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for Overlord: Continental War

7/22 c4 ILikeGoodStories
Hey dude, is this story coming back or did you drop it? I mean i like twts but this one was the first story i read from you in 2018, so I kind of want to see where it will go
7/8 c4 ZeroIsMyFavoriteNumber
When will this update? As much as I like the other story, please do sometimes update this story. Cheers mate.
3/8 c4 Rexnihilo
Will this be updated? Great fanfic still
3/8 c2 Rexnihilo
So this a world where ainz does less to impact the world. From the first chapter, I was thinking ainz wasn't here.
3/7 c4 ZilliAxe
Just saw this and decided to read it. It's a masterpiece. The story is so good and fun to read.
3/5 c1 TheOneBehindTheVeil
no updates?...
2/22 c4 raynaldi20
Uuuu...i love the way you narrate the Being. Also love the way the three interact. Still hate remedios though XD
1/14 c4 RandomPerson1223
This is where the fun begins
1/8 c4 1Balather
¡Más! ¡Necesito, más!
Grandioso trabajo, adoro tu interpretación y espero con ansias la siguiente publicación.
9/17/2021 c4 HyperionATLAS
waiting so long...
I'm waiting so long...
I'm waiting so long...
I'm waiting so long...
I'm waiting...
6/20/2021 c4 kage88
6/11/2021 c4 sinteki
Please continue :)
6/2/2021 c4 Jodiak
So it's One chapter per-year? : (
5/14/2021 c4 Crendis
this story is a masterpiece, idk how else to put it. but this is just... amazing
5/13/2021 c1 1Zamscott
where's the next chapter?
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