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for Blue Hearts Bleed Red

8/24/2018 c6 23orangesunset12
Oh my god, if you make this fic ANY better I swear you're a miracle worker! Everything about this is so perfect- the incorporation of Alfred, the nicknames, everything! I especially love the way you made Tim's nickname, which was super creative (and Duke being the Signal kills me. It really does). I'm glad my reviews make your day, because that's exactly what your story does for me! Even if I do feel like crying half the time because it's so. Goddamn. Sad.

Anyway, that's just a really long way to say you did a wonderful job! I can't wait for the next chapter!
8/24/2018 c6 12Loftcat27
Love the ‘normal civilian’ take on the bat-fam!
8/21/2018 c5 9IndigoElle
Finally getting to read this chapter and let me say, it was completely worth the wait! I like that we get a step back in this chapter that gives us less focus on the plot and more focus on Tim and his background. I think it's important that we understand the roots that he came from in this story, since they greatly affect his character and actions.

I really am enjoying this version of Tim and his history. It is completely like Tim to do what he wants and sneak around in order to get it done. By what we've been told I believe his parents are both still alive, which is different from most stories. It looks like Tim is estranged from his family since he's chosen to follow the path he wanted, which puts them out of the way. And instead of finding a family with Bruce, he's found one with his best friend, Conner. Very cool!

I am curious as to how Tim met Conner in this universe, so maybe it'll come up in a future chapter.

Speaking of Conner, the way you portrayed his and Tim's friendship is so sweet. Those descriptions and flashbacks to Tim's time on the Kent farm really give us an insight into Tim that we haven't seen so far, and emphasize just what he's lost. My heart hurts thinking about Conner being gone, seeing as the two of them were so close. You are so good at pulling at my emotions!

And then we have the banter between Jason and Dick, bringing out a little bit of Dick's big brother side. I thought that was a very nice glimpse at Dick and integrating his personality into this world. Also, a great lead in to the next chapter. I can't wait to see why Jason's been skipping out on this particular day of the week, and if Tim will figure anything else out about his new partner when they're working together.

I'm loving the direction of this story! Fantastic job!
8/20/2018 c5 113Rookblonkorules
I loved the memories of Conner and Tim- and I love the origin of Conner. AND YOU INCLUDED JON! I LOVE THAT KID TO PIECES!
Polkadot overalls- that is so Dick! That really is. Is that how he forced Bruce's hand?
I'm definitely looking forward to seeing Tim and Jason bond some more... They may be off to a rocky start, but I'm sure they'll be a lot closer by the time this is over.
8/18/2018 c5 23orangesunset12
Ahhh, this is amazing as ever! I actually cried when Tim was thinking about Conner and the tree and ugh, it's too sad I can't take it. I can't wait until Tim and Jason actually start connecting, and I love everything about this fic so much it's unbelievable. Great job!
8/18/2018 c5 adp1222
This is an awesome story. I am loving the slow build. You have really kept true to the character. The police setting is perfect.
8/18/2018 c5 12Loftcat27
I like how Dick still acts like a older brother trying to be a peacemaker.
8/16/2018 c4 113Rookblonkorules
Oh my gosh, this is the best chapter yet!
First of all, your opening... your opening is perfection. The first line is so innocent and then the next line sums up WHY he's a perfectionist and it's so... it's such an interesting point to drive home. His mother died and Jason is still dealing with her death. It's just... it's affected him in ways that we wouldn't have expected. I love that.
And from that brilliant opening, it just gets better. I love the little comment about Dick's horrible fashion sense forcing Bruce's hand. A nice bit of humor that fit in smoothly with the rest of the story. I can honestly see that happening.
Tim and Jason's working relationship is really well worked out too. Tim, the poor kid, is probably really feeling awkward here (I can relate to that) and Jason... reeeeeeeeaaaaalllly isn't helping that much. At least he's admitting it to himself.
Also love the details with Robinson Crusoe and the bomber. I've never read the book, but it's such an awesome plot detail!
8/11/2018 c4 9IndigoElle
I'm falling more in love with this story every chapter. This one was so amusing and fun to read! It has such a thread of seriousness in it, but it doesn't weigh as heavy as it could. You break it up with the character interactions and it makes for a very satisfying read.

I loved everything about this chapter but I'm going to pull out some of my favorite moments.

Honestly, that opening scene was fantastic. I really enjoy getting the details about Jason and why he is the way he is (and why other characters are who they are as well). The organization is very Jason to me, very in character. I really like the way you construct the character descriptions, like how you say that Tim is small by saying he is wearing Cass' uniform size. It was amusing to read and also gave fact!

I laughed when you pointed out that the uniforms can be traced back to Dick. I think it's an allusion to his very...flashy costume choice from the 80s comics. If that was the case, I loved the reference!

And oh, Tim. He's just going to sit there and suffer. I feel for this boy so much. I'm really enjoying how you're portraying him and Jason side by side already, as they've got that dynamic that people have when they're stuck together. They both stay in character and work well for this scenario.

I really liked how you threw in more of Jason's backstory, and that you're revealing these details about the characters slowly. You're unboxing them as we go along rather than dumping it all on us at once and I really think that's the best way to construct this story. And the whole context of referring back to his mother and putting that with Tim is just heart wrenching. These boys!

And Jason torturing Tim with the smoke. So very Jason like. Tsk tsk though, you're hurting yourself and Tim. It's a great way to show Jason's stress though and just how uncomfortable he is with the situation.

"This partner thing he and Tim have-It just isn't going to work out." Yeah you think Jason. Give Tim a chance. He's gonna prove you wrong and I can't wait. You may have needed Roy back then but you need Tim now.

