really get with all of these powerless stories.

Why does Every single person forget that Ichigo is a High levek hand to hand combatant?
12/22/2020 c9 1uzumaki.namikaze10
12/22/2020 c8 uzumaki.namikaze10
12/22/2020 c7 uzumaki.namikaze10
Why Integra? Wouldn't it be better for her to be paired with Alucard?
12/22/2020 c6 uzumaki.namikaze10
goooood poggers!
12/22/2020 c5 uzumaki.namikaze10
Whooo Poggers
12/22/2020 c4 uzumaki.namikaze10
12/22/2020 c3 uzumaki.namikaze10
12/22/2020 c2 uzumaki.namikaze10
12/22/2020 c1 uzumaki.namikaze10
12/18/2020 c24 Guest
I would definitely read if you were to post lemon stories on ao3.
12/5/2020 c16 1hiareportsyou
Fanfiction is fanfiction, so you can do powerlevels however you want. BUT let me explain to why Sirzechs, Ajuka, Michael, and Azazel are equivalent to a Battle God. Meaning equivalent power to standard gods, yet the skills of a Warrior God.

Now... Why? Well, Michael is Gods right hand against ALL factions. As powerful as God is, he is still a step below 666 Ophis and Great Red, and he cant solo a Major Faction, he NEEDS warriors that can fight offs Standard Gods while he fights faction heads and Greater Deities. Now Lucifer is Dead, and Azazel is fallen. God is dead. What does that mean? Michael is in charge of Heaven, the same heaven that has Gods Systems, that control the Lognigus. The same heaven where Angel's were created. He can study any secrets, and take control of any weapons god left behind, he can even study Gods System... This makes this ArchAngel no ordinary ArchAngel... He is a Super ArchAngel, surpassing the limitations of Angel's, becoming a god in his own right.

Azazel has fallen, and through falling was free to invent and experiment, giving him hordes of magic. Now unlike the other 3, his raw power didnt increase. Instead, he INVENTED. He made his own Artificial Sacred Gear, and through that became a Super Fallen.

Sirzechs is at the Pinnacle of Satan Class Devils, far surpassing even Serafall and Sleepydude... He then took a step further achieving Destruction Form, his power soaring tens of times, reaching beyond Devils... A Super Devil, a Godly Devil. Akuja is so smart his Formupa let's him do literarly fucking anything as long as he can calculate it, and this Near TimeLord level genius has had CENTURIES to calculate many, many things.

Honestly hes the one that scares me the most, and even if he doesnt have the Raw Power, which I'm almost certain he does, he could probably legitimately kill anyone outside of 666 Ophis and Great Red if he wanted to. That's how fucking busted his formula was.
11/29/2020 c24 2Zanthraxone
Good chapter. I was actually thinking Resurrection for him. I look forward to the next chapter and Good luck.
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