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6/11 c33 28SailorChronos1
I have the impression that Dr. G.'s sudden departure was no coincidence. Someone found out about her connection to Reese and she decided she had to high-tail it for his and her own safety. Meanwhile, I hope "Olawale" can stymie Greer and company until Reese can get there.
6/4 c32 SailorChronos1
It's great to see a new chapter, it's been a while. Wow, there's lots going on even in the quiet of the safe house. Deciphering a mysterious message, trying to get Root out of danger, and the discovery that their favourite vet has gone. There's always some sign that every time they get closer to their goal, something gets in the way. I hope that the Team can get past these latest setbacks.
5/4 c31 elaine0510
I feel bad that I’ve fallen behind in reading this story. I’m anxious to see what Finch is owing to come up with.
4/19 c31 Coreenmm
thank you. Love this chapter.
4/18 c31 SailorChronos1
A slow build-up here, as enemies are massing while the Team is hunkered down to heal and regroup. There's going to be an explosion soon, I reckon, and the fallout for both sides is impossible to know right now.
2/21 c30 elaine0510
The ‘doctor’ in you is sure showing though this chapter. Of course, they’re my favorite chapters. I can relate.
2/20 c28 elaine0510
Time to catch up on chapters! Hope they get to Root soon or Shaw will not be happy!
2/20 c30 Coreenmm
Thank you. Root will survive. Shaw needs her. Love your stories.
Thank you again.
2/20 c30 SailorChronos1
What an agonizing chapter here, rushing to safety and yet unable to rush the healing process. The Team has to trust that Shaw knows what she's doing. And yes, the wounds you can't see are often the worst and take the longest to heal. All of them have seen their share.
12/29/2020 c29 SailorChronos1
Wow, two abductions, one good and one not, both teams ruthlessly efficient. I hope that both targets will be okay!
12/29/2020 c29 Coreenmm
Awesome and love all your chapters.
I enjoy how the team works together to save one of their own. Thank you.
12/27/2020 c28 SailorChronos1
Uh oh, the net seems to be closing on all fronts. Olawale suspects he's being pursued, the Team is pulling out all the stops to get Root back. I'm sure all this is going to come to a head soon. Here's hoping the good guys won't be too late.
12/27/2020 c28 Coreenmm
thank you.
12/22/2020 c27 elaine0510
Just did some catch up on some chapters and I’m sure glad I did! Great chapters. Each chapter leaves you wanting more!
12/22/2020 c27 Coreenmm
Cliff hanger. Really enjoyed this chapter. Thank you!
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