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6/2 c6 Sinabaetor
Fantastic stuff. Written smoothly while being thoroughly entertaining. Hope you continue someday.
4/30 c6 OmegaUltima
Well, so much for the "cape shenanigans", I guess...I hope that you'll eventually return to this story someday
4/4 c6 bascospc
it's actually really good.. guess the muse is lost in this one, huh? never passed the 6th chapter.. a shame...
3/11 c6 1Hainz Leonard Kim
Man i got both jebaited and rebaited. I want more ih well i love the ranma fanfic more tho
6/5/2021 c6 2The Place I Feel Safest
I really loved your DxD story when I read it last year. I recently got into worm and read this and I hope you consider continuing it.
5/10/2021 c6 GreatT'Phon1of4
Instant chemical creation tinker to Merchants what Bakuda was to Oni Lee?
8/12/2020 c6 Agent
6/20/2020 c3 Mastersgtjames
this author has a nasty habit of making shockingly incompetent/stupid MC's. they get the powers. then do not use them properly.
6/2/2020 c6 1Hetes
I loved this bullshit story
6/2/2020 c6 Gaming and Readnig 4ever
This shit's for real! When's the next one coming?
4/25/2020 c6 dragon slayer of death 98
hope this gets updated, he should make a normality stranger power
4/14/2020 c1 Mastersgtjames
WOW that is a terrible Cyoa setup. I mean. REALLY bad.
Like. No Blank. No Shattered Limiter. jeez. Reincarnation without removing the new memories... not to mention that now the MC is a conditioned spaz.
4/9/2020 c6 2Derich
Well... God mode activated (option "Creative mode").
Show is over, good night everybody!
12/16/2019 c6 Silber D. Wolf
11/26/2019 c3 11Benevolent Darkness
Really? Does every CYOA have to be porn? You do know that porn is against this site’s terms of service, right? This fic had so much potential and then you go and waste it on pornography and smut. Can’t somebody just write something halfway decent for once?

Have a great day, hope this story gets deleted for breaking the terms of service so I don’t have to burn my eyes on reading a child fucking his dad’s girlfriend. At least have the common decency to tag the story with underage sex in the description.
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