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9/30/2018 c3 2gumptiousGriffin
I love it! Keep writing!
9/28/2018 c3 JT65
Curse you Thanos!

Thanos: What can I say? I already won

I would'nt be so sure, the other half of universal population is gonna fight back! You might have beaten the Avengers but there's still those not effected by the stones effect

Thanos: Where would that be?

Gravity Falls, Echo Creek, Mewni, and another universe

Thanos: Then I'll go to those places and beat them too

I like to see you try

Thanos: My guantlet, my stones, I will crush those that defies me

(At a warehouse, there was a capsule that has a name Captain Marvel, just then the same symbol from Nick Fury's beeper trigger a signal, inside there's a woman in hypersleep then both her eyes open)
9/29/2018 c3 182Luiz4200
Ludo and Wander?
9/29/2018 c3 8The Keeper of Worlds
Damn, talk about a power trip.
9/28/2018 c3 Silber D. Wolf
9/28/2018 c3 3blackpackager
I'm loving this story
9/28/2018 c3 11OMAC001
Ludo and Wander? Interesting choice. I feel the Curator (Red Skull) is up to something bigger than escape!
9/28/2018 c3 nightmaster000
Another brilliant chapter. :)
9/6/2018 c2 nightmaster000
Really awesome and brilliant story. :)
8/16/2018 c2 Guest
Hmmmm. This is very interesting. I feel relieved that their all "alive", but sorry for everyone else who thinks otherwise. I hope to see more when I come back.

I really hope there's another chapter to Like father like daughter too.
8/13/2018 c2 Masked Freak
Ooooh boooooiii...

With Bill back, this is gonna be even more chaotic.
8/14/2018 c2 2gumptiousGriffin
Awesome. I absolutely love this story. A mix of all of my favorite shows and avengers awesome!
8/14/2018 c1 gumptiousGriffin
Aaaaaaaaaaa pain. I love it, but so much pain!
8/14/2018 c2 8The Keeper of Worlds
What in the great and imperial insanity of the realms is going on to have them there!?
8/13/2018 c2 11OMAC001
Whelp, doing a good job making Thanos menacing. Though Bill working with him can only make things worse. Can't wait to see what the heroes have planned!
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