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11/27/2020 c1 RandoUser777
Huh, now this is a bit more illegal than the Taboo fic. Bit still hot
11/22/2020 c13 3TriumphantFury
Can I just say that “Everyone be grilling their noms” might just be the best thing I have read all month. Lol. Definitely putting that one into the memory bank :P
11/8/2020 c20 2dbfox007
I have enjoyed the read thoroughly and would like to see more.
3/14/2020 c20 fanfiction 2122
option one
2/25/2020 c20 dragon5321
totally fine waiting for you to get inspiration to finish this is a great story so far
2/10/2020 c20 Maxsteele1986
I honestly don't mind waiting. It will be better and I'm sure when you get inspired, the chapter/s we get will be incredibly.
11/19/2019 c20 Guest
I hope you finish this soon so I can finally read about “Regal” !
10/19/2019 c20 Guest
Please just finish this
10/19/2019 c20 KyuubifiedNaruto
Well I would say just keep working at it. Been interesting so far.
10/11/2019 c20 theawsomest5
I’m cool with waiting but if you feel that this story needs to end well I’m okay with that. Also for a possible chapter maybe a pregnancy scare or something idk just an idea
9/26/2019 c20 tom80
And erupt ending because the end chapter does not fit in...I guess one chapter leading up to it should be there.

9/25/2019 c20 Dudtheman
honest I'm on with either option. lol I know it does not help you but I'm cool waiting or I'm happy to read new one shots off this story so whatever makes you happy
9/24/2019 c20 Guest
Hang around plz, i really like this story since wouldnt mind waiting between chapters
9/24/2019 c20 9Midsully
Do what works best for you, maybe write the endings and if you get hit with inspiration later just put it in the outtakes story with an annotation
9/24/2019 c20 red shoulder85
I say option 2 is the best course for you right now and later on if you do get more inspiration for the store you could alway put them in as side stories or filler chapters.
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