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8/7 c9 hitomi21
Really hoping to read more. Escaflowne being the way he is in this is amusing
8/6 c4 hitomi21
I like how this different then a lot of the other AU I’ve read. Your stories are so good it’s hard to put them down until I have read it all.
8/6 c1 hitomi21
Yay! I like this story
6/29 c9 1Rinjou
Goldilocks and Silver, my kneejerk reaction was Naria and Eriya haha! Would be good to have them in an AU story, it is not quite often that they are included. Whoa didn't expect the photo to appear so quick! Also curious who is spin doctor behind the "Millerna edit"? Oooh, curious!

Loved the Allen-Hitomi date with the small nods to the series, despite the non-existent romantic tension... well, that's not where we want it to be anyway, amirite?

Amano got a bit of a time to shine, Yukari was protective... it is always nice having them in the story. Escaflowne is pretty fun to read, ngl! Has things that it admits not knowing but is sensible enough crack passive-aggressive jokes? I like this AI. Last few chapters I got so into the story I forgot to compliment you on your writing. So here I am now, doing just that! Good job and looking forward to the next installment(s)!
6/29 c8 Rinjou
Oh OKAY I would not expect Hitomi to take control back quite this way! We got a nice makeout session out of it. Hahaha I feel like Van's study often sees this kind of action in fics, like, who doesn't have a scene like that in head? (guilty as charged). Though, tbh, I didn't quite expect it with the mood that was set? Not complaining, just was a bit unexpected~ Also whoa, the pretend-arranged marriage makes them seem quite cynical though! But here for the Van-Millerna being bros and helping each other out. I think I know where you're going with this, with Millerna inviting Hitomi to tell her the truth and matchmake a bit?

Also hard facepalm at Hitomi inviting Allen out like "that will show you"... girlfriend, at least choose someone who is outside these circles haha. This is no way back to normalcy!
6/29 c7 Rinjou
Okay, I enjoyed this chapter even if I couldn't care less for the splendor of the "high society" or whatever. Somehow it hits harder when it's a modern setting, even if the past aristocracy was pretty much the same thing. I have such an aversion to it IRL but luckily this is fiction so I can enjoy without becoming enraged about the meaninglessness, inequality, waste of resources, etc. Phew.

And of course, Hitomi is upset, why wouldn't she be? I know it's for plot purposes and it would be probably impolite to decline an invitation from a princess but ew, if I already knew such announcement was coming after having this kind of history (even if very brief) with the guy, I would feel like they are toying with me with the invitation and never show my face there (but then, I'm also a coward). Or hey, I was randomly reminded of this Korean(?) video/advert, like, girl going to a salon to get her hair done and the hairdressers are like "what's the occasion?" and she said her ex's wedding... and then they get all serious, call the salon owner who does her hair and all and she walks out like a star haha. I'm kinda hoping for such a moment next chapter or so as I hate seeing Hitomi down like that. And Van's being useless about it *kicks him grumpily*.

Dilandau was fun to read this chapter with how he was afraid of Celena's possible debilitating moves and breaking the fourth wall slightly with that "Let that be known." And he showed Hitomi the video... his moves are always unexpected to me! I wonder what will come next?
6/28 c6 Rinjou
Whoa this one was quite adventurous and cool! How crazy that dragons and dragonslaying rites still exist alongside nightclubs, cell phones and such! But so do the "magical items of an emperor" or whatever they are called in hypermodern Japan, well, Gaea is no stranger than Earth.

Oh, they found what they were looking for quite quickly, I was wondering if they'll have a longer trip, an unplanned night out or such. Probably would just increase their chances of ending up a dragon's dinner, wouln't it? Poor Folken, though, not even a proper burial. At least Van finally got some closure. And the dragon stayed hungry that night. While His Majesty enjoyed a nice order of a foot in his mouth... yet again. His beloved specialty. Things are looking bleak at this point, with the engagement, no less? At least Esca cracks a good joke from time to time :D

Will read on later~
6/28 c5 Rinjou
Alright! I reread the story to refresh my memory and it is even cooler than I remembered! Always enjoying some new twists on our beloved characters..

I'll just start reviewing here where I left off. Did I ever tell you how great you are at writing fight scenes? The "training" match between Dilandau and Van had a good balance of detail, description and action. Poor boys getting hurt because of their male hormones, well. It is refreshing to see Dilandau a bit scheming, usually he's just used as a brute force. Also I like him with Celena, I consider them two independent entities that could just as well exist in separate bodies... and is there a hint of romance going on? We shall see.

Anyway, both boys got some cool women to look after their boo boos, that was sweet. Good scene with the eyes again; I was hoping for a random flashback to earlier when she told him his eyes were pretty! But it was still pretty nice with the tension. You never fail in bringing a VH moment each chapter (I think?) For every shipper, it must be a delight to read (almost makes me feel bad about being so sadistic in comparison)...:D
12/22/2019 c9 caro
te ha quedado genial espero leerte pronto
9/22/2019 c9 1mordereddo
So, over the course of this weekend I first read 'Unspoken'. Let me tell that it was just perfect in its entirety. The first chapter alone in which Van undressed her and himself gave me so many feels (not in 'that' way); The love and connection between to beings, so intimate and pure and yet feral and untamed.
I love the movie designs and actually even prefer the Mononoke-Hime-kind of setting over the series, so I was glad I could picture those figures in my head while reading a fanfic for a change. Thank you for that.
Today continued with this story and I so cannot wait where you will lead it. The setting is so interesting and unique! I am surprised at how much I enjoy Dilandau's and Allen's part in this. Update soon and all the best~
8/25/2019 c9 Lalalaaa
Moreeeeee plz.. i Love this
8/18/2019 c9 JLD
Love this story so far!
7/30/2019 c9 5YouAndMe4ever
Loved it! Can’t wait till the next chapter!
7/26/2019 c9 Lllaara
7/27/2019 c9 thepinkmartini
Lovely to see an update . I love Yukari in this chapter so much! How she's a gossip but at the same time trying to protect Hitomi. Quicksilver and Goldilocks are Naria and Eriya aren't they? Can't wait for the next chapter and for Dryden to make his appearance!
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