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9/6 c1 Reader8916
Not sure why you would taunt your readers over the fact you are deliberately making changes we will hate. Seems counterproductive, and perhaps childish. That being the case however, I appreciate the insight into what kind of author you are, so I can go ahead and drop any of your stories now.
8/31 c13 1Nevarus
actually... yes, people do need a reason to dislike or hate someone. at the moment it seems like he hates Harry for no reason other than house rivalry...
8/31 c9 Nevarus
it's just too bad that Dumbledore is only partially right, like 20%. he makes excuses left and right, but he could have done everything better... he chose not to. the headmaster is a master of excuses.
8/31 c1 Nevarus
the augmentors and conjurers bit reminds me of a royal road fiction that (or at least or was) that got adopted into a manga. it was about a warrior king who got reborn, ends up with a cute elf childhood friend/ love interest and a bonded cat-like dragon.
8/31 c1 Nevarus
I see two things happening... one Harry manages to connect to the magic around him and it accepts him, expunging the soul fragment. option 2 is the opposite due to its intentions.
8/20 c14 2maxperseus130
I really do hope you update soon!
8/20 c6 maxperseus130
The only thing lightninig actually has in common with fire is that they are both a form of plasma, as a result of the ionization of the surrounding gasses. Where fire is a purely chemical phenomenon, lightning is purely electrical, and as a result the creation of either cannot be expanded upon or extrapolated from to result in the other. The only reason lightnining can set stuff on fire is due to the extreme heat caused by the discharge of the massive electrical current, and thus a mere side effect - one that does not always occur at that.

I'm assuming you took inspiration from Avatar: The Last Airbender - I may be wrong here - but even then it is stated that while firebenders can produce lightning, the process of doing so is completely different from the process through wich they produce fire: they have to separate their internal energy into separate positive and negative parts, creating an imbalance, then allow them to crash back together, which results in lightning; a process which is very similar to the natural creation of lightning during storms, while the production of fire is centered around breathing: the act of taking in oxygen for the body to 'burn' in it's internal chemical reactions.

The reason only talented firebenders are capable of producing lightning is not because it is an advanced form of fire, but because it is not fire at all, and they must make the leap from bending one to bending the other purely based on the fact that they are both plasma.

As such, if lightning is to be viewed as an elemental force, I think Naruto addressed it best, where lightning is a separate basic element of it's own.
8/20 c5 maxperseus130
I swear to God, if Harry's element is something as vague and cliché - which it will be, if you plan this to be in antithesis of his becoming 'Light's Champion', only barely better than 'Light' - as 'Darkness' or 'Shadow', I'm going to have a fit. And then keep on reading, your story is too good.
7/22 c14 lil-Bear2020
I like the story so far keep up the wrighting.
7/2 c1 Bluenait
So still Beta bitch Harry
6/11 c14 Sharkboybeast
Yeah I'll come back to this when you hit chapter fifty, so i can just read when Harry wins.
6/11 c9 Sharkboybeast
How many chapters do you think your gonna end up writing if you have a ballpark figure.. Because no disrespect this is written well and your pacing it out nicely. But this is boring as all hell, so I might pop back after fifty more chaps come out.
6/3 c14 1Fellbane
The adventure/romance tags are a little misleading. Only around 4% of this fic is romance (if you can even call it that) and the rest is angst over being separated intentionally/unintentionally with hints of Harry/Fleur possibly seeing each other in the far off future.
5/13 c8 13N7 Greek-Valkyrie
Is it bad I hope the Goblins get wiped out with how they are being portrayed?
5/4 c14 phoenix-rob
Dumbledore is the reason Harry is naive. Withholding information, not allowing access to the ‘Order’ and procrastinating over what Harry’s elemental ability might be rather than assisting him only makes the gap between Dumbles and Harry bigger.
So many plots and storyline’s. Can’t wait for the next update.
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