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9/24 c10 yoto
bon chapitre
9/26 c10 attacktitan100
deliberate or unintentional, all of them are Gryffindors, while this is not time for house unity, plz add others for diversity
9/25 c10 Defiant7
if you had respect for yourself when you re wrote the story you would have created a new one. This story gets way more foot traffic then it should for how cringe/linear it is and it is because it abuses the rating/review system of Ff Feels like a good story with unique attributes doesn't matter to you as long as you get your likes/reviews
9/24 c10 yoganksri
nice chapter. really waiting for the next one
9/24 c10 Marksbay
Truthfully, I rather see a story finished, no matter what timeframe. So take all the time you need, 1 chapter a month or two if that is what it takes. Keep up the good work
9/14 c9 Dresden's Ghost
Well this is really quite good. I'm surprised I never came across any of the previous incarnations of this story. You really seem to take special care to make sure every character's actions make sense and are consistent with their personality and motivations. I also think you're doing a rather great job weaving together several interesting plots with the Goblins and Werewolves, the Goblin's in particular. Maybe because it seems more mysterious and nuanced?
9/10 c9 Shin1gam1
Good work
9/8 c9 31529
I'd have to say that this story has gone downhill... we seem to be following the usual 'everyone but one bad guy is an idiot' plot and that just isn't to my taste.

As to the A/N about Neville... sorry, but you're wrong. Harry has a limited amount of time to learn a ridiculous number of things and to go to class... in any simulation of a realistic timetable, he does not have the time to train Neville, himself. Neville participating in training of some kind could make sense, bu not individual training. Too many authors turn Neville into St . George as soon as fifth year is over with very little basis while throwing out everyone else who also participated in Dumbledore' s Army and even (maybe even especially) those who also went to the Ministry.

I'll probably be back at some point to see if it's worth reading, but I'm stepping out for now.

Thanks for writing.
9/6 c5 Guest
'Im GoNNa MaKe tHE RomANCE SloWER' said every stupid author ever. If your not gonna make the romance serious don't put in the story dipshit. I'd rather have no romance than that stupid slow burn shit that idiots write.
9/4 c9 MK-One
I enjoy many aspects of this story but am wary of the timeline of having completed only 9 chapters in three years. I hope that you are well and able to continue in your endeavors as you have a good story in the works and I am eager to sample your other offerings. MK-One
9/6 c9 Shadowdog11
/eyeroll at Dumbledore. Acting aggressively only because Harry lit the fire. Admittedly, I would have to start from beginning to see that I’m not twisting this from another story.
9/6 c9 Rio47
Another awesome chapter mate.
9/3 c9 yoto
bon chapitre
9/5 c9 Smutley Do-Wrong
brightly coloured robes that he usually wore, but instead what looked to be battle robes.

Yeah. Unfair to wear eye blinding distracting flamboyant robes, save those, wear the usual in real battles.

walking into a trap. "Yes." Professor Flitwick continued as if he had never been interrupted.

I'm missing any interruption...there's just a few Harry thoughts?
Which brings reminder: if you proof for SPaGs, perhaps the most common is you writing opposite of what is intended, eg. missing a negative or adding a negative that flips the meaning, the upshot of opposite of intended meanings happening time and again.
9/4 c9 Deal With Itt
You seem to have Dumby being some kind of warrior or something I haven't seen that out of him ever. I mean we know of him being in like 3 fight ever, obviously he's been in more but still. He hasn't killed anyone that I can remember other than possibly his sister.
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