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5/16 c10 CARO
tu historia es tan genial, que encanta desde el primer renglon que lees, esperamos ver la segunda parte de este capitulo
5/16 c9 CARO
quick y goldi son anya y erie las gatas de folken? de verdad folken esta muerto? no lo creo
4/21 c10 lalalalalllaaalla
Sooo happy to see you back...
4/13 c10 1Rinjou
Finally, I got to read properly and review... was so excited to see you back! Now, to the chapter; it's always very interesting how you "modernize" the countries appearing in the anime. The vivid descriptions of Freid painted a pretty clear picture. However, "shite" color? Perhaps I need to enrich my dictionary? It sort of works though, even if it were a typo :D Oooh Dryden is there (and Chid)! Always good to see him.

I was into imagining the archive... then... the candles. And I was torn over the scene looking very comfy and nice with the candlelight and... mixing candles with rare books, you uncultured Freidians?! Heard about the Library of Alexandria? Oops. Wrong planet. Let's go on. We both touched upon ancient Atlantean and its translation in our recent chapters, what a coincidence! It's really awesome to see Escaflowne being able to command dragons! And always fun to hear it speak in your fic haha! I know the chapter is not finished but I'm happy you decided to update. Looking forward to the next one, whenever that may be!
4/5 c10 Fern
Yeeeeeeeeeeeeees! FINALLY! Can’t wait for your next update! Please continue! Xoxo
4/1 c10 thepinkmartini
I'm so glad you updated! Took awhile but I'm glad you did! Wonderful chapter and finally nice to see Dryden thrown into the mix.
3/31 c10 Eireann
YES! YOU'RE BACK ! And with quite a chapter as well! I'm excited for part 2! w
4/2 c10 CovertEyes
Yayayay an update! I'm so happy you finally posted. Thank you! This was fun to re-read and get back into. I hope you post again soon!
4/2 c10 40Luin-fanel
Thanks for share it. Real life is really a mess this days, so, I totally understand you. So, in this universo Escaflowne can rule the dragons? That's interesting, maybe he can help Van with find more about Folken! Are You hidding him without an arm like in the anime series? And, I have another question, but... Zaibach doesn't exist anymore at this point? Is it just another country died in history like Atlantis? And why Escaflowne is so funny ever? He doesn't like solemnity, does he?
I'll be waiting next chapter, by the way, love this modern Freid and Chid, better he is 10 and not 6.

4/1 c10 3mordereddo
I woke up to a notification for this chapter. BEST. DAY. EVER.
12/22/2020 c9 Fern
Please continue! Been refreshing this page for over a year now! Love all ur stories!
11/11/2020 c9 94witchfingers
Oh, this story is great! I hope you'll pick it up some day! I've just updated a story after 4 years so, well, who knows. I have hope for you! And I'll be looking forward to reading more!
11/11/2020 c6 witchfingers
omg noooo Van and Millerna, imagine xP
11/11/2020 c4 witchfingers
I love this story. So original! It's really thrilling to read. You're doing everything right, honey!
8/23/2020 c9 CovertEyes
Ohh I hope you continue this soon! I'd love to see it finished because I love your writing!
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