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9/4/2023 c4 AHornyHorse
Eww... not Lyanna
9/4/2023 c3 AHornyHorse
How did the Reacher army lose so quickly and easily...
9/4/2023 c2 AHornyHorse
Tywin doesn't hold the 2nd largest kingdom. North, Reach, Vale, Riverrun, Dorne are bigger than Westerlands.
12/3/2022 c23 Guest
Time to strike down the faith

JK lol. But any religion that has that much sway in political and economic matters is bound to be corrupt

I feel so bad for her kids. They didn’t deserve this
12/3/2022 c13 Guest
Having all these kids who all want to be king growing up definitely won’t cause a problem in the future, no sir. Sigh I feel that was a bad decision on their part to do so
12/3/2022 c11 Guest
I still feel sad that benjen took the black T_T and they just raised these kids to be dead at the wall? Might as well have killed them earlier :( so sad
12/3/2022 c9 Guest
Man it is really tough to be king
12/3/2022 c8 Guest
Oh well Jaime seeking atonement…but he could have told everybody about the wildfire in canon too. Instead of placing them at great risk
12/3/2022 c6 Guest
Davis as the spy master. Interesting! I like it. So intriguing and makes sense too since he was a sailor and has connections
12/3/2022 c4 Guest
Oooh very interesting

I’ve always wondered what they’d do if Robert died in the war. I mean they had no plan for that but just rallied to his cause for stupid reasons.
7/22/2022 c15 kageknuser2710
Davos is the fucking man. Period. Damn, he revealed the FAegon plot so fast.
1/1/2022 c32 Baelorfan
So Tyrion Lannister is Lord Patamount of the Westerlands? Davos and Stannis will need a hundred thousand pairs of eyes on that family. Hostages alone do not matter.

Giving the Iron Islands to the Harlaws and reducing the Greyjoys to ordinary lords of Pyke is a good move. So Stannis marries Lyanna Stark and his brother Renly marries Rhaenys while Stannis' older son Davos is betrothed to Daenerys Targaryen. Keeping the baby dragon alive ..

What happened to Elia Martell? Or to Willas Tyrell, or Cersei's daughter and bastard son Steffon? I guess Elia went back to Dorne, that Steffon went to the Wall and Cyrenna to the Septs.
1/1/2022 c29 Baelorfan
So unfortunate for the Lannisters. Cersei still lives and Kevan lives for now. Tyrion will bend the knee and plot revenge in private.
1/1/2022 c25 Baelorfan
So far, this os pretty good. Cersei is incredibly stupid and arrogant as usual. If she had gi en Syannis one or two trueborn sons, her later adultery would not have bern detected. Tywin's efforts to overthrow the Baratheons would have been successful.

But yes, Stannis treated his allies shamefully and gave too much freedom to Cersei. As a Lannister plant, she needed more of his spies about her (Lyanna acted late). Stannos should have taken Lamnister hostages by another name and sent them to Winterfell, Riverryn and the Vale.

I am surprised to see Mace slow to act. Isn't gis heir s hostage?
10/30/2021 c10 rere
I liked this chapter. not bad.
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