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for Legendary Leisure

1/28/2005 c2 ghidsoagj999
Hee hee hee... sugar is good for your soul. Speaking as a gigantic Mew and Mewtwo fan, this story is good. Keep it up!
9/28/2004 c2 14Antithesis
Despite the lack of any semblance of a plot... it was funny.
4/13/2003 c2 13Morbane
blinkety blink-blink... M'clone? Why sure! *evil SPREADING grin*...
4/13/2003 c2 6lccorp2
Hm. a budding insanity author. why don't you read eskimo jolteon, by me...XD
4/11/2003 c1 13Morbane
If that's what you call leisure, I'll look out for you, with concern, during the Easter holidays.

Yay! Love it! Crazy! A weird kind of Suicune diary, who'd have thought it. Legendary Blend Pok├ęchow? ooh dear. Someone rescue her quick. Perhaps she should write to Lugia, who, after all, is just as stuck down in his/her(?) cave...

Anyway, YEEHA! Thank you! Salamat po! *wide, wide grin*!

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