This chapter was just so much fun, and I loved every single part of it. Honestly I could do a line by line review of this whole thing but I'm trying to condense it to my favorite parts. This story is fantastic and I can't wait for the next Friday update!
8/10/2018 c4 23orangesunset12
Wow, this is simply amazing! I love the way you described Jason's parents, and Jason's habit of smoking. It's so sad and beautifully written, it pains my heart! And I LOVE messy Tim and neat Jason, it fits them so well, and of course Tim is too polite to complain. Great job, I can't wait for the next chapter!
8/4/2018 c3 60Cobwebbs
Well- dang. Tim's all depressed in this, poor guy. I like how you put him with the Kents but - huh never really thought of that and is it weird that I'm feeling a bit sad that he feels like he belongs with the Kents instead of in Gotham? I don't know, I get that's how the Sstory is supposed to go but it makes me sad. Good twist though.
Looks like his thoughts on having another partner is similar to Jason's huh? I can see the bonding that could develop from that.
Conner is dead isn't he. He is so dead and Tim's doing that classical 'it's my fault ' routine that all batkids do regardless of what universe they're in. Well, if I'm right I look forward to seeing it unfold and if I'm not . . . I'll still look forward to whatever happens next.
And Clark's such a big dork in this, all hugs and nice words - man, he's not my favorite superhero on his own but when he's put in a bat-story I like him ten times more.
Your imagery is also fantastic, I can feel your scenes which is awesome!
Thanks for this chapter and I can't wait to see how Jay and Timmy progress in their upcoming partnership!
Also Tim's backstory - you're going for a depressing one, I like your style friend ;)
8/4/2018 c3 23orangesunset12
Oh my god, this is too beautiful! Well beautiful in the saddest way imaginable, but honestly what else was I expecting? I LOVE Tim in this, everything here feels so authentic and it slips me into this world so naturally. I'm really running out of ways to praise you at this point, since you always deliver, so let me just say I nearly teared up at the end of this chapter. Brilliant job!
8/4/2018 c3 9IndigoElle
Oooo! Okay, this chapter has me very intrigued. The last couple have been more focused on Jason and a little bit about what he's faced to get him to this point. But now we've got Tim, and my first impression of him has now been fleshed out.

When we first met him I thought Tim was just his tired, overworked self, but this gives whole new meaning to it! At first I was wondering about how he ended up with the Kents, but my question got answered by the time I reached the end. I really like this take on Tim's upbringing, putting him with the Kent family. I don't know that I've ever seen it done before, but the way you're explaining it has it make sense!

And Tim, pulling at all my heartstrings in this chapter. He's so homesick and lonely, and he is only doing this for the people he cares about and that just breaks my heart. Poor Tim is so miserable and that apartment just reflects everything he's feeling on the inside. There is such an emptiness to him, he feels drained and like he's lost the will to really do anything.

I had my suspicions when you mentioned that Tim used to share a room that it was with Conner, and now that it's confirmed I could cry. Tim is already suffering from loss, in a way that's very different from how Jason lost his partnership with Roy. I'm very interested in seeing how these two develop their partnership. They don't have the same connection to Bruce or Robin like they do in canon, and though Jason isn't happy with him he doesn't have a downright hatred for Tim. But Jason clearly isn't on great footing with Tim, so I can't wait to see how they change, for better or for worse.

Also, I know I've said this before but your writing style is beautiful. I love reading your work for a number of reasons and this is one of them. Your descriptions hit home in such a poetic way and you convey emotion so powerfully. I bow to your artistry!

I'm loving this set up that you've got going on and I can't wait to see where this is all going! Wonderful job!
8/4/2018 c3 113Rookblonkorules
Opening line: Tim never doubt yourself, child. You can do this. You got this.
Also I love the description of the range as blue as forget-me-nots.
And yes, Clark! The man is a wholesome role model, so glad to see him too!
I really like the interaction between Bruce and Tim. Bruce is a good man and you can see that here, but he really does struggle with communication, BUT I love that he has them calling him by his first name, like, YES, that is exactly what we want here.
"Because no one can replace Conner."
I... I... no... not Conner. What happened to my Superboy? You just? Keep dropping these tidbits? And I can't react? I don't know how?
In other words, good story! 10/10! Double thumbs up!
You are a fantastic writer!
8/2/2018 c2 Rookblonkorules
1) First off, the line about the pause that precedes bad news such as "your goldfish died" or "it's the end of the world." That... that was excellent. The contrast really kind of catches your attention, because they're so DIFFERENT, yet they're kind of falling into the same category here.
(2 "Wayne's Unit." I love that. They're not really the Batfamily, but... they're still the Batfamily. Just in a different way.
(3 CARRIE KELLEY! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! I really didn't like Frank Miller's universe (Nazi chick with swastikas, anyone? That SUCKED!) But Carrie Kelley... I did really like her and I kind of wish we could one day see a complete Batfamily with Carrie Kelley and Terry McGinnis.
Although a part of me confesses I do just want to see how the Batboys would handle a little sister.
Also your description of her personality... 100%, A.
(4 Love the description of Bruce and his little cave. That was such a fine piece of humor and I'm really loving just... how much of a goofball Dick seems to be in every universe. Come on, that's why we love him though.
(5 Love the part about Bruce's paranoia...
Bruce: Ahem...
...ahhh... vigilance, right, sorry... rubbing off on Jason.

I really love your way of bringing Tim in... and Jason's feelings on the whole matter. It's like you went through a lot of effort to make this still somewhat canon despite the fact that it's an AU and I love it!
Great job and best of luck writing!
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